Saturday, November 12, 2011

Auburn: Gameday edition

* Goals for the game:
  1. contain Malzahn's ground attack in Dyer and McCalebb.
  2. keep the razors at bay, ie. win the turnover battle
  3. get Crowell in open space
* Bonus misery:

How in the hell could I forget to mention this yesterday? The Sanford Stadium noise. Dawg fans, we are a quiet breed these days. I know we're a team rebounding from disappointing seasons, but can't we still be noisy loud LOUD?!? Do we all have to act like we're watching a tennis match?

As mentioned before, I've got in-laws in town. As we walked into Bobby Dodd the other night I told Frank to take a mental snapshot of their environs so that he could compare that to what he sees this afternoon. Don't let me down friends, I implore you! Kickoff's at 3:30 on CBS. Verne's in the booth. Wolfson's got her mic in Chizzy's face. Do you want him to answer the question easily? Or would you prefer them to have an awkward exchange where he confuses her question about sCam's "special" juice for one about Verne's bunyuns?

Hilarity could ensue.

* I hate Auburn.

I've watched that video about 20 times and still can't stop laughing. Well done Big Muddy!

Go Dawgs! Kick That Barner Ass!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Countdown to Kickoff - week 11

Hannah Chalker gets us ready for this weekend's action, including a preview of tomorrow's latest installment of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.

Friday misery, chapter 9: pass the roll Mr. Whipple

Let's keep this streak going. You can take the plain man out of the little village, but that doesn't mean he ain't gonna act like a little bitch.

Add orange body paint to generational incest, and
this is what you get.
It's Auburn. 'Tween the Hedges. It's the Deep South's oldest rivalry. Does anyone know what two schools play in the South's Oldest Rivalry? No. Because they're two insignificant teams from the wine and cheese hoops conference. Football in November is practically defined by Georgia vs. Auburn. Uncle Verne. Falling leaves. Beautiful UGA coeds. And stupid Opelika frat boys that can't spell to save their school.

The ties that bind
This series is wound tighter than Terry Tater-tot on a week long meth pipe frenzy. Just 38 points separate the total points between the teams in the 114 meetings. Auburn leads the series by just two games. The schools have shared locations of the contest: Atlanta, Columbus, Macon, Montgomery, even Savannah. They've shared players turned coaches such as Dooley, Erk and Pat Dye. If either team is in the hunt for the SEC crown, it is usually this game that decides whether that hunt is successful or not.

It's been described as a family affair, but it's never been overly friendly and it certainly has enough hate to go around. There've been hoses and brutal hits. After the refs and Auburn coaches allowed Aaron Murray to be treated like a crash test dummy in last year's meeting, it made Junior Rosegreen look like a saint.

I don't want to be bound to these lyin', cheatin', WWE wannabes anymore. I want to stomp them into submission, kick them into oblivion and then trade them to the Big East for a bag of peanuts.

Ranked spanked, thank ya m'am!
There's been a few monkeys that this Georgia team has gotten off of Coach Richt's back in 2011. But one that is still hanging on is that he hasn't beaten a ranked opponent since Clinton left, that's not true. But it's a weight that feels a lot like a soiled blue dress anyway.

Just like this new attitude carried us in Jacksonville, we need leave that inferiority complex in the past. This team doesn't blink when down two touchdowns. They don't flinch when a <quote>National Championship<unquote> team comes out of our tunnel either. 

Now THAT!! how you go
"all in". Ya knucklehead.
Crank the buzzsaw Crowell and let these wartiglesmen run right into it. Rip their #24 ranking into ribbons and send them beyond others receiving votes.

Payback can be a little bitch too.

Wright? Wrong.
You have to give credit to Nick Fairley for one thing, he knew how to play defensive tackle. He couldn't play the position with a modicum of integrity, but he could shed blockers like they were 100% cotton t-shirts.

Gabe Wright...just sit your ass down son and listen to me. I know you treated your recruitment like a dance on the 4th grade playground. But this is the SEC damnit. You wanna talk, shut your mouth until it's your turn. And when it is your turn, tell the truth. Cuz we all know that you're just full of piss and vinegar over the fact that your "announcement" was upstaged by a 12lb puppy and a tailback that you still can't tackle.

Ben Jones is gonna bury your ass boy! You might as well stay in Opelika and babysit Trooper and Philmer's lovechild. Otherwise it ain't gonna be pretty.

To say the Auburn...(ahem!...excuse me...) Abuurn fans are "classless" is to discredit every student who ever flunked out of school in Opelika. We ring the Chapel Bell after a victory. They celebrate with toilet paper. C'mon Dawgs, let's makes this a two-ply defeat for them. Summon your inner Tra Battle for 60 minutes and then we can ring that bell all night long!

Go Dawgs!

Friday Thoughts on the Flats

May be two weeks early, but since I was there last night* I wanted to pass along a couple thoughts on Tech's Thursday Night faceplant.

  • That Wilson kid went for 175 despite often getting caught behind the line of scrimmage. Made me wonder how many yards Crowell could go for behind a better offensive line than what Wilson has.
  • The engiNerds win that game without that personal foul call in the fourth. Instead of punting deep in their own end, VA Tech marched downfield and punched it in. The play was at the opposite end of our seats (which sucked by the way. Nice engineering...pffft!), but from what I've read Attaochu could face a suspension. 
  • However, that didn't keep Coach PaJammies from giving the refs an earful. Maybe Attaochu was chop blocked...
  • Speaking of which...maybe I've blocked this from my memory banks. But did y'all know Tech has a complete cheer devoted to UGA? Something about being the "cesspool of the South"...several "To Hell with Georgias"...and a lot of other wrambling wrecked musings on being the ugly, less athletic and dominated younger brother.
  • I mean they are completely obsessed with us. Completely. No wonder they faceplanted against VA Tech with an ACC title on the line. They're too focused on Georgia. The kids sitting next to me couldn't get over the fact that a Georgia fan would come to the game...when it was their fans that sold my Hokie in-laws the tickets!! Not that they would say anything to my face, even when I asked them to.
  • But that's okay. Jenn Brown wouldn't speak to me either.
Anyway, now back to our regularly scheduled Auburn hate.

*Thanks to the Anonymous commenter yesterday that reminded me Sean Glennon's jersey was stolen 4 years ago instead of two. Couldn't get your comment published through Disqus for some reason.

Thank a Veteran

If you do one thing today, find the time to thank a veteran for their service to our country.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SEC Flashback - Georgia-Auburn 1996

The first overtime game in the Southeaster Conference is highlighted in this SEC flashback.

A Thursday Night on North Avenue

Thanks to some Hokie in-laws flying in this afternoon, I'll be at Historic Mark Richt Field tonight to watch Virginia Tech battle the engiNerds. Two years ago when we did this someone stole Sean Glennon's jersey and he went on to help dig Chan Gailey's grave. I'm hoping for something just as dramatic tonight.

I mean what are they gonna do? Tell me I don't run this state? 

But truly I hope the real drama comes Saturday at 3:30 when I pay the in-laws back by taking them to Sanford for the first time. I love the look on ACC fans' faces when they see what a real game day atmosphere feels like.

Anyway, send good vibes this blogger's way. If you tune in and see a guy wearing a VA Tech t-shirt and a Dawgs cap talking to Jenn Brown, that's probably me. 

Bonus points if I'm eating a Chick-Fil-A sammich.

"Today was a good day."

According to Richt, Malcolm Mitchell will "be ready to play" Saturday.
Now the No. 14 Bulldogs look like they will get Mitchell back for Saturday’s key game against No. 24 Auburn.
“I’m convinced he’ll be ready to play,” coach Mark Richt said after Wednesday’s practice, Mitchell’s most extensive work since his injury. “I think it’s great. It’s just more guys that can make plays for us and more guys that will be able to share the load.”
Mitchell has 25 catches  and still leads the team with 438 receiving yards to go along with three touchdowns.
“I’m just a little help,” the freshman said with a smile after Wednesday’s practice. “I ain’t too much. … They’ve been doing really good. I wouldn’t expect no less from them.”
Richt said that Mitchell “practiced a lot. He ran full speed in my mind. He might not have been full speed, but he looked pretty close to running full speed, changing direction, jumping, catching balls.”
Mitchell said he sat out one or two drills.
“I’m feeling good,” Mitchell said.. “I’m encouraged. Today was a good day.”
Let's hope Saturday is even better.

Bulldog Legend event at Hotel Indigo

For Immediate Release:  "Bulldog Legends"  Film, Photography & Cocktails Event this Saturday 

The Hotel Indigo Athens is hosting the 80's era "Bulldog Legends" Film, Photography & Cocktails  event for Georgia fans this coming Saturday, November 12th, both before and after the Georgia vs. Auburn Game. 

Come meet Georgia Football Legend and former All-American Scott Woerner, Film Producer, Mike Moss and possibly other 1980 players, who will be on hand to talk with fans and to sign copies of the newly released and highly acclaimed  "1980 Dawgs" film.  Info:  Note: The DVD sets will be on sale.

In addition,  the  "Dawgs" Photography Show by award winning Georgia sports photographer Wingate Downs will be held  in the Hotel Indigo Art Gallery. The show is a collection of stunning photographs of Georgia Football Legends from '78 through the early 80's. Wingate is the most highly awarded photographer in Georgia sports history and will be on hand to meet fans and sign prints.  Note: The photography exhibit  runs through late December

Also, broadcasting live from the Hotel Indigo lobby, both before and after the game,  will be the Bulldog Sports Network radio shows.   Jeff Dantzler and Charlie McAlexander host Bulldogs Game Day. The 60 minute show airs four hours prior to kickoff.    Jeff Dantzler, Tony Schiavone & UGA Football Legend Kevin Butler will be hosting the post game show, BB&T Dawg Talk.

The event will be held in the Lobby/Bar area of the beautiful Hotel Indigo.  

Times: 11:30am to 3:00  before the Auburn Game and right after the game for  2 hours.
Where: Hotel Indigo Lobby/Bar Area , 500 College Ave. Athens.  
No Admission Charge, Cash Bar.

On the air - Coach Richt

Coach Richt discusses injuries, Aaron Murray, the SEC Championship game, Missouri and the upcoming game against Auburn.

On the air - Chizik

Coach Chizik discusses the upcoming game against the Dawgs.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Wartiglesmen: reasons for concern

If the plain men from Opelika take a victory Saturday in Athens it'll likely be because of one or more of the following:
  • The route that wheels. We seem to have little hope of containing it, much less stopping it. I mean if a directional school just north of Juarez can slip a back out and up undetected, then Malzahn would have to be I ate the worm drunk Saturday to not try this at least 10 or more times. 
  • Continued lapse in special teams. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that noticed special teams were about the only place we didn't see wholesale personnel changes Saturday once the game got out of hand. Modest improvement over what happened in Jacksonville. Unless we can sneak enough helium in the ball to get touchbacks everytime, I'll still be holding my breath during War Tigers kick returns. 
  • Along the same lines...a kicking conundrum. It's 4th and 3 from the Auburn 28 in the 4th quarter. You're Coach Richt and we need points...what do you do? Hell, regardless of time and score...what do you do?
    • Go for it. The chances of a 1st down are as good or better than getting 3 points.
    • Send in Walsh. He's our guy. Stick with him.
    • Send it Bogatay. Time for change. Let's see what the guy from Poland California can do.
  • Whatever the call is (and let's be honest, it would be one of the first two) I'm sure Richt will have decided on it before 3:30 Saturday.
Beyond Penn Wagers' Yugo being parked somewhere adjacent to Sanford, that's what I've got. How about you?

Erk's eyes

The finest man to ever grace Opelika's campus. 
h/t Kevin
To me they say two words. 
BEAT. Auburn.

the not so Happy Valley mirror

I just don't have the stomach to get too deep into the mess in Happy Valley. I try to find solace in the hope that each person involved, from Joe Paterno down to the the administrators and officials that stood in his shadow, get their due punishment one day for turning a blind eye on what was going on.

For Sundusky...quite simply, his days should be spent in eternal hell.

But as a college football fan, I forced myself to read this blog post - "I am... Penn State..." by Hamlet's Mistress. After attempting to acknowledge the pain that the direct victims must feel at the years and years of abuse and neglect going on in the Penn State Athletic offices, I turn second to the indirect victims...the Nittany Lion fans, players and Penn State alumni. This is written by just one of them. My guess is it speaks for thousands.
I am…  so many things that I can’t list them all.  But let me name a few.  Disgusted, shocked, ashamed, humiliated, angry.
I am a Penn State grad class of 2000.  While I don’t talk about it all the time and I’m not constantly rah-rah-ing about my choice of higher educational institution, I have always been very proud to be counted among the Penn State Alumni base.  Penn State Nation.  It is one of the things in my life I am the most proud of.
Having that stripped away…  I feel almost like I’ve lost a part of my identity.  And it’s one of those things that you never really know how much a part of you it is until it’s gone.
I am not proud of my alma mater anymore.  I don’t know if I will ever be proud of it again.
Gut wrenching. And that's just a snippet. Read the whole thing and tell me you wouldn't feel the same way if something of this nature were uncovered at UGA. What was brought to light at Miami recently is a Sunday School lesson compared to this mess in Happy Valley.

While I can't possibly imagine what Sandusky's victims have gone through all these years, I try my best to empathize with the Penn State fans, faculty and alumni. If there is anything that would force me away from my seat in Sanford Stadium or a television set this Saturday...if there's one thing that could turn my stomach at the sight of MY team...damn.

I hurt for that monster's victims. I feel for the Penn State Nation.

h/t @TLanceB for the link

Humpday Hilarity - essay that rhymes with lime

Ever wonder if your professor read every word of all those essays? Ever have the balls to test that hypothesis?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SEC Today - 11/8/11

Hannah Challker fills us in on the Missouri addition and What's Hot.

The Wartiglesmen: reasons for confidence

Seven game win streak. SEC East title on the line. Nick effin' Fairley!

Georgia-Auburn is always a big game. It's the only game I'm aware of that's ever been played between the hoses and it is the South's oldest rivalry. So it's usually more than conference championships that hang in the balance when these two teams play amongst the fallen leaves.

Here are some reasons I'm feeling good about this game, which of course will be balanced by a post tomorrow outlining reasons why I'm nervous as hell:

  • Bobo's offense. Our offensive coordinator has had a string of three very impressive games. Although I've had some frustrations with some calls this season, you could make an argument that this is his best season. If you're not interested in that debate, you have to admit that the offense has gotten steadily better since the nightmare in the GA Dome. Despite a patchwork offensive line and some inconsistency with Murray and his receivers, Bobo's squad is now averaging nearly 35 points a game. This offense is rolling strong.
  • Almost as strong as the defense. We've evolved from an attacking defense to an attacking defense that is also disciplined. Grantham sees what is going well and snuffs it out. That tells you he can adjust not only in his mind to what is going on, but also can communicate it to his coaches and players. And decided schematic advantage aside, this might be Grantham's toughest matchup in terms of mindpower. Malzahn is making good use of his inexperience at QB and the SEC's best running back not named Richardson. But is only averaging 26.1 points a game, whereas we're giving up a shade under 20.
  • It's not lost on me that the offense has enjoyed much success the last three games just as the offensive line has started to really exert their massive presence on opponents. Holes are bigger and most notably the pocket is walled off for Murray to find downfield targets. It's been a challenge for sure, mixing in some youthful inexperience with what veterans we have that are healthy. But Coach Friend is getting it done.
  • And as the Senator points out, that no huddle I was skeptical of early on is working...really well. We're averaging 72 plays a game. Not even a month ago I thought out loud that we might average that many by season's end. Thanks to another whopping 83 plays against Florida, we're there already.
  • Full tank on the Energy Bus. This team hasn't quit. Not when they were 0-2, not when they were down early in the WLOCP and not when they've missed some key players an entire backfield. In past seasons, this is the type of game that would make you wonder if everyone is on the same page enough to finish the season strong. But after overcoming all those obstacles post Liberty Bowl as well as during the season, the motivation wild card is no longer stacking the deck against us.
That's what I got. How 'bout you?

While you were away Carlton...

Not many Georgia fans would be surprised if Brandon Harton is the second tailback off the sideline Saturday afternoon when the Dawgs take on Auburn. Crowell, Thomas and Malcome all return from a one game suspension. Crowell will return to the top slot, but Harton showed a lot of spunk against New Mexico State. 

Enough to get in the mix a little it sounds like.
Carlton Thomas is listed as the backup to starter Isaiah Crowell, but coach Mark Richt has indicated that Brandon Harton could make a push for the backup job after he rushed for 98 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries against New Mexico State.
“We’re just going to have to play it out this week in practice real hard to just see who we think is best suited to play,” Richt said.
That’s the same message Harton heard Monday from running backs coach Bryan McClendon.
“He just said it will be a battle to see who gets the playing time,” Harton said. “Hopefully I practice good enough this week to play.”
Crowell, Thomas and another tailback, Ken Malcome, are coming off one-game suspensions and are available for Saturday’s game against Auburn.
Thomas has rushed for 200 yards on 44 carries with two touchdowns.
Harton missed just two assignments in the 63-16 win Saturday, he said, “but it was nothing terrible, something that we could correct.”
Thomas, a senior, has played in 23 games at Georgia. Harton, a sophomore and a former walk-on, has played in two, both nonconference.
Getting in an SEC game “would be fantastic," he said. "The first SEC game and then it being Auburn, that’s obviously a big rivalry. It would be good to get out there and help the team win.”

Mumme Poll - week ten

You can't convince me after Saturday night that Boise State or any of the other teams are better than Alabama. All along I felt LSU would win that game. I've had them #1 the whole time. But Bama could've easily won and so I didn't have much trouble keeping them #2.

Does that mean I want to see a rematch? No.

My poll is essentially the same as week nine, but Nebraska moves out and VA Tech moves in.

Monday, November 7, 2011

SEC Today - 11/7/11

Hannah Chalker fills us in on the latest SEC action, including a welcome to its newest member and a BCS update.

SEC will continue with 8 game schedules

A lot of talk has been centering on which out of conference games SEC football teams will drop with the additions of Texas A&M and Missouri to next year's new SEC. The assumption was that the SEC would adopt a 9 game conference schedule in football. But evidently we're sticking with 8 conference games in 2012.

UPDATE: The rumors of going to a 9 game schedule started with South Carolina president Harris Pastides.
USC — along with all other SEC schools — will play nine conference football games each year due to Missouri joining the Southeastern Conference, President Harris Pastides said Sunday.
The Gamecocks will face Missouri for the first time next year, as the Tigers were placed in the Eastern Division. The game will be in Columbia — but whether that’s Columbia, Mo., or Columbia, S.C., is still unclear, Pastides said.
And now this...

Monday's Meatloaf - watered down formulas

In 1985 Coca-Cola decided to not leave well enough alone. They weren't dominating the soft drink industry as they had once upon a time. So they decided to just throw some cash towards some chemists.

Not so fast my friend!
The result was New Coke. To simplify the national reaction, it sucked.

Well, actually that's a bit unfair. The reaction was favorable among some American pop drinkers, most notably...yankees. Why would people in NYC and Washington prefer the crappy knock-off to the awesome original? Well, probably because that's where Coca-Cola marketed the release of the new drink. They went all in up yonder and forgot the company's roots, the South. Atlanta. Ma and Pop. Soda fountains. 

"Where there's a Coke there's hospitality" is an old Coca-Cola slogan. But suddenly southerners weren't feeling too hospitable towards a revolutionized brand. Phone calls were made, literally thousands a day. Letters were written as if the company had committed the most heinous of acts. Lights came on again inside Coca-Cola headquarters and three months after New Coke took to the shelves, the original formula returned from the grave. 

By Christmas Coke Classic was not only outselling New Coke, but also rival Pepsi as well. The moon re-entered the Earth's orbit. Birds sang from tree branches again. And babies' blankets were warm once more.

Why do I bring this up this morning? Well...let's all welcome Missouri!! the SEC East!!

Damn Good Dawg Legends
Today's Ingredients
  • Tyler's guide to all things Mizzou did little to settle my stomach.
  • ecdawg looks at what this means for the SEC's recent dominance.
  • Meanwhile, CCRider sums up most of my feeling son the subject.
  • Over at the BlawgHouse, three simple words: Bring. On. Auburn.
  • Don't look now, but according to the Senator's latest stat watch things are right on track.
  • Harton won't usurp Crowell's status as the #1 tailback, but it does sound like he could be in the mix for top backup.
  • Chris Low has his latest bowl predictions out.
  • Penn State making Miami look like a model program? Sick bastards. Every single one of them, from JoePa all the way down to the vile molester himself.
  • Big shout-out to Curtis Beall who was featured on the jumbotron Saturday as the oldest living male cheerleader. Here is a link to his bookMemoirs of a Marine Dawg.
  • Lastly, another shout-out to Mike Moss for putting together the 1980Dawgs DVD signing at the Red Zone with Rex Robinson and Scott Woerner. It's not everyday a Dawg gets to meet a childhood hero.
And I'm pleased to pass along that Rex says he and Scott were able to bury the hatchet over the "Everyone hates kickers" commentIf you have seen the documentary and/or follow Rex on Twitter that'll make sense.

Bacon + Bourbon is my
winning formula
Saturday was a great day. Got to take the family to Athens, the kids rang the Chapel Bell for the first time and everything else went about as I hoped and predicted Saturday night. Thank you Hogs!

Unlike a drink that gets diluted as the ice melts towards the end, this season may have been diluted on the front end. But Coach Richt's team has stayed the course and slurped right through the unsavory beginnings. There is much work left to accomplish, but the winning formula is still there.

Play hard. Finish strong. Win. If everything goes accordingly, I'll give Heath his head gear back in Atlanta. 

Have a great Monday Reader. Fortify yourself on some forkloads of this meatloaf. There is much hate on this week's agenda.


Taking care of business

The business meme has worked all season. Why stop now...
Richt's Bulldogs ascended to the summit of the Southeastern Conference East Division standings Saturday night when South Carolina fell 44-28 at Arkansas. Georgia, which has not controlled its divisional destiny in November since last winning it in 2005, is alone in the East with a 5-1 league mark but faces longtime rival Auburn this week at Sanford Stadium.
"I know we all understand what's at stake and that we are in a better position now and that we do control our destiny," Richt said Sunday afternoon. "We've been fighting like mad from the moment South Carolina beat us, but the thing that has gotten us this far is, on a weekly basis, just trying to take care of business. Our focus has got to be for every man to do his job."
Auburn will be a big road block to Atlanta. I wouldn't mind hearing about some bad feelings breaking out in practice this week.

SEC Rewind - week 10

Yes Al, games 'tween the hedges are getting quite "prickly".

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Thoughts on coming home

Whoo! Pig! Sooooie!!!

Sun shining a little bit brighter this morning. Dawgs took care of business and the Hogs made slop out of the chickens. Steve in St. Simons probably didn't like the final score, But I liked the way we took a lesser opponent to the woodshed. The first quarter was a little sluggish (wasn't Harton's knee down before he lost that ball? Hard to tell but I thought so...anyway...) but the rest of the way it was total domination.

Some quick notes:

  • Over 600 yards of offense made it a fun game to watch. Lots of action.
  • Kickoff coverages were improved, obviously. Held them to 22 yards a return.
  • Harton went for a 100 then lost a couple. Impressive performance. Karempelis was no slouch either.
  • Nine (9) different receivers caught passes as Murray and Mason dissected the Aggie defense. Led by Conley's 126 yards.
  • Hedges took a beating from King and White on their touchdown catches. Luckily White was able to hurdle the xylophone. The Redcoats thank you sir.
  • We caused six fumbles and recovered two of them. That along with Rambo's interception help the players keep their beards yet another week.
And this is what Homecoming is all about, two #1's ringing the Chapel Bell for the first time...

Dawgs vs NMS highlights