Saturday, December 3, 2011

LSwho: gameday edition

The keys to the game (most of which have been stated numerous times for nearly a week):
  • Run the ball. At least enough to open up passing lanes for Murray and his receivers. We can move the ball against this defense as long as there are serviceable yards gained on the ground.
  • Protect the ball. It's really the key to every game. But when you play a team like LSU it becomes vitally important. Win the turnover margin by 1 and we have a chance. Win it by 2+ and we might just steal this thing.
  • Be more special. LSU's special teams stats are unreal. They've allowed SIX TOTAL YARDS ALL SEASON on punt returns. That's one example. That Mathieu kid averages over 13 yards per return. This game seems to favor a defensive battle. If it plays out that way, then we have to maintain field position by protecting the kicks against returns.
And now Shirley Q. Liquor with the LSU fight song! (h/t Dawgtoons)

SECCG - press conferences

In case you missed them on my live feed, here are Coach Richt and Coach Miles' pre-game press conferences in total. Don't forget, RIGHT AFTER the game you can CLICK HERE to get the post-game press conferences on the BDB Video Zone.*

*In case you are deep into the bourbon handle, you can just set your brain to go to the BerniesDawgBlawg main page and click on the SEC Video Zone page around the time the confetti stops falling around Coach Richt. Go Dawgs!

Your morning WTF? moment...

..Tulane smokes crack y'all.
Running backs coach Curtis Luper has interviewed at UAB and Florida Atlantic and receivers coach Trooper Taylor is in the mix at Tulane. 

Former Bulldogs Support CHRIS Kids at Allstate SEC Good Works Day

A group of former University of Georgia football stars joined representatives from the Southeastern Conference and Allstate Insurance to lend their hands to charity as part of the third annual Allstate SEC Good Works Day in Atlanta on Dec. 1.

Planned in conjunction with Hands on Atlanta, the community service initiative benefitted CHRIS Kids, a local organization that provides safe and stable living environments and offers mental health services for children and families.

A pair of former All-American offensive linemen, brothers Matt and Jon Stinchcomb, teamed with former Bulldog quarterbacks David Greene and D.J. Shockley, defensive lineman Quentin Moses, defensive back Kelin Johnson, and several volunteers from Allstate and the SEC, including SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, to wrap holiday gifts, prepare lunches, paint murals and landscape the grounds at the CHRIS Kids facility on Fayetteville Road.
The Georgia football alumni share a unique bond in that all six players were selected to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team during their college careers for their commitment to service and volunteerism.  Since the national award began in 1992, no conference has had more student athletes named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team than the SEC.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive was also on hand at the event and spoke to the volunteers about the SEC and Allstate’s shared commitment to making a difference in the community.

Friday, December 2, 2011

SEC Championship Game - Are You Ready?

Friday misery, chapter 12: from MARTA train to ENERGY BUS

Where are we? Right where we should be! Aimed for the Georgia Dome the first Saturday of December. It's been six long years, but Coach Richt has the energy buses fired up. As we stood waiting on those MARTA trains late September 3rd, who knew we'd be bouncing back down the connector towards downtown Atlanta?

To quote the legend: I gave up. You did too. We were out of it and gone. Miracle!

Over here Betty Sue! Over here!
Tailback Who?
I know it. You know it. Let's say it together: We need our freshman RB on the goshdamn field tomorrow. But judging from the change in Coach Richt's demeanor Wednesday evening once reporters asked him about the tailbacks, even he doesn't know if his star tailback is gonna play more than the token snap or two. It was like the freshman had held that puppy up once more and the little teat sucker had pissed in the head man's hot chocolate. Damn son.

When it comes to running backs in silver britches Saturday there are two things that are certain: 1. DICKSAM4 won't be playing and 2. there will be a lot of drama as to who actually is playing, down to down. And that just frustrates the everlovin' shit out of me. We need #1's talent to have a fighter's chance. He'll definitely start. But given recent history, we can certainly expect to rely on Malcome, Thomas, Harton...Zander...the water girl...into the 4th quarter. You know, when the game tends to be on the line. And the championship could be in the balance.

You get to Atlanta in early December, you have to want the football. You have to want it worse than ol Grizzard wanted Kathy Sue Loudermilk to pucker up under the grit tree. Damn stright! That bad. 

Cuz ya see I'm on
a WINNING streak!
I've got three words for you Mr. Green Jersey: Prove. Us. Wrong.

Wife says I have thin lips. But right now they feel fat and ready to rock. So much so I feel like struttin'.

I THOUGHT I would be satisfied last weekend by finishing the season off with a (ho-hum) win over our in-state non-rivalrous pimple pushers. I THOUGHT I would just cruise into this little SEC championship all relaxed and stress free. I THOUGHT my college football hunger would be satiated.

Wrong. We're at the end of the season and I only want more. We're down to one game, a month layoff and then the bowl game. It's practically friggin' over people!!! On September 3rd as I finally boarded MARTA headed north I couldn't wait for this day to come. Then the sucker punch that was the Carolina game only intensified my hatred for the 2011 tackle football season. Now...after 10 wins in a row...I wanna punch December in the nose. Get the hell out of here! Take down the tree and send the mall Santas back home. I don't want to feel jolly. I want to see the team come from the tunnel again. I want another trumpet in the southwest corner. Dare I say...I want to go back to Jax.

Don't tell me how white my shirts can be. Lester can't be a man cuz he doesn't smoke the same cigars as me. He chews grass. I can't get no Capital One Bowl. I want some sUGAr honey! 

Pucker up Kathy Sue!

Go Dawgs!

Santa's lap was in Athens last night

Did anyone get their wish list in his ear?

h/t AthensHomerDawg

L...S...WHO gave these students a YouTube account?

Considering the disaster that was "Party in the UGA" the previous not to be named song parody/motivational UGA video*, this is...not as embarrassing....??

Not to pick any nits, but two immediate things jump out: 1) it's LSWho, not L S U Who?...and 2) could our president's belt buckle be any higher above his waistline? 

*I was reprimanded yesterday on Twitter for mentioning the name of the song/video. As if it's my fault Prez Adams gives each incoming student unlimited WiFi and a free YouTube account.

1980 Dawgs...Dome Bound!

"1980 Dawgs" with Scott Woerner at SEC Championship Festivities

The crew from "1980 Dawgs" and UGA Football legend, Scott Woerner will be participating in the SEC Championship Festivities in Atlanta this Friday and Saturday.   Scott Woerner, and possibly other 1980 Dawgs, will be signing autographs, taking photos and talking with fans.  Georgia fans have really enjoyed getting to know Scott at Bulldogs' events this season.  The "1980 Dawgs" DVDs will be on sale and is a great time to buy them and have them autographed for holiday gifts.

Where: Across from Centennial Olympic Park at the corner of Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive.  Look for the big Sports Mania tents and their SEC team flags.  We will be in or right next to the Sports Mania tents.

When: Friday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 am.

More Info:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SEC Today - 12/1/11

Hannah Chalker gets things set for the SEC festivities this weekend. She also explains how a fan can earn tickets just by following SECSportsUpdate on Twitter.

LSU blogging board material

A lot has been made about players talking with excessive bravado. Thought I'd provide some links to some things I've been reading from and about the bayou.

  • If you've been hoping that LSU might be overlooking the game Saturday, Poseur from And the Valley Shook gives a lot of good reasons what they are not.
  • Kevin has a Q&A with another LSU based blog Saturday Night Slant where they discuss some keys to the game and other important points.
  • And if reading printed word isn't enough, ecdawg and Socrates have a little chat with Kris Brauner of Saturday Night Slant as well.
If you've got links to anything else, you can share them in the comments. 

Lil Dooley's Camp Run Amok

UT radio personality Tony Basilio lights a fire under Derek Dooley's football program with his post yesterday*. And while it reads like an inflammatory piece desperate for attention, given how things have played out with the program recently and Bray and Rogers in particular, it's pretty easy to smell the gasoline on your own. (*this website doesn't seem to allow specific links to posts, so if you can't find it look for A Look Inside UT's Program Enter With Caution)

On Bray and Rogers as cancerous cells:
Many were wondering what the outgoing seniors were talking about when they were mentioning younger guys concerned with their own agendas. Well, two guys they were definitely referring to are Tyler Bray and Da Rick Rogers. 

Try this on for size: During the week of the Vandy game, Bray was asked in front of several upperclassmen by a member of the training staff if he completed a cursory workout exercise to which Bray shot back in the earshot of all ‘No. Not really. And I’m not going to do it. Why should I? Besides we’re only going to a shitty bowl game anyway.’ Sources tell me that the upperclassmen who heard this exchange were so incensed that they went to Derek Dooley who shrugged it off and did nothing about it. Another source told me that ‘Dooley shrugs several things off including the way Rogers back talks to everybody he possibly can.’ (More on this later).

This is apparently par for the course with Bray’s leadership or lack thereof on the football team.
Basilio then goes on to explain how Bray "freelances" on offense, basically running whatever plays he wants or can draw up in the huddle. And how Rogers chastises his own coaches and position mates. 

But he's not done there. He takes one last jab before signing off:
On the Kentucky game…..According to Randy Sanders off the record (got this through a couple folks who talked with him in the aftermath of the game), Tennessee let a QB beat them Saturday who was installed on Wednesday of game week as the starter. Sanders told one friend of mine in town that their converted WR had two full practices at QB and only ran 6 total plays. If this isn’t the bottom, what is?
Not to glance over the fact that Basilio is using off the record sources, but the fact that one of the worst teams in the league could get by with 6 plays from a converted WR that was put in the pocket last Wednesday should be enough to make Derek take a long look in the mirror.

And not just at his hair. 

Prodigal Hale returns

the Great Hale...@Philled_In...Cheesesteak...the dude with the Coach Richt curse...

Whatever you want to call him, he's returned from his lavish, cheez-wizzy lifestyle up north to take in the SEC Championship game and hang out with the dudes at the DawgPost. When he left us he was impersonating Knowshon, now he's back to give his outside perspective on the big game.
If UGA keeps it close on Saturday, it'll be something of an upset. But it won't be half as surprising as how far they've come in the two years since I left.
Even if LSU loses, they're still the best team in the country. That's how good they've been in 2011, and that's a far cry from where they were when I last wrote about them.
Maybe they'd be here with new coaches, too. Alabama and Auburn certainly proved that model works.
But after spending the last 18 months surrounded by change, I can't help but find some comfort in knowing that Georgia and LSU stayed the course and were rewarded handsomely for their patience.
It's easy to look ahead and see where the grass appears greener -- or, in Les Miles' case, more flavorful -- but there’s a certain beauty in trusting in what you’ve already got. 
God I've missed that guy. Just hope his dreaded curse gets lost somewhere before baggage claim.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

BONUS - Fletcher says Hale's band is playing Wild Bill's tomorrow night...if you need a new drug.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AD Alleva addresses LSU eligibility questions

LSU AD Joe Alleva addressed the questions surrounding some football players academic eligibility today as questions swirl about Jarrett Lee's status.
“Despite media and message board speculation, no LSU student-athletes have been declared ineligible for post-season competition.  The current semester is not complete and finals are still ahead, so it is grossly unfair to our student-athletes and it is both premature and irresponsible to speculate on the final grades and postseason eligibility of our student-athletes.”
 via Scott Rabalais

SEC Today - 11/30/11

Host Kraig Kann fills you in on all the week's SEC action including the SECCG, hoops action and volleyball.

SECCG - Welcome to Atlanta

LSU and Georgia get ready to put on a final show for the best conference in the nation.

BCS Circus Acts: Dawgs juggle, Tigers roar

LSU. Bama....the rematch.

It's what everyone is talking about. Meanwhile, lil ol' Georgia just keeps plodding along on the cold practice fields and streets of Athens. UGA is officially the side act in the circus that is the BCS. We're the painted faces that distract the patrons just long enough so that the main attractions - the tigers and the elephants - can take their places, momentarily away from the spotlight. But not too far.

Nice hardware for a season at the circus
Then the big light swings back and the experts talking suits and d-bags go back to the task at hand - justifying their own previous blunders and directing the BCS voters. 

Perhaps it's the team that's been working like hell over there in the corner that pulls the upset Saturday. While people talk about the Dawgs' schedule being full of clowns, the team just keeps out juggling them. Convincingly. Maybe Coach Richt and his Dawgs aren't satisfied with just the crumbs the Honey Badger's nastyass leaves. 

What then, huh? Well, ESPN et al would suggest that "THE REMATCH" is still the best matchup of the most deserving teams. I might give them best matchup, but most deserving...? The governor of Tennessee can't rule the entire country. But the President of the United States can damn sure send the National Guard into Knoxville and tell them to stop kissing their sisters so firmly.

My point is, I still believe being a conference champion means something. People make a big deal about being in the SEC for good reason: it's the best damn football on the planet. take the good with the bad. If you're not good enough to win Saturday...if you can't beat little ol Georgia...the team with the coach whose hotseat is still steaming from the Powerade bath getting dumped on it...well, I'm sorry. You're not good enough to win your conference, you're not good enough to run for President.

If that leaves us with Virginia Tech and Houston, or Oklahoma State and Oregon. So be it. The BCS is a mess anyway. We're used to having seasons where the best team isn't necessarily crowned. Does the best man always win the race for the Oval Office? Is the clown sometimes a more entertaining part of the show than the bengal?

There are years when being the SEC Champion is more privileged and honorable than being BCS king. It wouldn't bother me if this were one of them. Not a bit.

Viva le Tardits!

Pardon me a moment, but some of you old timers will get a kick out of this as well.

I try and check to see where some of you people are coming from every now and then. Yesterday I found an unusual visitor. I've had stray foreigners come by before, like Tadcaster Man. But I got a real chuckle when a frenchman searched "Richard Tardits", clicked on a Google Translate link for "GATA Richard Tardits"...and then found my little space here.

Who's up for a road trip? California is near France right? We could swing by Terry Hoage's vineyard and grab some wine. I'll bring a rugby book to study up on their rules.

I luvs zee Bernie'z Dawg Blawg.

UGA Legends team up with SEC Good Works Team

Georgia Bulldog Football Legends Team with Allstate, Southeastern Conference to Support CHRIS Kids on Allstate SEC Good Works Day

Atlanta, GA
Broadcast / Print Interview Opportunities
Third annual community project will feature SEC Commissioner Mike Slive as volunteers donate their time to Atlanta-based youth services organization

WHO:                                       Prior to the 2011 SEC Football Championship, a group of former University of Georgia and Allstate American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team® members will join employees from Allstate and the Southeastern Conference, including commissioner Mike Slive, in a community service project at CHRIS Kids in Atlanta.

Former Bulldog offensive lineman and current SEC Network analyst Matt Stinchcomb is scheduled to participate and is available to discuss the event during in-studio or phone media interviews that morning.  Other Georgia football alumni to attend include Jon Stinchcomb, David Greene, D.J. Shockley and Kelin Johnson. 

WHAT:                                      Planned in conjunction with Hands On Atlanta, Allstate SEC Good Works Day is a third annual community service initiative featuring volunteers from Allstate, the SEC and former Allstate AFCA Good Works Team® members to support CHRIS Kids, a non-profit organization that provides safe and stable living environments and offers mental health services for children.

Volunteer activities will include painting murals, landscaping, preparing meals and holiday gift wrapping.  As a proud sponsor of the SEC, Allstate will present Hands On Atlanta with a donation check at the event on Thursday.

Since 1992, the Good Works Team® has recognized college football players who stand out for their commitment to serving others. The SEC has had more players selected to the team (54) than any other conference in the award’s 20-year history.

Before the two best teams in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) square off in downtown Atlanta for the 2011 SEC Football Championship, Allstate Insurance Company, the SEC and a group of dedicated former college football players will lend their helping hands to charity as part of the third annual “Allstate SEC Good Works Day” in Atlanta on Dec. 1, 2011.

Former University of Georgia football players Matt Stinchcomb, Jon Stinchcomb, David Greene, D.J. Shockley and Kelin Johnson will join a combined team of Allstate employees and Atlanta-area agents as well as SEC staff, including SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, to volunteer at a local youth services organization. The project is in conjunction with Hands On Atlanta.

The Bulldog football alumni participating in the community project share a unique bond in that during their playing days at Georgia, they all were selected to the Allstate American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Good Works Team®, a prestigious national award honoring college football players for their commitment to volunteerism. 

"Southeastern Conference student-athletes perform acts of kindness in the community all year," said SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. "We are excited to be in Atlanta and working with Allstate and the American Football Coaches Association for 'Allstate SEC Good Works Day'."

In September, Allstate and the AFCA announced the 22 student-athletes selected to the 2011 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®. In the 20-year history of the award, no conference has had more student-athletes named to the Good Works Team® than the SEC, which has featured 54 players on the team. 

Matt Stinchcomb, a two-time All-American offensive lineman at Georgia and current SEC Network television analyst, also serves as voting panelist for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team®.  

“Now in its third year, it’s great to see this event build momentum here in my hometown while underscoring the importance of supporting local charities, especially those that provide positive resources for young people,” said Stinchcomb.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SEC Today - 11/29/11

You'll hear from both Coach Richt and Coach Miles as Hannah Chalker fills us in on the upcoming SECCG. Includes highlights from the two previous meetings in 2003 and 2005.

Dead Winter decisions

I remember cursing the snow that deadlocked Georgia for most of a week last January. Turns out it had its benefits this Fall.
Brandon Boykin would not be on the Georgia football team this season if it hadn't been for a well-timed snowstorm last year.

The Georgia senior cornerback and special teams star said on Tuesday that "I kind of had my mind made up at one point" to  pro after last season. But when he returned to Athens for a team meeting, the snow and ice storm struck the area.

“I got stuck here for a couple days. And just over those couple days I started talking to coach and all the coaches and started thinking of things," Boykin said. "I felt it was kind of a sign from God.”
I'll buy a snow shovel if it's necessary to keep these guys in Athens an extra year or two.

Murray wants to be a hardware hound

From this you'd have trouble classifying Aaron Murray as a stat geek. But it's clear he wants the hardware.
“Championships is all that matters,” Murray said. “When people talk about stats or this and that, I think the biggest stat is how many championships you’ve won. My goal is to win a few while I’m here and my first opportunity is this weekend."
Although he had some head scratchers, you'd have trouble arguing over his performance against Tech as anything but impressive. 19-29 for 252 and 4 TDs. Still, he's his own most ardent critic.
“I told him after the Tech game, ‘You’re just killing it right now,’ ” said Shockley, who talks to Murray by phone about every week. “After we were talking about it for a while, he came back and was like ‘There’s so many more I missed. It could be 40.’ That tells you what kind of guy he is and what’s he’s thinking. That’s not enough. He’s a perfectionist kind of guy. You’ve got to love that from a quarterback.” 
As it should be, Saturday will be the biggest test for Murray and his teammates. And his performance then is ultimately part of how he will be measured up against the likes of Greene and Shockley. And it sounds like #11 is fine with that.

Livestream schedule for SECCG

The SEC Digital Network will have a few livestreams set up for the SEC Championship Game weekend. The schedule is below, and as always you can catch them on the SEC Video Zone page RIGHT HERE at BDB.

·         Friday, Dec. 2 – 2011 SEC Coaches Luncheon
Join LSU head coach Les Miles and UGA head coach Mark Richt live from the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta. This popular event, which begins at noon EST, signifies the official start of the SEC Championship weekend festivities.
·         Friday, Dec2 – Championship Pre-Game Press Conference
Live coverage of the Les Miles and Mark Richt press conferences from the Georgia Dome, slated to begin at approximately 1:30 p.m. EST.
·         Saturday, Dec. 3 – Championship Post-Game Press Conference 
Watch immediately following the game for instant player and coach reaction in the post-game press conferences with both teams.

SECCG Teleconferences - Georgia

Brandon Boykin

Jarvis Jones

Aaron Murray

SECCG Teleconferences - LSU

Will Blackwell

Morris Claiborne

Brandon Taylor

Monday, November 28, 2011

SEC Today - 11/28/11

Hannah Chalker fills us in on all the weekend's SEC football action.

Miles to Michiganagain???

Have you heard...

Monday's Meatloaf - playing for a title, in the junkyard

LSU, the expected stalwart
Georgia, phoenix that rose from 0-2

Or are we still rising? Last week I had a distinct problem with fans who were already thinking about the SECCG before the regular season's business was done. This week I'm sure I'll eventually grow weary already pissed off at those of you deadset on a Dawgs' loss this Saturday. Before Les Miles' collection of corndogs even qualified for the game some of you people were ready to get all steamy in the backseat with the bayou bengals.

Jarvis likes his honey badgers with sUGAr.
"They're just too good. If we played ten times we'd lose all of them." "LSU is in a league that only Bama can compete in." "They play a different brand of football down there. And they'll be even faster in the Dome."

LSU is the best team I've seen all season. But they haven't tried to cover our dynamic freshman trio: Bennett, Mitchell and Conley. And they sure as hell haven't had a chance to hold Jarvis Jones like 12 other teams have. So shut your piehole and stop listening to these "national media elite". Dumbasses.

You know what gives less of a shit than a honey badger? A team with nothing to lose. You think these Dawgs feel any ounce of pressure from fans who never in our wildest dreams thought we'd be back in the Dome three months to the day after walking out? These Dawgs don't have their backs against a wall, just happy to be mentioned in the same breath as Lesticles' minions. No, they're out in the junkyard taking on all comers.

So don't come down to Atlanta or flip on the tv Saturday just thrilled to take a loss and pick up a New Years Day bowl invite. Back in September you wanted a better team to cheer for. Well, you've got one. And their names are the Georgia Bulldogs.

Today's Ingredients
Yo! Adrian, Motel Six is one big dude.
  • Someone starts whining to you about "strength of schedule", just walk away. Unless they're a Dawg fan then punch them in the mouth and tell em Bernie said Hi
  • On September 10th we were 0-2. Today, we're 10-2. All. That. Matters.
  • The big game this week brings a different schedule. Legge gets you ready for all of it.
  • As usual, I agree with everything Kimberley types.
  • Statistically speaking, I think we match up pretty well with LSU. Except for special teams, which have improved in recent weeks. That's why Jarvis' quotable here ("If we don't give away points, there's no way they can beat us.") makes sense to me. [UPDATE: ecdawg kinda kills my #5 total defense buzz with this in-depth stat comparison post.]
  • Looking for that one piece that really sets the table nicely for the big game Saturday? Weiszer obliges.
  • Streit's use of this Rocky quote reminded me of a preseason post. "That's how winning is done!"
  • Another win and another stat watch update from the Senator.
  • State troopers not only fist bump well, but ecdawg finds that they make good tackles too.
  • Lots of delicious schadenfraude from DavetheDawg
  • And PWD not only finds misery on the flats, but also in the swamp.
  • I'm confused Coach Boom. Is being soft the same as sucking?
  • Lastly, another dude bringing the Bernie name down gets fired. Good riddance. And Doyel thinks Syracuse shouldn't stop with Fine.
One more word of caution to you naysayers. Remember what happened the last time LSU came into the SEC Championship Game as world beaters against little ol' Georgia? Beatdown, Shockley style!

Miles is 1-2 against Richt. So I'm sticking with the thought of Lesticles getting Richtified again this Saturday. 

To this date, LSU has earned two things: an SEC West championship and a double digit spread in the SECCG. They may very well go on to the MNC game and start Mardi Gras early. Who knows. But I do know there's a reason they actually play the games. Otherwise we wouldn't have bothered boarding the buses and heading over to North Avenue this past weekend. 

Chew on that a bit Reader. There's lots more to hunker down this week.


Injury updates - Tyson, Crowell and Samuel

Some updates on players that are at the top of Courson's list.
  • DeAngelo Tyson. Not going to play Saturday. Was on crutches after the game and definitely won't be able to practice today or most of the week. This sucks, especially the way he went down. But luckily the senior will get one last game in a bowl somewhere.
  • Isaiah Crowell. Should definitely play. The good news is that he'll be on the practice field today (or wherever they end up practicing due to inclement weather) and that means that, barring a setback, he'll be ready to play Saturday. The better news is we've managed well without his legs. But they sure would help against this defense we'll see this weekend.
  • Richard Samuel IV. Sounds questionable, but you're telling me there's a chance! Nevertheless, DICK Sam 4's chances at playing are probably better than Lloyd's chances with Mary, but I doubt even the coaches could put a percentage on it until he actually gets out there and practices. Courson still has to assess his post-surgery progress.

SECCG Teleconferences - Richt and Miles

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday's Thoughts from WalMart

Sanderlin, AJC
Coming out this winter..."Paul Johnson, WalMart Cop". (rated PG-13 for chop blocks and full moobidity). It's direct to DVD, so look for it in the camping section. Next to the fish fry equipment.

Some of the people seen at Bobby Dodd: MortonUGA, Sonny Seiler, the Wolfe man, Fred Gibson, Brett Bawcum, Hester's IPAs...Al Groh posing as a WalMart greeter.

A smattering of thoughts:
  • Just like basketball!!!
  • I'll admit that I did not see it going that way. Especially as word started to spread that Crowell was again a game time decision. More on that later.
  • I mean, how could we possibly win without a running game? I thought our defense would defend Tech's option attack well, which they did. But you need to be able to run the ball to beat Tech. And we had Thomas....and Malcome.
  • Speaking of which, another great game for Bobo. I'm losing count of the number of games he has taken a seat in the booth without his starting tailback. Yet still pwns the opposing defense.
  • We had six different rushers, adding up to 128 total yards. Just enough to keep Tech honest while Murray went to work on their secondary.
  • Back to Malcome, he really went to work. Looked a little jittery getting his first start, but was tough to bring down as we worked on the clock. Good to see. 
  • The general rule of thumb for the triple option is to stop the dive, contain/hit the QB and then stop the pitchman. If you don't stop the dive play it makes for a long day. I thought Jenkins was a difference maker compared to last year when we were continually gashed up the middle. And once we got up by two scores we really just had to hold them at arm's length.
  • Once you force Johnson into throwing the ball, you've all but won the game. Washington is good in that system but certainly wasn't going to beat us with his arm. 
  • I really think my off season point of focus is going to be on fan laziness. But when you sit in Bobby Dodd you realize we don't have it as bad at Sanford. I mean, at least our students get there before halftime. Tech's students evidently had a robotic calendar conflict. Or their trikes were in the shop.
  • It's LSU week Reader! Who saw that coming back in September?
One faint yet definitive scent found walking out of Bobby Dodd...Munson's cigar. Rest peacefully, you Damn Good Dawg.

Videos, pics from the Flats

Some pics and videos I took yesterday. Not surprisingly, Dawg fans represented well on the road and the Redcoats kicked some ass.

Missed most of what they played, but according to Brian it is the Tech band's tradition to scurry around the stadium and sneak up on opposing fans and play a tune at them. Nerds.

Beginning of the 4th quarter.

After the game Aron White took the honor of leading the band.

I'll try and have some more posted later. Lastly, here's the team bus passing the Bernie mobile heading east on State Champions.

Tech beatdown: recap and highlights