Monday, January 2, 2012

Gameday: Outback edition

The 2011 season comes to an end in a New Year for the Dawgs, and that's about what we had hoped for back in the heat of August. No travelling to Shreveport or Memphis to meet our bowl opponent this season. It's the Spartans. In Tampa.

Here's some last minute thoughts:

  • The fact that Ken Malcome will start at tailback says everything you need to know about that position this season. It's the perfect ending to what has been a turbulent season there when a guy who's left the team, come back and then was suspended a game can make the start in the bowl game.
  • Actually, the perfect ending will be Malcome (and/or Samuel...and/or Crowell) going for a large number today to help slow down this defense that is heavy on the blitz.
  • A big game for some DGDs that will be wearing the G for the last time. Would love to see a big day from the likes of Cordy Glenn, Aron White, Bruce Figgins and Brandon Boykin.
  • Boykin will be especially important in shutting down the MSU offense's key threat in BJ Cunningham.
  • Have the special teams gotten specialer in the bowl preparation? Richt has already made this a key focus for the off season. We have the depth and talent to beat Michigan State. But an error in special teams or a key turnover could start 2012 on a sour note.
It's been a great season. Would love to go out on a positive note and set the momentum in the right direction heading into off season conditioning and recruiting. 

Enjoy the game. Go Dawgs!

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Bernie said...

You pegged it right with Boykin, but the special teams let us down again in the first OT with Walsh missing that FG. Too bad to have your career end as the points leader, but in a loss...