Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chizik hires Van Gorder's stache

Former Broyles Award winner Brian Van Gorder is on the move again. From somewhere up north...to Athens...to Jacksonville...to Statesboro...to Atlanta...to Opelika.
"This is a tremendous opportunity for me and my family at this point in my career, both professionally and personally, to become the defensive coordinator at Auburn," he said. "I'm looking forward to working at a school with the success and tradition of Auburn, and for a coach like Gene Chizik, who has led the program to a national championship. I'm very appreciative to the Atlanta Falcons and coach Mike Smith for the experience of the last four years. It's a great organization and will have continued success in the future."
The question is: can he correct the wrongdoings of Ted Roof before the moving van refuels?


Bernie said...

You forgot Columbia, where he served a glorious 17 day term as the DC for the Gamecocks.

I will always respect the man for his role in helping Coach Richt right the ship in the first few years of the Richt Era, but man...I can't figure out what he thinks his career trajectory is. Maybe he just gets bored easily...

Bernie said...

Ahh! As I was typing that I actually googled it thinking I was missing one, or two. But the SC stint didn't show up. Nice catch. Your memory is obviously better than mine and google combined. :)

Bernie said...

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