Friday, January 13, 2012

Beer of the Week - Eye Patch Ale

Really been looking forward to telling y'all about Monday Night Brewing. Hopefully you're already aware of them. If not, they're new. They're in Atlanta. And they grew their small brewery the way every brewery should start. No, not just a wort boil. They're just some guys that get together to brew beer, drink beer and talk beer. Best of all, they didn't rush to shove some bottles on shelves. They spent years perfecting their two beers and now we get to enjoy each delicious gulp.

I had the Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale a few weeks ago and quite simply, it's one of the best beers I've subjected my mouth to. Before trying it I wasn't a big scotch ale kind of guy. That's probably not fair. I'm just too big of a hophead sometimes. But their Drafty Kilt is absolutely delicious, it's a gamechanger. I drained the growler in a day and a half...*fist bump*!!

But this post is about their Eye Patch Ale, which I was able to get yesterday at Best of Brews. Monday Night brews are only available on draft I believe. But since the guys work so hard on their beer you won't mind getting enough to fill a growler. 

Eye Patch had a lot of malty caramel on the nose for me. Some citrus, a little bitterness aroma from the hops. But mostly a soft sweetness. I didn't read anything prior to tasting it and was expecting a lot of hops, but smelling it told me this was going to be different. And although there's plenty of American hops in this one it's pretty balanced. Very smooth tasting, bitter enough but not the hoppiness you get from a lot of breweries' IPAs. 

Not surprisingly, this one checks out at just 46 IBUs. It's billed as a "crisp drinkable IPA". If you love IPAs you'll probably taste this one as a "light" india pale ale. You may even not be fond of it at first if you're expecting something different. However, my bet is that eventually the flavors and the richness will win you over. It's a great beer. If I had my choice I'd still take the Drafty Kilt. But this is America. There's no reason I can't have both.

So find some Monday Night brews asap. Weekends are overrated.


Bernie said...

I'm an Atlanta resident and I can't say that I've ever come across their brews.  I thank you for bringing them to my attention, and look forward to trying them.  Sweetwater and Terrapin seem to be the extent of the smaller breweries you can get on tap at restaurants around here, and while they make really great beer, I'm always looking to try something new.

Bernie said...

I know what you mean. You'll like Monday Night. They may have some bottles, I've just never seen them. And they're working on some new stuff to put out in addition to these two. But like I said, they make sure each recipe is exactly what they want first.

Also keep a lookout for Red Hare Brewery from Marietta. They're new as well and I hear their Watership Down brown ale is really good. 

Last year was a good year for Georgia and beer. Hopefully 2012 is just as tasty.

Bernie said...

Hop City in Midtown usually has one or both of their beers on tap for growlers.  Awesome small batch beers!

Bernie said...

Thanks for the love, Bernie! We aren't in bottles yet, your eyes do not deceive you. And you're right – we do tend to obsess over our recipes. Our next beer will be a Belgian wheat, brewed with a little fresh ginger. We're still making some final tweaks, so no definite timeline yet. Hope you enjoy drinking the beers as much as we enjoy making them!