Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tech: gameday edition

Keys to the game:
  1. Last year we won because of turnovers. This year we have the personnel to stop their vaunted rushing attack, most notably the dive play that tore us up a year ago. Stop the dive and make Washington eat dirt every play. Do those two things defensively and we can all but chalk this up as a victory...
  2. ...if we also protect the football.
  3. Find a running game. Was Crowell's injury serious enough to keep him out of yet another game? Is Richt desperate enough to run the football that he gives Thomas yet another chance? If neither of those two are an option, did Harton eat enough turkey to gain 4 inches and 50 pounds?
Different year, similar candles:
If you've been here reading my words for awhile you know that my birthday always falls around the end of hateweek. As a result I tend to have the same birthday wish each year. And for the last decade Coach Richt has helped me blow the crap outta those candles. In 2002 I actually hyperventilated all the way to a 34-0 halftime lead and needed an oxygen mask the rest of the way.

This year is a little different. I still want that win against Tech. Believe me, that's not a gift I'm ever going to ask for the return receipt. But I'd also like a whiff of Munson's victory cigar. Because then I'll know that we're going to the Dome next week as State Champions.

Have a great day Reader. If you're around North Avenue, look for me. I'll be the one barking in black.

Go Dawgs!

Friday, November 25, 2011

1980 Dawgs at The Varsity tomorrow

varsity.JPGFor Immediate Release:

The crew from "1980 Dawgs" will once again be joined by Georgia Football Legends, Scott Woerner, Rex Robinson and possibly other members of the 1980 team.  They will be at the Varsity on North Ave, before and after the game on Saturday where they will be meeting fans, signing copies of "1980 Dawgs" DVDs and talking Georgia football.  DVD copies will be available for purchase.   The "1980 Dawgs" movie ( ) has been getting great reviews.  It contains in-depth interviews with 27 players, coaches and media members from that season, combined with key game footage highlights of each game - a perfect gift for Bulldog fans, just in time for the holidays.

Details:  Where: The Varsity, North Ave., Atlanta.  When: This Saturday, 9:00 am - 11:30 am and right after the game for two hours.

Friday misery, chapter 11: nerdtroopers and linebacking warlocks

We've both eaten our weight in turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie. You're pretending to be useful from your la-z-boy while the wife celebrates Black Friday. Meanwhile I'm driving 450 miles amidst a chorus of Are we there yets?

We might as well be miserable together.

Nerd Alert!
They hate Munson even though their own play by play guy admired him. They pissed on Uga's grave. They're completely obsessed with the bigger, better and more balanced institution in Athens. They breed terrorists and have a flag boy. They smugly chastise Georgia for parking violations and scooter tickets while they cover up a $400 NCAA violation and use players who peddle drugs across the country. Their sororities are actually robotics clubs. Their stadium is the envy of nearly half of the arena league franchises. They scream that UGA is the "cesspool of the South", against the backdrop of Techwood crime rates and broken crack pipes. They brag about their wrambled wreck running over our mascot. They hire band members and cheerleaders to assemble with them. They this...

What do we do? Just win the game. 61. 39. 5.

Back away from your comparison, and no one gets hurt
You know what? I'm sick and damn tired of hearing you all belly ache about which game is more important. Someone feels it necessary to point out that Florida is an actual conference divisional foe. Then someone else has to point out that Tech is located in the state of Georgia. (Holy freakin shit! Thanks for that reminder!!!!1) Then the party of the high and almighty pipes in that WHAT GAME COULD POSSIBLY BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SECCG???!?

Would you all loosen your tighty whiteys a minute while I yell some knowledge into your ear hole? This....THIS! tackle football gentlemen. It's not whipped potatoes, they're mashed with Granny's holy masher and served piping hot, full of lumps and topped clumsily with gravy. It's also not "Atlanta journalism", where the yankee wearing glasses can hide behind his Johnson envy and spout off about how Crowell should maybe rest this Saturday.

Get a grip people!! You want Coach Richt to talk to his offensive line with that drivel coming out of his mouth? You think Grantham coddles his linebackers with that crap? NO! The most important game is the next one on the calendar. Period. You don't "rest" a player to "save" him for the next week. And you sure as hell don't worry about a game that is behind or in front of the next one.

It's Tech. Only Tech. Beat. Damn. Tech...period.

Finish like a Champion!
"He laughs at fear, afraid of nothing. He does not shy away from the sword. He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds."..."There are capabilities in each of us beyond what we think we can have."

When the great racehorse passed on at age 19, they discovered that his heart was roughly 2.75 times larger than the average horse and about 4 pounds larger than Secretariat's closest competitor Sham.

Who has more heart tomorrow Dawgs? Who has the Triple Crown heart and who has Sham's?

There's more where this came from Reader. Pick em up in the comments. See you tomorrow on North Avenue.

Go Dawgs!

ACC Fan Chart

Kids know bugs suck

Gabby is putting you on notice. You better get this cheer down tight before tomorrow.

h/t Nama

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

An annual tradition here at BDB that goes back nearly as far as the Pilgrims' first taste of maize. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving with your friends and family. May the tryptophan kick in just as the dishes need cleaning. (Just don't forget to open up that pants button before the turkey nap)

An please take this with every ounce of sincerity intended: I am truly thankful for your clicks and am honored to have you as a Reader. Now go get me a slice of pumpkin pie and a beer out of the ice chest.

On the air with Coach Richt

Coach Richt on preparations for Georgia Tech, rivalries and Tech's offense...among other things.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Nerdtastic Thoughts

In this post, Coach Johnson is still a johnson...running backs coming back?...and nerds hate superiority.

  • Tailback, smailback. Will Crowell play? Will Thomas play? I think we'll know more on Crowell after today's practice. As for Thomas, looks like I was wrong. He will probably play. If Crowell can get through practice today and into the the game Saturday, that would make a huge difference. If Thomas can play it means he can follow the rules for more than a week and would give us needed depth.
  • I know I've been off the grid for a couple days. But engiNerds hate Munson. And Kit. In related news, nerds being utter d-bags is not news.
  • At this point, I'm worried less about Munson being offended (truly, he's probably throwing a line out in St. Peter's Lake and laughing his ass off) than I am me punching someone in the nose and missing the game entirely.
  • You know, I've not always been on the same page with Coach Richt. But after listening to countless interviews and just about every radio call in show, I've never heard or seen him act as stupid as Coach Johnson. Stay classy, asshole.
  • That being said, of course the AJC would assume the caller would be a UGA fan. It's not like any Tech grad or student or fan could ever get so giddy on Mountain Dew that he would manage to pull off that prank. "Hello? Hello?"
Lastly, you can lead a nerd to a sorority, but that doesn't necessarily make him horny.

"Yes, of course that is a calculator
in my pocket."

Rivalry Week Trailer

Blood. Guts. Glory.

Mumme Poll - week twelve

  • Heavy SEC, sure. Why not?
  • Just outside, VA Tech, USC and I guess Houston. Why not?
  • On Friday night I thought this would finally be the week I got to leave Okie State where they should be, cold on the outside. But by ballot time I just wasn't able to.
  • Like I tweeted last Saturday night, college football is a glorious train wreck that I just can't turn away from. Can't wait to see next week's ballot and poll.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Munson Tribute video

From 1980Dawgs comes a new clip. If you are at all unfamiliar with the history of Larry Munson coming to UGA and his development into a Damn Good Dawg, you will truly enjoy this clip.

"He's just a real Dawg. He's an Erk Russell. A part of our program 
and will be forever."

It's easy to hate 3.0

Once again...

If a picture says a thousand words, this one is filled up with nerdasm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

...when the lifestyles vary so vastly.
  • We date members of the opposite sex. They game and have epic tickle piles.
  • We have the best damn mascot in sports. They blow up a huge bee and stick it in a corner.
  • We have a stadium that is sold out 6 Saturdays a season. They have a stadium that sells out once every two years, like clockwork.
  • We sneak bourbon past the gates to a football game on weekends. They ride trikes...competitively.
  • Our classes and dorms have girls. Their classes and dorms have blow up dolls.
  • Our student body parties any day that ends in Y. Their student body gets dizzy on Mountain Dew and does shit like this...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Munson: forever his words, eternally our picture

To grow up in Athens in the early 1980s you couldn't escape the Georgia Bulldogs. Herschel and Dooley's faces and names were plastered everywhere. Businesses all around town used the Junkyard Dawgs monicker or the Go you Silver Britches! to draw in dollars.

But it was one voice that I most closely identified with the football team. One man helped me Get the picture now! Television appearances were confined to just a couple games a season, so it was a small radio that brought college football to life for many fans. On Saturday afternoons I remember Larry's voice as easily as I remember recreating Scott Woerner's latest interception in the backyard.

Over the years Munson's calls created countless I was <insert location> when moments. Dawg fans always knew where the mute button was on their remote because there was only one voice that could measure up to the task at hand on Saturday afternoons. I still don't know how I didn't break our sofa as I danced upon it when Michael Johnson cradled 70XTakeoff in the corner of the endzone on the plains. TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! MY GOD A TOUCHDOWN!! He's encouraged me to hug perfect strangers in stadiums across the southeast and created endless discussion around my dinner table as my wife and I pass along favorite calls to our kids. He's running OVER people!

You can't hunker down one more time without giving Munson a direct shoutout. Thanks to him, millions of people know what the heck a hobnail boot is. Lindsay wouldn't have run nearly as fast if he hadn't broken that metal steel chair with a 5" cushion. It was Rex Robinson's field goal that beat Kentucky in 1978, but it was Munson that informed us the whatchamacallit had been kicked out of it. He sounded nearly giddy in Opelika when someone leaned around and threw their bourbon all over him. His cigar never tasted so sweet as it did in Jacksonville 1997, once he finally let Scott light the thing. 

No lead was ever safe and the clock was always in Old Lady Luck's pocket: tantalizingly slow with the possibility of a win, and blazing fast when we trailed late. Munson was always there to suffer with our Dawg hearts during the losses...and to lift them higher than we could possibly imagine with the wins.

His voice, our hearts...forever entwined. When outsiders say Larry Munson was the voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, true Dawg fans know that he always will be. Forty-two years underneath the headset is a drop in the bucket compared to the eternity in which he will be remembered. He was a living legend, and now he rests with those who've graced the field before himI don't wear my headphones in the stadium any longer. But I'll always carry his voice with me. It's as natural to me as a Georgia G

God bless you Larry Munson! Your voice will never be silenced.

Glory, Glory to ol' Georgia! Heroes have graced the field before you. Men with hearts, bodies and minds of which the entire Bulldog Nation can be justifiably proud.

A tradition of unbridled excellence demonstrated by these individuals and many others spans more than a full century.

And now a new breed of bulldog stands ready to take the field of battle, to assume the reins of their Georgia forebearers and continue that tradition, understanding that there is no tradition more worthy of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia.

As we prepare for another meeting between the hedges, let all of the Bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear red and black with two words, two simple words which express the sentiments of the entire Bulldog Nation.


Monday Morning Coffee, nerd stirred

Sorry. No meatloaf today. We're on the road spending some time with family. Gotta cram in about 500 miles, my own family and roughly 40 in-laws in 5 days so that we can be home in time to fully enjoy the annual tradition of beating the nerds of North Ave.

I've got plenty of hate lined up for this week. I hope you're ready to digest it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday's 7-1 Thoughts

Coach Richt, congrats. Helluva season in the SEC East this year. They can blather on and on about this being a "down" year, but if you go 9-0 post-chickens and finish conference play've done a tremendous job.

Other ponderings:
  • I don't care about LSU. Don't care about Bama. And I don't care about Arkansas.
  • Safe to say some tailbacks don't read my blog. Thomas was worried so little about Kentucky that he came up with a "personal reason" to not play. We've likely seen the last of him.
  • Could've been big day for Crowell. Tough luck again.
  • Offense definitely came down a few notches against the Cats. But hard to blame Bobo when he toggles between a former walk-on and Boo as his tailback. Plus there were some great play calls where Murray and/or the receiver just didn't make the play.
  • There truly are no more words for this defense. What can be said that hasn't been said already? Jarvis Jones is one of the greatest players I've watched 'tween the hedges. And that's saying something.
  • What's that you say? Special teams would carry the team to the 2011 SEC East banner? Well, of course. Who didn't see that coming?
  • Nice to see Walsh have a big day. Coverage teams continued to swarm and swallow up ball carriers. Cootie laid some more wood. So, in a word...solidly stellar.
That's all good. Now the not so much. Disappointed in the fans showing up late for our seniors. And disappointed in the empty student seats. I know the last couple seasons were sub-par and down right bad. But we can be better than this Dawg fans. Much better.

In the end this game showed us all what happens when a team hears all week that it's awesome and might even beat an SEC West gargantuan. The game itself was actually a lot like 2009, except Kentucky didn't have a playmaker like Cobb yesterday and Willie Martinez was several states away.

Bottom line - I love watching this team. On Thursday I'll give thanks for many things. Somewhere on the list will be that I have an extra chance to do just that on December 3rd, 2011.

Go Dawgs!

Kentucky Video Recap

Al Keck recaps the win against Kentucky.

Highlights from yesterday's action.