Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letters to McGarity

Ok, full disclosure. I'm bitter. I watched the Kentucky minor league basketball team dismantle the Hoop Dawgs the other night and was thankful that Raylan needed my help in Harlan County for much of the second half as a distraction. I hate Kentucky. And as I've mentioned before my Dawg Fandom truly began one night my first sophomore year in Stegeman Coliseum. I desperately want our hoops team to succeed, yet despite their fight and their vigor they just couldn't match up against the behemoth that is Craplari's suit.

Anyway, to make matters worse I couldn't help but notice that the PA system in the Steg is using the same "song" that bastardized the experience in Sanford this Fall. Something called "Kernkraft 400" by a group called "Zombie Nation". It's dumb. It's juvenile. And the use of it at sporting events is born from the loins of ACC country. To hear it on the flats makes me laugh. To hear it in Athens makes me queasy.
....not worth living in.

So as promised, here's my stock letter re: the nerd song that now plays 'tween the hedges AND over the hardwood. You can adopt it, alter it, or simply join the engiNerds and jump around til your zombie nation heart is content. But in the end, how comfortable you are living underneath a flag that is HALF red and black is your own business. Indeed...what you choose to do at this point is up to you.

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Mr. McGarity,

I would like to start off by saying how pleased my family and I are that you are the director of UGA athletics. As alumni and fans that frequent many UGA events you have our full support. We've noticed your presence at many events and competitions and admire your hands on style.

All season long I noticed a particular song that, although not offensive in most ways, isn't suitable for a Sanford Stadium experience. I realize that these decisions are likely contracted out, but the Kernkraft 400 song (by a band called Zombie Nation I believe) is actually a part of the Georgia Tech and the ACC culture. Tech and other ACC stadiums I've visited play the song over the loud speakers and the students jump up and down. It's a unique sight and experience...for them. I actually had a chance to go to the Tech game against Virginia Tech back in November. As I watched the jumping and listened to the "noise" I was saddened that this is a level that Sanford Stadium has sunk to. At the same time I acknowledge and support the fact that most if not all Dawg fans refuse to "participate" in the song.

Please understand, I'm very glad that we're not one of those programs that plays the offensive rap lyrics for all fans especially those with young ears. And to be fair, when I was in Oxford earlier this season they played the song too (presumably because they are contracting with the same organization). I would just ask that we pull it for next season in the very least.

After all, we're Dawgs. Not nerds. Thanks for your time.


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ADDENDUM - sorry, I assumed everyone had AD McGarity's email. If not, click here and it will direct you to the UGA Athletic directory. Happy typing!