Saturday, August 6, 2011

Practice Talk: Day 2

First off, still waiting on official word from Kent Turene regarding his status with the NCAA Clearinghouse...but it seems unlikely he'll be/has been cleared. I know Grantham really wants this kid. Sounds like he'll have to wait.

As for Jarvis, the clock's still ticking. Some other notes from yesterday:
Kent Turene
  • Seeing as how I never remember seeing him getting tackled backwards, I like how Weiszer threw this little nugget into his day two practice notesStrength coach assistant and former running back Thomas Brown again was spending his practice time eyeing the running back groups coached by Bryan McClendon. Not a bad resource to have around.
  • Cornelius Washington missed practice with what sounds like is a hamstring issue. Hope it's not a lingering issue.
  • Speaking of OLB, Washington sitting out has lead to early reps for Ray Drew, and the early returns are positive.
  • Crowell is legit y'all!
  • If you've been worried (like me) about the offensive line depth, CMR thinks some freshmen are ready to fill the least ready in early August.
  • Jenkins practiced despite missing some time Thursday due to the heat.
  • And once again, Malcolm Mitchell y'all.

    Can't blame Jenkins at all, cuz it is frackin' HOT. I'm cussing at my car's cooling system for 5+ minutes before getting any kind of relief. I can't imagine how hot it is for people like Coach Richt...or Kwame...or Fletcher Page.


    Beer of the Week: the Stone IPAs

    "Let me tell you guys a story: so this one time I was drinking 
    beer and then the end." - the Beerinator

    Hope everyone had a great IPA day on Thursday. Personally, mine stunk as my lips did not touch the pint glass until around 9pm. But I've extended my celebration into the weekend to show my support for this eventually becoming a national holiday.

    Just in case some readers are even more of a brew novice than I, here's a crude and roughly abbreviated explanation of IPAs...or India Pale Ales. This variety of beer originated after British soldiers settled into India. Naturally they were thirsty and soon ships arrived from Great Britain with beer onboard. Unfortunately the beer did not travel well and was quite skunky after weeks at sea. So to solve this dilemma those inventive brits began shipping the ale with added hop flowers to keep it fresh on the long journey. The result was an ale that was extra hoppy and overall delicious. And the world rejoiced.

    Your welcome.

    The India Pale Ale is widely popular and is my favorite variety to drink. From talking to people and reading lots of stuff I've found most people who really like IPAs generally also like Imperial IPAs, or DIPAs (double india pale ales). Then there are others who like to throw in an IPA every now and then to change things up, only to cringe when things get a little too hoppy.

    So as you read this just know that I enjoy india pale ales and get pretty excited with imperial IPAs. All that being said, Stone Brewing Co. makes a fine collection of IPAs. So I thought given the timing of Thursday's holiday and this post I would outline them. I haven't had the pleasure of all of them, so I'll note in bold which are from first hand experience and which are from reading reviews and word of mouth in italics

    Also, I'm not a fan of everything Stone brews. The Arrogant Bastard Ale is mostly overrated if you ask me and happened to be the first one I tried from them. Given their prices I can see where many people (if they felt the same) would not try their IPAs. In many cases that may be a wise choice. With Stone however, that is faulty logic. Here's why:
    • Ruination - In a word, exquisite. Probably one of the best IPAs you'll ever drink. Maybe you've had IPAs where you felt like you were drinking a pine tree. This has that great piney taste but balances perfectly with the mellowness that all good brews have. Plus it adds a nice fruit taste (think citrus but too acidic) and a lemony aroma to round out what is a great drinking experience. You'll be forcing yourself to savor it rather than gulp it.
    • Cali-Belgique - This flavorful IPA poured a little eagerly; it had a generous head that resulted in lots of lacing on the glass as I worked through it. The taste reminded me of a toned down Invocation by Wild Heaven. Hints of spices and fruits that overpowered the hops. So that was a little disappointing, but overall I thought it was a good mixture of a Belgian ale and an American IPA. I would definitely enjoy this one again. 
    • Japanese Green Tea - Here's Ben's take: I've been a big fan of Stone Brewing Company in general for many years, but specifically their IPA, it's been one of my go-tos.  I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO Greg Koch at the Brewvival ( festival in Charleston in 2010.  He really has the game figured out...not only is he a nice, approachable guy who set up his brewery in one of the most beautiful cities in the country (other than Athens), but he also knows the value of collaborating with other brewers, including homebrewers.  I've tried many of Stone's collaboration beers (Highway 78, Saison du BUFF, etc...) and really enjoyed them all, but none as much as Stone's latest release.  The Japanese Green Tea IPA, brewed in collaboration with Ishii Brewing Co., who's owner used  to be a Stone bewer, and Baird Brewing Co.  After taking my first sip, I had to do a double take at the label to confirm that it was actually 9.2% ABV.  It's hidden extremely well.  The beer was not overly hoppy, nor was it overly green tea-ish.  It was a perfect blend of the two...the balance was amazing. I could drink four or five of them before the 9.2% caught up with me and knocked me out.  That being said, I must point out that I preceeded the Green Tea IPA with a COAST HopArt, and a Stone Ruination, so my taste buds could have been completely shot as far as hops and bitterness are concerned, so your experience may vary.  But as a self-proclaimed hop head, 70 IBUs was pretty much exactly how this beer tasted.  Not only is it a mighty tasty beer, but all proceeds from purchasing this beer go directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society.  So do like I did and tell your wife it's your civic duty to go purchase this beer to help those in Japan affected by the earthquakes and tsunami.  And if that isn't enough, the anti-oxidants in the tea are good for the ol' ticker.  Cheers!
    Here's a video I found of the guys talking about the process for the Green Tea IPA. 9.2% ABV to add a positive frame to the 9.2 earthquake that caused so much damage, good stuff. Given the collection of flavors (hops from literally around the world), this is one I'm anxious to try.
      All of my experience with the Ruination and the Cali-Belgique I had from bottles, mostly bombers. If you find a place with Ruination on tap you must turn in your IPA card if you don't take a glass. 

      To conclude, if you're looking for the standard bitterness of an IPA, you can't go wrong with the Ruination which is easily in the double IPA range (DIPA) at more than 100 IBUs per bottle. If you like a little more flavor, throw one of the others in the rotation. Because you really can't go wrong with a Stone. And thanks to Fred and Ben for the background, suggestions and tasting notes.

        Friday, August 5, 2011

        It's like Vegas, but with hotter seats

        Totally smurfy!
        Richt evidently peeled some paint in Butts-Mehre on Wednesday night to open up the 2011 camp. Too bad the surly Paul Johnson wasn't in town, because according to Aaron Murray Coach Richt was ready for a fight.

        Richt addressed the team on Wednesday night and Murray called it “my favorite speech coach Richt has given in three years. He was pumped up, energized, motivating. I walked out of the room like, ‘Wow.’ I know as players we’re ready to go, but coach Richt is ready to go out there and fight someone right now. I talked to some of the players and they loved it, too.”
        Pressed for details, Murray wouldn’t divulge much.
        “What happens in the team meeting room stays in the team meeting room,” he said. “I went out of there ready to play Boise State at 10 o’clock last night.”
        Meanwhile, Kellen Moore evaded Gargamel and pretended he was married to Smurfette.

        Richt's worst game

        Yesterday we jumped on Estes' post re: CMRs greatest games. Today let's do the same for the worst ones. Here's Gentry's morning coffee from yesterday where he collects the memories that always sprinkle like salt over a festering wound.

        To a bunch of toothless wonders. Damn!
        Again, it's hard to argue with the choices here. They're all solid stinkers and led me to unleash words that would make my momma blush before hitting me upside the head. I agree that the 2002 WLOCP was probably the worst loss of Richt's tenure and the lone blemish on a spectacular season. A win there against an average (by FU standards) Gator squad and the sky was the limit. Instead, more heartbreak.

        But I have to add that the 2009 game in Knoxville was a low point for me. It's one thing to lose a game, it's quite another to get completely outclassed. We never made it off the bus and I completely lost my religion.

        Also, I'm not sure it should be ranked being an OOC game and one that was out of state...but last year's debacle in Boulder was another low point. Whether it was AJs cramps, losing the line of scrimmage to some deadbeat hippies, the fumble or the homeless people taunting us as we walked downtown...that game sucked.

        But I'm not sure I would take one of the others out. What say you Reader?

        Trivial Update - Scott Woerner just beat Clempson again

        #ThursdaysRTrivial ep 70 coming up right after this PSA: Nearly two year's worth of trivia & not a single one vacated. #TrT #engiNerds

        #ThursdaysRTrivial ep 70 "Remodel, Remember" It's the Twittah Trivia Show that's a proven playmaker. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Recently #BDB underwent a remodeling. Who's the legend featured on the picture banner at the top?

        In case you missed it, Scott Woerner had a lot to do with my early years as a Georgia fan. I think it was Ollllddude who made the point that Woerner is one of many great safeties Georgia has produced.  But little did I know back in 1980 when he sealed the deal against NotHer Dame that I would end up hosting a gameshow with #19 on it. Awesome.

        Remember, the Tweetdeck reads from bottom to top. So @TNRLM gets the top prize, a commemorative 70th episode coin valued at over six and a half cents. @the_real_paige gets the memo she missed. New dad @benwilderv gets pants that aren't poopy. And @Stuff_of_Legend gets a commemorative 70th episode TrT koozie, valued at...whatever he gets on eBay.

        Tune in for episode 71 when we do keg stands with Garcia at Mangus' condo. Epic.

        Dawgged Impartiality

        Phil Steele and I share something this season: we both like the Dawgs. Albeit for different reasons. I'm eternally obligated to root for my alma mater after a couple degrees, thousands of dollars and countless hours "studying" on campus. Steele on the other hand, likes Georgia to rebound pretty significantly. So much so that he's listed us as one of his top five favorite teams this season.

        Of course, we've talked about his prognostication before. But it's worth mentioning again I think, especially after the Coaches Poll was released yesterday. Steele's reasoning is multifaceted.

        • net close losses - we lost 7 games last season, but 4 of them were close losses that hinged on a handful of plays.
        • Jenkins/Crowell impact - it may seem trendy to compare these two to the impacts of Bama's Cody and SC's Lattimore, but there's reason to believe that they could make a huge difference.
        • talent - he likes the talent we have, even after some additional personnel losses since he first predicted we'd win the SEC East.
        • schedule - as light as a side salad once you get through the conference opener. This is perhaps the biggest reason to have the Bulldogs as contenders.
        • Aaron Murray - a returning QB who is coming off a successful season is a proven commodity.
        • teamos especiales - Steele rates out Special Teams as #1 in the country. Take that Fabris!
        In the end I don't know if this gets me anymore excited for the upcoming season. I'm excited for Georgia football, don't get me wrong. But I'm still in a I'll buy it when I can see it type of mood. Especially as far as feeling any level of comfort thinking about playing in the GA Dome twice this season.

        However, it does unmuddy the waters so to speak. There are no excuses. Richt can't make the ball bounce his way once play begins, but most everything else has set up pretty well so far. Someone ask Claude Felton if that extra large shipment of bubble wrap for Jenkins made it to Butts-Mehre.

        - - - - - - - - - - - 

        Sidenote: Once the Coaches Poll came out yesterday I went back to see how accurate Steel was back in February with his early prediction. He had Boise State pegged just right at #7 and had the top four exactly. For whatever that's worth...

        Thursday, August 4, 2011

        Freshmen Jersey Numbers

        Emerson has posted the numbers of the incoming freshmen. Many are already known, but it's fun to see who's wearing what. My favorite - Jenkins with #6. Awesome.

        There are some other "odd" ones, such as WR Chris Conley wearing #31. And of course seeing Chris Sanders' name beside #8. *sigh*

        As far as Isaiah Crowell and Branden Smith sharing #1, Richt hinted in his presser just a minute ago that they would evaluate the likelihood of both being on the field together and what the jersey situation would be. One could switch to #3 or #4...both of which are open now.

        Dawgs begin season at #22

        The preseason USA Today Coaches Poll is out and Georgia has its lowest August ranking since 2001 at #22. I thought we'd be a little higher based on some of the optimism we've read about. But this seems about right as far as blind shots in the dark go. 

        I was a little more surprised to see Boise at #7. Really thought they'd be higher than that. But playing a top 10 team to start the season should put some extra pep in this afternoon's first practice for the Dawgs. Not to mention following that up with an SEC opener against #12 USCe. The only other item of consequence, Muschomp's FU Fightin' Gators are #23.

        Yeh personally, I can't stand preseason polls. They're like throwing darts at a dart board after you're 5 beers into happy hour and someone has spun you around in a circle 20 times. Well, maybe not quite so clumsy but you get my point. If you share that cynicism you should ready yourself to participate in the Mumme Poll, a poll shared by the Senator and 3rd Saturday in Blogtober. Free to join for any committed college football fan. It starts a month into the season, you know...when you can actually determine where teams should be.

        Dream Team: competitors now, starters...maybe

        Sounds like Aaron Murray's job is safe...for now.
        “We’re not expecting the freshman class to win a bunch of games for us,” [Richt] said. “We’re expecting the freshman class to come in and compete and hopefully provide a level of competition for the level of play of our current players to rise, and if there are freshmen who can do a better job, then they’ll play.
        “We’re not thinking we’re going to line up 22 freshmen and go kick somebody’s rear end. That’s just not going to happen.”

        Richt's greatest game

        Yesterday Gentry Estes explored Coach Richt's top five games. I spent some time yesterday reflecting on his choices, both the ones that made the list and the ones that just missed the cut. I'd have to agree but couldn't help but wonder what the greatest win is. I hope that it still lies in the future of course, but after the last couple seasons that crystal ball is pretty cloudy.

        However there's no arguing that Richt has brought some flair to the UGA resume. And I think the 2002 victory on the Plains is the greatest. Why? Well, for all the reasons that we currently sit here so hungry for winning football again. That one game had everything in it that we seem to have lost the last couple seasons.
        • Desire - There was a clear intent and an evident need to win that game. You didn't see a group of guys hanging their collective heads when we were down 11 points at two different points in the game. Afterall, there was still time on the clock.
        • Strength - We played 60 whole minutes. When we needed a play at the end to grab the lead, we got it. And when we needed a stop to finish them off, we got that too. No moral victories here in facing a good team on the road and hanging with them for 58 minutes. Moral victories are for DBs who get burned by a 70XTakeoff.
        • Playmakers - Michael Johnson was never a slouch of a receiver by any means. But the dude went off in this game to the tune of 13 catches for 141 yards, most of which were in the second half. And Sean Jones was a factor from the get go, getting an INT on Auburn's first possession and a fumble on an early punt return.
        • Perseverance - There were plenty of mistakes and a lot of poor play, especially early. Greene barely had any completions the first half and the defense tackled poorly until finding a rhythm after halftime. But Tuberville's squad could never pull away completely which set things up for a nice comeback.
        • Confidence - When you face 4th and 15, down 4 points and there's only 75 seconds left...and you score from the 19 yard line...that's confidence. Good coaching, great playcalling and ability on the field.
        Plus the game had a TD by an offensive lineman; Jon Stinchcomb recovered a David Greene fumble in the endzone. So I guess we could also include Luck as a category.
          BTW, Estes flips the coin this morning and will look at the five worst losses for Richt. I'm sure we all have a few in mind.

          Wednesday, August 3, 2011

          Twitter's Greatest Gameshow: ThursdaysRTrivial Announcement

          Is it back? Yes. Every week? Not likely. Is that okay? Well, we'll see.

          If you follow me on Twitter you may or may not know what this is about. If you have no desire to join and/or follow me, then you can probably disregard this post...and any further posts related to Trivial Updates.

          Tomorrow we will have episode 70 of #ThursdaysRTrivial. If you're a new follower, this is where I tweet out a trivia question (usually related to UGA Athletics) and the first to respond with the correct answer gets a "fabulous prize". The prize is just as fictitious as it is non-existent, but they're always spectacular.

          The last #TrT was way back in March. And to be honest there have been few episodes so far this year. But it's never left the stove altogether; it's just been simmering there on the back burner. Now I'd like to try it again.

          The biggest reason for it dropping off in intensity has been time, energy. Despite truly enjoying each and every episode, I just got to where I would get home from work and not have the energy to move forward with it. Plus kids tend to make things busy after 5 o'clock, what with their math homework, reading practice, Wii contests, science projects due the next day and various sports/activities.

          But technology doesn't constrain me to that particular time each and every week. In fact, as you read this tomorrow's question is in the Tweetdeck queue ready to go out tomorrow at...well, you'll have to check in to find out. The question (I think) is rather easy. So maybe you'll win the prize. Maybe it's Kellen Moore's playbook. Or maybe it is Kwame Geathers' overtaxed scooter. I can tell you one thing for sure, it's not a case of mononucleosis. So stay away from public water fountains...and close to my twitter timeline.

          Best of luck!

          "He's a Florida guy"...

          ...with "a little red and black in his veins."

          I realize it's probably just after you ate lunch, but here's a piece from the Gainesville Sun on Will Muschamp and his playing days in Athens. It's going to continue to be interesting to read and hear how the new FU coach handles being from an inter-divisional rival for his reptilian fans. So we might as well get used to it.

          To me it reads like a Florida paper desperately trying to come to grips with the best years of their new coach's life. See what you think.

          Bobo Basics

          "There's more than one way to skin a cat." Perhaps your grandmother imparted on you a similar quote. The message to Georgia's offensive coordinator might be something similar. Utilize what you have. Find ways to move the chains, score the points without risking the headaches of watching young players make costly mistakes.

          I read this quote by Coach Richt...
          “Was I anxious to see A.J. Green and see what he could do?” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “Yeah. I’m anxious to see this guy also. At receiver you could have a missed assignment and not be nearly as devastating as a tailback missing an assignment when it comes to pass protection or something like that. Or even going the wrong way on a run. When a running back makes a mistake, it’s not good. When a receiver makes a mistake, you can probably just line up and play another down and not have to punt or turn the ball over.”
          ... and thought of Coach Bobo gameplanning for Boise State. Bobo has no choice but to play Crowell. The departures of King and Ealey should only have solidified the necessity to play the kid. Like Tyler said, adeptness at blocking shouldn't factor into the equation. If the play isn't a handoff, have Crowell run a route and leave Figgins back there to clean up defenders. In Richt's own words a receiver making a mistake only has a worse case scenario of another down.

          I think Bobo functions best when he keeps it simple. Put the playmakers in a position to succeed and get out of the way.

          Camp Schedule

          Weiszer has the full schedule up for the practices leading up the 2011 season. I count 4 days off (if you include Friday September 2nd) and 2 twoadays (the 9th and 13th).
          The players arrived for dinner and a team meeting. They will have a series of meetings, testing and physicals Wednesday.
          Georgia is scheduled to practice at 4:20 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and then practice in the morning for eight straight days until the start of classes. Those practices will be at 8:45 a.m. except on Wednesday when the team holds its first scrimmage. The team will also hold a second practice at 5 p.m. next week on Tuesday and Saturday.

          Where's Kent?

          Camp started last night. Everyone who was supposed to be there was, except for LB Kent Turene who is in NCAA Clearinghouse limbo. To report one must be cleared and the NCAA will have a ruling in a few days ($$).


          Tuesday, August 2, 2011

          No more shadows for Brown to stand in

          Fans aren't the only ones ready for Marlon Brown to break free of the bench.
          Mitchell is penciled in to play split end, the same position that Marlon Brown is listed at as the starter entering preseason camp.
          Asked if that will put pressure on Brown, Ball said “I hope so. I hope so. Competition, man. Competition makes everyone better. It makes us better as a group and it makes us better as a football program.”
          Brown has 13 career catches in two seasons, including 11 for 133 yards last season with a touchdown.
          “He’s got to get better,” Ball said. “He’s got to push himself fundamentally. If he does that, he’ll take that next step.”

          Thomas Davis: bonecrusher AND UGA alumnus

          Saturday will be the safest day for Cam Newton to practice. Thomas Davis will be 2 hours south in Athens grabbing his diploma. I love it when the players come back to graduate. So let's celebrate a bit...just don't make him mad.

          courtesy of kcmci1

          That hit on Decory Birmingham was just lethal. Since Sanford222view mentioned it being his favorite it reminded me that TD had said the same thing before. I thought it was an interview, but I found it in this online chat back right before he was drafted. A good read top to bottom. Especially when the Tenn fan tries to rattle him. Click here.

          Athletic Twitter Tips

          Would like to thank Connor Nolte for his tweet to his fellow student athletes yesterday urging them to read this post by Tom Satkowiak, who is in media relations for UT Athletics.

          Some of the tips are pretty direct, such as not using your avatar and attached pictures of soft-core pornography. Others are broader strokes designed to help student athletes promote "their brand".

          Again, it's not a matter of if but when Twitter becomes an official train wreck in and around Butts-Mehre. For the most part I think our student-athletes do a decent job of representing themselves first and the school second. But Satkowiak's list could help a lot of the marginals to clean up their act before it does more than tarnish their brand.

          engiNerds eat mor hotdogs

          So a woman can't eat a Chick-Fil-A sammich while watching Duke throw SAT scores at the Yellow Jackets. Whether she took off her clothes with or without prompting is up to the courts. Our only obligation as Dawg fans is to make fun of the whole episode, starting with the following:
          Is that a waffle fry in your pocket
          or just your Ti-85?
          • What do nerds have against chicken sandwiches that are too Holy to serve on Sundays?
          • Any decent Dawgette would've just eaten the sandwich right there instead of either a) stuffing it down her gold sweatpants to rub right up against her sweaty Reggie Ball underoos...or b) throwing the delicacy into a trash receptacle.
          • If she did throw the sandwich into the trash, then clearly she was full up on the free hotdogs and cokes from buying so many techtix!!!1
          • How many CFA sauce packets stuffed inside a pocket protector does it take to vacate an entire Value Meal?
          But Georgia fans deserve a stern talking to as well. I can't speak for radio listeners outside of the Atlanta area, but I'm getting sick of hearing these ads for season tickets on the flats. What the french Dawgs?!? It's an odd year...meaning...we play at Historic Mark Richt Field this November. Why haven't we purchased the remainder of these seats then sold the "other" games on eBay for about the price it costs to rent a cop at the joke by the coke?

          Just remember, Truett Cathy is not a tech fan. And evidently the reverse is true as well. 

          Monday, August 1, 2011

          Bowman qualifies

          Defensive back Devin Bowman received his qualifying graduation test score and is headed to Athens, per Weiszer.

          The signee received the score he needed on the English portion of the Georgia High School Graduation Test, according to athletic director and vice principal Craig Parrott.
          “He’s good to go,” Craig Parrott said. “He’s made it. It’s great news.”
          Parrott said Georgia coaches had said that everything was ready for him in Athens once he got the needed result.
          Bowman called football coach Mark Mariakis earlier this morning and the coach spoke later to his mother.
          “She’s was just really ecstatic,” Parrott said. “She was just unbelievable happy.”
          Linebacker Kent Turene from Lauderdale Lakes, Fla., was still awaiting word as of this morning on being certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Coach Mark Richt said he won’t report until that happens.

          Monday's Meatloaf - Item #147 vs the sofa

          One was full of nails and machined screws. The other had stuffing. 

          You know that saying "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus"...? I think there was a book by the title. Or maybe the saying came first, then the book. I don't know. I just think it can be broken down further than that: Men are from cushy furniture, women are from paint trays...and hammer handles...and medium grit sandpaper...and drill bits.

          You get the idea. As I mentioned last week, the wife and I had this week to ourselves with the kids being entertained spoiled cared for by my folks. One one hand you could see the free time being spent catching endless naps without the agitation of doors constantly slamming and questions such as Dad, when is dinner?...We had lunch an hour ago sweetie. Or perhaps taking a long walk with the Mrs without the worry of what havoc the progeny have wreaked while unsupervised. Maybe set a spell on the deck swing.

          But no. The honey-do-it! list was long. I'd get to a point where I felt caught up and could prop my feet up, only to have her yell down that I hadn't finished item #147 yet...and could I also go with her to Wal-Mart...and a place called Bed, Bath and Beyond. But what about item #147? I'd say. Shouldn't I stay and work on that? I don't like the sound of my shoes wandering through a place known as "Bed Bath & whatever there is beyond that".

          Well, we compromised. After agreeing that item #147 could wait, I would drive her and she would go in alone. I figured this was safest in case she got past the point of no return in the "Beyond" portion of this store. At least the kids would still have their dad to escort them to their prom.

          Assuming I ever finish item #147.

          Today's Ingredients
          • Five camp questions. If the answer to #1 is somehow a "no" or a "not yet", then we can add RB to the position battles to watch for in #4.
          • As we head into camp this week, Weiszer catches us up to date on off-season motivation and the changes since the Spring game.
          • Over at DawgPost Josh Kendall previews the Georgia special teams and the offense.
          • Is Kellen Moore about to meet his match in Aaron Murray? DawgFan17 looks at the QB matchup coming to Atlanta in a few weeks. 
          • Kyle previews the most important game of the 2011 campaign, the WLOCP
          • Kickoff Friday is set for September 9th. You can register for the events here.
          • Kevin previews the fightn' FU gators.
          • I checked the blog's diametrics this weekend. Nearly half of you who visit use Internet Explorer. Folks, break out of the 90s. There are much, MUCH better browsers out there. 
          • Your welcome, now back to the rest of the ingredients.
          • From the mouths of babes...a new and improved Georgia state flag.
          • Kit's contest results are in. Looks like Pippa's butt came in a close second to Olivia's come hither eyes.
          • Despite spending a lot of time on YouTube this weekend, I missed one that Big Muddy caught - Preach It, Ray!.
          • In the latest episode of Paul Johnson vs the World, the Senator finds some numbers that could point to more headaches on the flats.
          • Lastly, Krzyzewski being investigated for a recruiting violation?? Next someone will tell me Ghandi once ate a cheeseburger.
          Appreciate the feedback on the latest look of the blog here. I'm calling it version 2.3 and so far most everyone agrees that it's easier to read. I think version 1.0 was a black background with white type. So we've come a long way, Blogger and I. Unfortunately those first couple readers from way back when have yet to get their eyes to uncross. I still miss those two guys.

          There will continue to be some changes in the coming week or so, but they'll be relatively minor. Just trying to clean some stuff up before football season starts. I guess I draw that inspiration from Mrs. Bernie. She's always frantic this time of year knowing she only has a couple more weekends to get stuff done around the house before she loses me for a few months. It's nice to have someone who understands that Fall is a time when the tool bag, the paint brushes and the drill need to stay in their state of hibernation. Who can concentrate on BCS rankings and depth charts against the backdrop of buzzing tools and hammering nails? 

          Not to mention the breaking glass and the shrieks of despair. Have a mentioned that I'm a crappy handyman? I mean, my skills with the toolbag are nearly as bad as my skills on the innerwebs. But I cook a mean meatloaf Reader. Here's your fork. Have a great Monday!


          Sunday, July 31, 2011

          "We're in Hell right now, gentlemen..."

          Judging from the hits yesterday you people are jonesin' for some football highlights. My first piece of advice is to put in a dvd of Munson's Greatest Hits and sit back this afternoon. But in case that isn't an option right now, here's another good video. It's from last year, but I think it's really well done. 

          Plus, it features Al Pacino's speech from Any Given Sunday. Classic. 

          courtesy of Christian Neri

          "We can climb outta inch at a time." Ladies and gents, those inches started back in January. And they only get harder with camp opening this week. So when you bend a knee this week, send one up for Kasyn Olivadotti first and foremost. Then send another one up for our boys, that they might be really getting after it.