Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grantham blitzes rumors

During a game earlier this season my youngest daughter caught our defensive coordinator in what she misinterpreted to be a smile after a Jarvis Jones sack. I quickly corrected her, "That's Coach Grantham honey. He's not smiling. He's actually pissed off they didn't lose more yards." Later we got an interception and returned it for a good piece and she saw him high-fiving and jumping around. She said, "Now he's happy!" Once again I had to correct her. "No, he's still pissed because we didn't return it for a touchdown."

Well, turns out the guy is happy about one thing: being in Athens. My assumption yesterday when "some website" started the rumor that the Atlanta Falcons were interested in Todd Damn Grantham was that his agent was making a play during contract negotiations. If that was the case, the Georgia defensive coordinator would have nothing of it.
Here’s Grantham’s statement:
This time of year there are a lot of rumors involving coaching openings. Because of the terrific recruiting class we are assembling and the juniors that have communicated to me their desire to come back to Georgia I felt it important to address some of these current and any future rumors. I’ve had discussions with Coach Richt and (AD) Greg McGarity and we are on track to finalizing details on a contract extension. My family enjoys Athens very much. I love the passion and excitement of our fans. We have the program headed in the right direction and I want to be a part of bringing Georgia a championship. My desire is to be at UGA for a very long time. Go Dawgs!”
We love your passion and excitement too CTG! 

At a time when he certainly could've been selfish and waited for the contract pot to get heavier, instead he put his players (both current and future) first. Now they don't have to worry about adjusting to a different coordinator or opening up their recruitment a little more.

Well done Coach. Well done. 

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Bernie said...

That's outstanding news. The Falcons would be suicidal to go after Grantham, as they'd lose a significant portion of their fan base. Richt needs to hire someone of Grantham's skills on the offensive side of the ball.