Saturday, April 9, 2011

New GDay Format

The captains will choose sides on Monday instead of just going 1s vs 2s on GDay.

Richt said the April 16 G-Day game will have a new format.
Offensive and defensive captains on the red and black teams will pick sides.
“We’re going to let the players choose teams,” Richt said.
The previous format was the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 2 defense and vice versa.
Now a first-team center might line up next to a second-team guard.

All of which begs the question, what happens if Kwame gets chosen as a quarterback?

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Practice Notes, 4/7

This'll probably be short and sweet as we just had a long day touring Savannah. Did you know Terry Bradshaw and Joe Namath once attempted to debaucherize downtown Savannah? More on that later.

Meanwhile, practice resumes today. Let's hit some highlights.

  • Weiszer brings a picture of what Abry Jones can do at DE with Kwame growing into the NT role and John Jenkins coming in this summer. I had forgotten what great size Jones has for that position.
  • Massaquoi...Durham...Bennett.
  • Instant panic and the position of left tackle don't necessarily go together. But Sturdivant is making it work now.
  • The new and improved Grantham 3-4 is throwing some loops. And I approve.
  • Lastly, in addition to what was posted yesterday on's a great post by Page that I missed. Pretty much sums up where things stand with our senior RB.
I understand the frustration with Ealey and King's lack of consistent production. Really I do. I can't speak for Ealey just yet...and I hesitate to buy in on Spring quotes...but King seems both poised for a breakout season AND the perfect mentor for the young pup who's about two-thirds the way through Senior English.

For one, I'm gonna give em some space to do some work.

Go Dawgs!

Spurrier speaks on Garcia's "winning"

h/t Leftover HotDog

That both says nothing...and everything all at the same time.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caleb King's Speech

A group can only be as strong as its weakest link. And last season a good argument can be made that Georgia's RBs were the weakest part of the offense. Ealey, King and Thomas never hit a rhythm. Injuries, self inflicted suspensions, inconsistent action dives on 3rd and long.

Caleb King, facing the media for the first time since missing the 2010 season finale, sounds ready to turn a 180:

“I know I’m going to have a good season this year,” King said. “I believe the fans will come after that. That’s just extra motivation as well. Of course, you want people yelling your name and all that. In football, people love that. That’s the name of the game. I think that comes with the good plays and the long runs and the tough runs.”
More than midway through spring practice, King is quietly going about his business on the practice field. Coach Mark Richt said King “did a very nice job” in the team’s first scrimmage on Saturday.
“Caleb’s been practicing very well,” Richt said. “It seems like he’s really practicing with a really great focus and a physical attitude. He seems to be in pretty good condition. Every time he makes a run as of late, he pops up and sprints back to the huddle. He’s trying to play and practice with a lot of energy.”
Exactly the soundbytes you want to hear from a 5th year senior who's never had that breakout season. A big time recruit that knows a little about where the new kid is coming from.

This will be the final season in Athens for the fifth-year senior, who will be pressed for playing time by incoming freshman Isaiah Crowell. Crowell is rated by and as the nation’s No. 1 tailback signee.
“That’s just a little more motivation to go in the weight room and (for) every practice,” King said. “I can’t wait until he comes here. I’m going to try and put him under my wings and tell him, ‘Everything I did, don’t do,’ pretty much.”
But actions always speak louder than words. And King isn't just talking the talk.
 This time around the offense won three of five to win the day for the first time this spring, according to coach Mark Richt. Quarterback Aaron Murray said that tailback Caleb King “looked awesome today,” including a touchdown run of about 67 yards. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday's Margarita - Live from Yankee Beach

This episode is SPF 99, for your own protection.

After fighting through a logjam of Michigan, Ohio and Quebec license plates to get here, I guess I should've suspected I'd be sharing sand space with so many Nanooks of the north...especially after previous experiences.

But this time I'm especially bitter. If it weren't enough that they have to use our prime real estate to escape their snow laden lawns and try out their new black tube socks with the leather sandals...if it weren't enough that they speak with such strange syllabic they've apparently helped to close down our favorite restaurants.

It's nice to have a place to go eat that's right there in the complex. There's no need to try and remember where you put the car keys and you can enjoy a little happy hour with your lobster bisque. But someone complained that there was too much noise, no doubt interrupting the latest airing of the curling championships on ESPN Douche.

What's worse is now that the restaurant is closed, the beachside bar is closed as well, the one with the best burger on the beach and Buddy the bartender who never had to ask me what I'd like. He always knew there's no salt on my rim.

Today's Ingredients

  • Overall, Coach Richt sounded pleased with the first scrimmage yesterday. And as if to validate most of the votes in my poll, Caleb seems to be running pretty well.
  • Of course, one of the great things about Spring is CMR getting to know his scout teamers' names. Like Brandon Harton of Tatnall Co.
  • Travis Fain has even more reasons why we should be impressed with Ray Drew.
  • Aaron Murray. Is there a sophomore slump in his future? Is he bound for a big, big year 'tween the hedges? Many seem to think the latter is more likely. Included among those is ESPNs Chris Low.
  • The Senator isn't buying into any Tyler Bray hype.
  • Martin Van Dawgin tell us that sCam Newton has used some of his Barner fortune to purchase a nice resolution in the Georgia Assembly.
  • The Mack Brown Network is coming to televisions this Fall. Check local listings.
  • Cris Carter's son has decided to transfer to Tuscaloosa and play for Uncle Nicky.
  • Don't look now, but Perno's Diamond Dawgs are doing pretty well in SEC play. 
  • I-16 is a lot like watching The English Patient. It's about 3 hours of your life you'll never get back, with very little to show for it.
  • Lastly, Dawgfan17 delves into the insanity that is anonymous posters. Careful man, that's like chasing a rabbit down a hole.
I guess I shouldn't complain too much about this invasion of northern depression. At least this time they're spending money instead of burning buildings and putting Pepsi on gas n sip shelves. It's definitely been worse. We haven't had to close the beach once yet because Nanook can't tell the difference between a porpoise and a shark.

Perhaps they've been taking marine biology lessons from my 9 year old:

But if Edith from Bowling Green doesn't retire that polka-dotted two piece I might just have my little angel throw one of those gelatinous masses in her lounge chair. The 1980s called lady...and you're not in them anymore.

As for you Reader, Have a great Monday. Salt or no salt?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Butler did it...Go Dogs!

Guess I have a soft spot in my heart for bulldogs. Enjoyed these videos about the Dogs from Indianapolis.

When Mayne stood outside of the silent NCAA offices and asked us to "do the math". I came up with $180,000, don't know about you.

It was a great run for the Virginia Commonwealth Rams. They're the story of the tournament if you ask me. Terrific coach, incredible team. Tribute to Anthony Grant for recruiting those guys. But Shaka Smart deserves whatever fortune he's about to inherit.

Back on point, Go Butler. Hope they're the last team standing tomorrow night. The world can always use more Bulldogs.