Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jarvis not just talking the talk

Months ago he said he wasn't interested in entering the NFL early. It was music to Dawg fans ears, but we still waited with bated breath to see if a mid season quote was still in his heart at season's end.

Well, no real surprise that Jarvis wasn't just pumping sunshine.
Outside linebacker Jarvis Jones, a third-year sophomore and consensus All-American, said “there’s no reason” for him to send in paperwork since he had long decided to return.
“I love being here,” Jones said. “I love the guys I play with. I love my coaches. I don’t think I’m ready to let that go yet.”
Meanwhile, SEC linemen could use a tissue to dry their tears. On the upside they have several more months to practice their holding, cuz even that didn't always work to contain #29.


Only a few more hours until the 2011 Bowl Season officially kicks off. Here's the original post with link and password. "It's not over til you pin ya father!"

Bowl Pool, to benefit the Human Fund

It's the Second Annual Festivus4theDawgNus Bowl Pool. Frank's gotten the pole out of the crawl space and George is crying over his cassette tapes. The only thing you need is the following info:

Link to group's page
password - "thestrike"

Entry is free, but donations are generously accepted. All benefits to be given to The Human Fund. For Twitter updates on the pool, follow me here and/or Darren the Intern there. Winner gets a year's worth of free fake donuts from H&H Bagels.

If you have no clue what all this means, perhaps this clip can catch you up.


For my Spanish speaking readers, here it is translatedUsted tiene un sistema de creencias fascinante. 

Stuff that stocking, Dawggy style!

For all of you over zealous Holiday shoppers, please continue on your merry way. Nothing to see here...go on! Run along!

Now, the rest of you are like me I guess. Waiting until the last minute to get that shopping done. So after yesterday's post on Burns' book I thought I'd help us all out by listing some items that are high on my list.

  • 1980 Dawgs DVD set. Here's my review and here's a link to their website. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THIS as part of your collection. A must, trust me.
  • Belue to Scott. Here's my review and here's a link to the website. Also a MUST HAVE whether you lived through the 1980 season or you've simply heard about it in stories and Munson replays.
  • Munson Bobbleheads - is there a better way to remember the great Larry Munson than to have him sitting on your desk whenever you need that pick me up? You can get it at Glory Glory stores as well as other places.
  • Anything from Amazon - I've heard the guys at From Hedges to Hardwood shamelessly plug their Amazon tab on their podcasts. Figured I might as well do the same. If you're ever buying anything from the seemingly all inclusive website, why not use my button over there on the right and allow Amazon to cut me a commission? Especially if it's something as snazzy as a Kindle Fire!!
While you're shopping for your favorite Dawg, go ahead and buy yourself one of these items too. Or wait and see if it makes its way into your stocking. And if it doesn't, you can just gift them to yourself. It'll be another Festivus Miracle!!

BotW: bar trick

Today's trick, bottle opening greenbacks. Don't try this at home kids...

If you do try this at home, some advice from a guy that failed: use a one, not a twenty.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mike Davis impressed, so what's that mean?

Richt and McClendon are pressing hard ($$) for Stephenson running back Mike Davis to sign with the Dawgs in February. This comes after Keith Marshall committed last week, Davis de-committed from Florida and UGA jumped into the thick of things.

Yesterday Davis was on campus to watch practice and talk with the coaches and players. Sounds like things went pretty well.
When asked to rate Thursday’s trip on a scale of 1-10, Davis said, “I’d give it a 10. I was really impressed. They really showed that they wanted me, they really need running backs, and I think I could fit in very well in their offense. It was good visit, they want me to come back for an official visit, and I’m planning on going back there on Jan. 28.”
After arriving on campus, Davis attended a meeting between UGA assistant Bryan McClendon and the team’s running backs. When practice started, Davis said he spent the entire session next to coach Mark Richt.
“It was just Mark Richt and me for the whole practice,” Davis said. “He wanted me to get a good feel for practice and the team, and see how they get after it. He talked to me about the running backs, how they really needed running backs, and if I came there that I would have the opportunity to play right away. He just made it very clear that they need running backs, and they want me.”
Georgia's decision to get back into things with Davis once he soured on Florida brings several things to mind. It's impossible to overlook the fact that we currently have three scholarship backs who spent at least one game on the sidelines for disciplinary reasons. Will all three be back in 2012? Given our luck at the running back position recently it's hard to feel too good about seeing all three return.

The other thing that comes to mind is another top running back we've been recruiting in Todd Gurley. Like Marshall, he's from North Carolina and there's been a lot of talk that the two would end up on the same campus. That seems very unlikely now. Gurley likes home state favorites UNC and NC State. He's also being courted heavily by Clemson.

Davis looks like he'll make his official visit to Athens in January. The recruitment of Gurley and Davis is going to be an interesting one to watch.

2012 opener in Columbia...Missouri...??

Belue to Scott!

Looking for that special gift? Or perhaps you need to drop a last minute idea on someone for yourself.

Let me suggest Belue to Scott! by Robbie Burns. You can grab this book directly from the website and probably other retailers as well. From reading the acknowledgments and the introduction it is clear this has been a labor of love for Robbie. And believe me, you'll reap the rewards from his efforts as soon as you open it.

I received my copy just as news broke of Munson's passing. So reading his foreward to the book was both eerie, as well as comforting. And since the book itself centers on the championship season's signature play that became Munson's signature call, it is full of quotes and memories that made the reading especially satisfying these last few weeks.

In many ways this book is a must have for the reasons that the 1980 Dawgs DVD is. It is full of quotes, anecdotes and recollections that even the most avid fan is sure to enjoy. Like I said after I watched the DVDI can say the same thing about this Book.  They both provide so much more than I anticipated. I didn't go into reading it believing that I knew all there was to know about the 1980 Georgia-Florida game, but I thought I thought I had a pretty good handle on the history. 

However, Burns doesn't type it as a history lesson. He gives it the proper stage and let's the memories, articles and quotes do their magic. His research is exhaustive; he left no stone unturned when preparing for the task of capturing the excitement of one singular play that meant so much to one singular season.

I hope it finds its way under your tree this Christmas. If it doesn't, do wait for it to show up next year. Grab one of these asap.

Beer of the Week - Cold Mountain Winter Ale

I had intended to finish a write up on another winter ale I tried recently. But yesterday I grabbed a growler of Highland's Cold Mountain and plans quickly changed.

I've heard people talk adoringly about this beer before. I was only mildly curious at first, but then last week I found myself rushing to my local growler fill* because I had read he was tapping a keg of it. Unfortunately he was only promoting it for the following week and I had conveniently skipped over the date. I attempted to talk him into tapping it a little early for me but I failed miserably. But the wait was worth it. I even came away with a free glass! 

Enough of that, onto the tasting. The color is a rich amber and the head was nice and frothy. I didn't catch much with the nose but the taste is a joy to the taste buds. Now let me come clean, I'm a sucker for vanilla. And this is a beautiful blend of malt, vanilla, some hops and spices. I get a good bit of alcohol on the back end, enough to make me think "Well, that's not going to be good." But then it finished really smoothly with some more vanilla and a hint of hoppy bitterness.

Now, one thing I've been trying to do more of with these winter ales and stouts is let them sit and warm up some. The tastes usually benefit you for your patience. The first glass I had of Cold Mountain went pretty quickly beside the grill. But the second glass I forced myself to enjoy slowly. And the warmer this one gets the more the vanilla mellows into the spices for me. I don't know that it's better, just different.

And that's what I like about winter ales. Their character mellows some and changes a bit as it "ages" in your glass. I give Cold Mountain high marks. It went really well with my steak and sweet potatoes. It also went well standing alone in front of the Falcons game. Grab some soon before the season is behind us.

*I have a post on growlers coming soon. If you're a fan of fresh beer and America, you're not going to want to miss it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recruiting gets hotter; Beard commits

In many ways it just made sense. Mark Beard has a long standing relationship with Coach Friend, going back to when Beard was in high school near Birmingham and Friend was at UAB. Yesterday, as he finished his visit to UGA he committed to Georgia.

Beard spent this past season playing for Coffeeville Community College, just graduated and will have three seasons of eligibility left. He'll be on campus next month, ready to contribute to an offensive line that will lose three starters.

And at 6'5" and 300lbs, chances are he can take Glenn or Anderson's spots at tackle. Take a look at some of his high school tape.

This is a huge get for Richt, literally and figuratively. Congrats to Coach Friend and congrats to Beard. Welcome to the Dawg Nation!

On Tebow...and winning

People by nature are a jealous, miserable lot. Faced with the opportunity to watch a documentary on Mother Theresa or the latest episode of Housewives of Hateville, they'll almost unanimously choose to feed their greedy, malnourished, melodramatic and discontented brains.

I don't like that Tim Tebow went to Gainesville to matriculate. The young man however I have no issue with. Now, while wearing the scripted helmet, I don't like that after each play he celebrated so excessively. But with his athleticism and talents I have no complaint. I really don't like the fact that the media seems constantly obsessed with him. But that's not really his fault.

So I enjoyed this satirical piece on Tebow's recent success as a Denver Bronco. True, most of the reason Tebow is 5-1 as a starter is due to the defense and some good fortune. But when you finish reading Jason Gay's piece you can't help but chuckle at the sports fan/media's absurd preoccupation over what Tim Tebow isn't able to do, as well as the fact that he's doing the only thing that matters.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Head Cock still crowing

Ol' Ball Coach gets an extension. Chris Low puts in a historical perspective.
Spurrier is 54-35 in seven seasons at South Carolina, which places him second all-time in wins at South Carolina. 

Rex Enright is the Gamecocks’ all-time winningest coach with 64 victories. It’s certainly possible that Spurrier could catch Enright next season, although it may take two seasons to pass him. 

It took Enright 15 seasons to rack up 64 wins. He was the Gamecocks’ head coach from 1938-42 and again from 1946-55, and he actually finished with a losing record (64-67-9). 

Spurrier’s going to ascend to the top of the South Carolina coaching mountain in a little more than half the time that it took Enright. 
And that ain't all folks...
Not only that, but he’ll walk away as the all-time winningest coach at two different SEC schools. He was 122-27-1 in 12 seasons at Florida. 
It’s difficult to imagine when we’ll ever see that happen again in this league. 
Here’s the other thing to remember when assessing where Spurrier ranks among the best coaches in college football history: He did it at two schools in the SEC that had little or no tradition before he arrived. 
Florida had never won an SEC championship before Spurrier returned to his alma mater as head coach in 1990. Before he was done, the Gators had added six SEC championship trophies to their mantle. 
What’s more, Florida had won just eight bowl games in its history before Spurrier arrived. During his 12 years there, the Gators won six. 
Spurrier’s success at South Carolina didn’t come quite as quickly, but the Gamecocks burst through last season and made their first-ever trip to the SEC championship game.  
Now that it's a gaping wound, Low adds some salt.
And in the last two seasons, South Carolina has swept Eastern Division rivals Florida, Georgia and Tennessee with a perfect 6-0 record. 
For perspective, prior to Spurrier’s arrival, South Carolina was 0-13 against Florida in SEC play, 4-9 against Georgia and 1-12 against Tennessee.  
In a word, Ouch

Connor Shaw put together a respectable pretty darn good season once Garcia's bong water dried up. If he is indeed the answer, he might be the last piece of the puzzle the Gamecocks need once Lattimore returns.

So once that 2012 schedule finally gets finalized (hopefully this week), I'll be officially circling the game in Chickumbia on the calendar as an away trip. Who's joining me?

Humpday Hilarity: good news from the kitchen

This woman is 51
She is TV health guru Gillian McKeith, born Sept. 1959, advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and health, promoting exercise, a vegetarian diet high in organic fruits and vegetables. She recommends detox diets, colonic irrigation and supplements.
This woman is 51
She is Nigllea Lawson, born Jan. 1960, A celebrity chef, who eats meat, butter and desserts.

h/t Mac

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SEC Today - 12/13/11

Hannah Chalker looks at the SEC's bowl dominance.

Behind the enemy line with - the Spartans

Not too early to get a glimpse at our enemy in the Outback. Mike from The Little Brother has graciously accepted my questions about Michigan State football. In exchange I was kind enough to answer his. It's quid pro quo bowl style. So pass the bloomin onion and let's get started.

1. In our last meeting, the 2009 Capital One Bowl, Georgia saw a well prepared Michigan State Spartan team that featured Javon Ringer. Who should Dawg fans be reading up on for this year's Outback Bowl?

-- Wide receivers B.J Cunningham and Keshawn Martin. Cunningham ranks 12th nationally in yards receiving and seventh in touchdown receptions with 12 – nine of which have come in the past four weeks. He also is first in Michigan State history in yards receiving and receptions, and second in touchdowns. All season he has been the go-to wide receiver for Kirk Cousins on third downs or for big plays.

Martin is a dynamic player whenever he touches the ball, in punt returns, catching a pass, running the ball, or running the wildcat. He has scored a touchdown on a pass, catch, run, kirk return and punt return in his career. This season, he has 62 catches – one more than he had in his career entering 2011. His ability to accelerate to full speed in seemingly one stride is incredible and he makes a lot of people miss with his shiftiness.

These two have been responsible for a large percentage of big plays this year and are sure to have their moments in the Outback Bowl, too.

2. Georgia's players seem pretty satisfied with the season, even after a disappointing loss in the conference championship game. What is the morale of the Spartans after losing their championship game?

-- To have a Rose Bowl-caliber team not playing in Pasadena for the second year in a row was hard for both fans and players, but the hangover last much longer for fans. Cousins still was wrestling with disappointment a couple days later -- and the loss hit the seniors hardest, of course -- but based on the things players said via Twitter, the response was overwhelmingly a sense of “we will be back.” Cousins gained a quality perspective that this program has come a long way when you are upset about being ranked in the top 15, and the pride of a great season set in over the disappointment of the loss.

It didn’t take long for the team to turn its sights toward Georgia and what they can do in the Outback Bowl, opposed to the hypotheticals. Accepting the reality that is a great matchup with Georgia certainly contributed to that attitude – this is one of the best bowl matchups of the season.

3. I noticed that Le'Veon Bell and Edwin Baker's rushing attempts are practically equal. Are they interchangeable threats at running back? How does MSU use them to complement each other and keep the chains moving?

-- Mark Dantonio lists three “co-starters” at running back (Baker, Bell and Larry Caper) and has maintained the hot back will start for MSU – which carries over into his in-game use of backs. Baker and Bell are the clear-cut top two, while Caper sees occasional time as a third-down back for his pass-catching ability.

They complement each other well, but are different beasts. Baker is the smaller back, but runs with a great amount of power, always keeps his feet moving and really looks for contact. Bell is a big back, at 6-foot-2, 237 pounds, and breaks through tackles well as such, but he runs like a smaller player with a good spin move and quick cuts.  

Though relatively interchangeable, Bell has been rolling lately and has started four consecutive games, rushing for 613 yards on 106 attempts in the past seven games compared to Baker’s 236 yards on 76 carries. Bell also has proven himself a reliable receiving option and has 30 catches, resulting in Dantonio to line him up in the backfield in a four-receiver set and sending him in motion as a fifth receiver.

Bell likely will start against Georgia, and Baker will be used to give him a rest for a play or two every now and then.

4. Also, Cousins has had another terrific year at quarterback with a 65% completion percentage. Is the Spartan passing attack a lot of short and intermediary routes or can it get vertical too?

--Cousins is an incredibly efficient quarterback, first off, but the offense does feature a lot of short and intermediate routes. Cunningham is a target on a lot of slant routes, especially on situations like third-and-five. Martin catches a lot of quick passes in the flat and on bubble screens, which also contributes to the high completion percentage. Most other receiving threats – Keith Nichol, Brian Linthicum and Le’Veon Bell – catch shorter passes as well.

But, in the past five weeks, this offense has opened up in the passing game and looks to go vertical much more. The Spartans average 38.6 point in the past five weeks and Cousins is averaging 265 yards per game in that stretch. Cunningham is a proven downfield threat, and really gets up high to get the ball over defenders and Martin has emerged as a legitimate deep threat this season.

Expect to see the MSU offense look to run the ball early, then work off play action and go downfield to Cunningham and Martin. It is a run-based offense that looks to establish the run and then build the pass accordingly.

5. Dawg fans are pretty proud of their defense this season, but Michigan State's is right up there statistically as well. Is there a weakness at all on this defense or should we just hope for a game of field position?

I don’t expect a game of field position, both teams certainly possess the offensive firepower to score points. As long as Georgia doesn’t end up with Montee Ball on the field somehow, the MSU defense is very solid. The biggest weakness, apart from the occasional blown coverage, is in a level of physical play that is, at times, too much. This MSU defense is a smash-mouth and hard-nosed bunch, and they want to hit and hit hard. But, they are penalized quite a bit. Cornerback Johnny Adams tends to get called for at least one pass interference penalty in each game and Jerel Worthy jumps offsides from time to time as well.
Also, defensive tackles Kevin Pickelman and Jonathan Strayhorn are out for the bowl game, leaving Worthy and Anthony Rashad White to play a lot of snaps without the usual breaks. That will be something to watch through the game is how they might wear down.

Other than that, Spartans fans feel the same about their defense as Georgia fans. Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi is as aggressive as anyone in the nation and loves to blitz. He uses linebackers Max Bullough and Denicos Allen constantly to get pressure on the quarterback, as well as bringing Adams off the edge. 

Despite being ranked highest against the run, I see this defense as built to stop the pass. The defensive backs cover well one-on-one, so Narduzzi leaves them in man coverage often, while a defensive line featuring an All-American in Worthy and 6-foot-7 monster Will Gholston consistently get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. 

I think the top defenses and the styles of play are what make this bowl matchup some intriguing and should lead to an outstanding game.

BotW: the podcasts

Next item of business, podcasts. I've recently become addicted to podcasts. I love it during football season because Georgia fans have a few now to download and enjoy. But if you commute a little ways or more in the Atlanta area like me, you too are likely sick of the radio offerings. I gave up on sports blab radio long ago and the classic rock stations play good music, but they play it over and over and over again.

Don't wreck our show eh?
Well, I've found a few beer podcasts that are good to intersperse between the Dawg flavored ones. I downloaded this podcatcher app to my phone called Downcast (h/t @EdinGeorgia) and it helps me locate and find both the podcasts I've already subscribed to through iTunes as well as others of interest. I found a few, here's a rundown.
  • Craft Beer Talk - currently in their second season. I'm putting them first here because they actually mentioned me on one of their recent episodes after they tried Dogfish Head's Faithfull Ale and were talking about other brew/album collaboration names. Haven't listened to all of their episodes but sounds like they used to do a radio show in Buffalo that was preempted by Billy Ocean retro hits. Bummer for Buffaloians (?), awesome for us. Cuz now they record out of a basement and can cuss freely. Nick, Ethan and Chris bring a lot of knowledge and don't overload the shows with too many beers. I like that they sound like a couple guys sitting around drinking beer, meaning they get off on tangents just like a normal conversation would.
  • Craft Beer Radio - Jeff and Greg bring a lot of knowledge as well and usually try a few different brews each episode. They do a good bit of teaching which is good. And as they say on their website, "Whether you are new to craft beer or have been drinking it for more than 20 years we have something for you"
  • Beer School - Just as good as the others except that they evidently don't record as often. Their latest episode dates all the way back to September. But the couple episodes I've listened to are good; they're long, but very informative. And of course, the best part about beer school is the homework.
  • Lastly, for you visual learners there's Hop Cast - Brad and Ken talk in front of a camera about beer, do interviews and bring you live footage from beer events. Like the others it centers around the hosts sampling a couple craft beers and discussing the taste, the style and anything else that comes to mind.
Those are a few I've gotten my ears on. If you've got another one in your queue, let us know in the comments so we can check it out as well.

A Kindle under the grit tree

Wonder what ol' Grizzard would say about this?
Publishers NewSouth Books and Green-E Books plan to reintroduce Grizzard to a new generation of techno-savvy readers. NewSouth Books has re-released “Elvis Is Dead and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself” and “They Tore Out My Heart and Stomped That Sucker Flat” in paperback and e-versions. Green E-Books has re-released four other titles as e-books: “If Love Were Oil, I’d Be About A Quart Low;” ” Don’t Bend Over In The Garden Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes;” “I Took A Lickin’ And Kept on Tickin’ and Now I Believe in Miracles;” and “When My Love Returns From The Ladies Room, Will I Be Too Old To Care?”
NewSouth also plans to re-release two more titles in early 2012: “If I Ever Get Back to Georgia, I’m Gonna Nail My Feet to the Ground” and “My Daddy Was a Pistol and I’m a Son of a Gun.”
All the re-released titles are available at and You can also see the  New South site or the Lewis Grizzard sites – and – for information.
 h/t Fred

Monday, December 12, 2011

Munson Memorial Video

This is the video that was shown Saturday. If your blood runs red and black, view only with a few tissues nearby. It creates quite a bit of dust that gets in your eye at several points.

A pleasant and comfortable thankful Larry Munson chose the Georgia Bulldogs as a home for his voice.

SEC Today - 12/12/11

As Hannah Chalker fills us in on everything SEC, she shares a Tavarres King highlight catch in Jacksonville as one of the season's top 3.

Monday's Meatloaf - a picture to invest in

I hate strong-arming anyone into anything. But as a parent sometimes you just have to do that with your kids. Saturday morning they were no more interested in a trip to Athens than they were one to the dentist. Now, it didn't get so bad that I had to pull the Santa is watching card. Very closely I might add. But suffice it to say they weren't as eager to pile into the car and venture down 316 again as they were back in September.

And in some ways I could relate. This was the first Saturday in a long while that not only didn't have Georgia football to prepare for, but also didn't have any games that related to its well being. It would be nice to simply laze around, watch a movie and maybe catch a nap.

But damnit, I was going. And they were going with me.

It's not everyday you get a chance to give back to someone you've admired for decades. Larry Munson never needed anything from me except the energy to get the picture and hunker down one more time. I never had to jumpstart his car in a parking lot and I was never so lucky as to help shove his boat into a pond somewhere. So Saturday was my chance to say thanks.

Yes, I was there in 2008 as we said goodbye at halftime of the Georgia Tech game. That is one of my favorite moments in Sanford. But it's never completely felt right to me. That's not a knock on UGA admin or anyone else that put that tribute together. It's just that I was also there for the game itself. Saturday afternoon in Sanford was more intimate, was just about Munson and was a celebration of his life in addition to his career.

So I was thankful that attitudes had improved greatly by the time we crossed into Oconee County. Otherwise the beatings would have continued until morale improved! We had a nutritional lunch at the Varsity and by the time we were parked you could see the anticipation in their little eyes. We walked across the bridge and you could hear them playing some highlights and interviews,. They even said to me "That's him right Daddy?!?"

It was him. More specifically it was his voice. The same one that helped us get the picture for 42 years was there to echo along the east end one more time. The words of his own sons gave a glimpse into the man that existed beyond the headset. We sat and soaked it all in. My kids have only seen me cry once before I think. By the time Jonathan Munson finished speaking they certainly had at least a faint idea of why this trip, on this Saturday was so important for me personally.

And one day they'll think back and be even more thankful that they were to. I can point to pictures of the man and can give them game tape to listen to. And it was a cold shadow to sit in which made it even harder for young arms and legs to sit still for 83 minutes. But it was worth the small sacrifices as expected.

Because in the end all we have is time. And I'm thankful my time as a Bulldog coincided with so much of Larry Munson's career. Saturday was but a small investment in our day. But the memory of it will certainly reap rewards tenfold or more.

Today's Ingredients

Y'all have a great Monday. Go Dawgs!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Munson remembered

"Not gonna cry because it's over. I'm gonna smile because it happened." -Charlie Whittemore (via Dr. Seuss)

Yesterday's memorial was an excellent tribute and a great experience for Dawgs, friends, colleagues and family alike. I'm quite sure Munson spent the afternoon smiling down on us through a cloud of cigar smoke.

According to the AJC about 3500 fans showed. I thought it was more than that. But it was a good crowd on the south end. It was impressive to see fans file in, very quiet and thoughtful. A videography played on the big board prior to the service. The silence was interrupted occasionally as we cheered for Lindsay to run, and as Carswell was mobbed.

Quick rundown of the program: 

  • Scott Howard - great job of giving stories and providing transitions in between speakers. Talked about trying to talk Munson out of retirement after Music City Bowl in 2001.
  • Greg McGarity - spoke briefly to Munson's legacy and importance to Georgia football
  • Battle Hymn was played by the redcoats who set up in the west endzone
  • Mark Richt - gave the invocation
  • President Adams - emphasized his professional relationship with Munson
  • Tony Barnhart - if you've read the book or heard Tony speak about Munson, this was about the same. Has a lot of good memories with the man.
  • Wes Durham - this was a video message since Durham was on the road and couldn't make it. But it was as genuine as you'd expect from him. Good stuff.
  • Coach Dooley - this turned into more of a roast for a while. Emphasized the personal side of Larry Munson. Dooley really had everyone laughing and added that Munson asked his worms to "hunker down" on fishing trips.
  • Charlie Whittemore - former player under Dooley, now Asst. Athletic Director of Facilities. Evidently spent a lot of time getting to know Munson over the years. Gave the quote of the afternoon, see above.
  • Jonathan Munson - his dad always called him "Josh", really helped everyone see how Munson could react to things in his personal life (like Josh's soccer games) in much the same way as he did in the Sanford broadcast booth.
  • Michael Munson - spoke on behalf of the family as well, thanking many people who meant a great deal to Munson as well as the family, especially during the last few years.

Here's some pictures.

Sanford flag at half mast

Stage is set for the guests

AD McGarity speaks of Munson's legacy

This photo displayed on the big board throughout except when a video was playing

The Hat meets a "nice hat"

I found this funny. Les Miles has really grown on me, as much as a rival coach can.