Sunday, January 15, 2012

LSU and BCStrife

h/t Nama

An LSU blogger has a keyboard and a source as to why the Tigers looked so out-classed in the title game. 
Apparently about 3 hours before the game T-Bob Hebert and Russell Shepard and 2 other receivers and a hand full of linemen got into a heated argument with Les Miles and the Offensive Coordinator about Lee getting more playing time and possibly starting the BCS Championship game. It got so heated that Miles benched T-Bob and RS and 3 other players. He called Lee into his office and told Lee that he would not be playing in the game. The Offensive CO told Miles that he thought that Lee gave the team the best chance to win the game. Miles told the OC to start looking for a new job after the game and Miles will be calling the plays for the championship game. Apparently the O Line sided with T-Bob and Lee and did not give their all in the game to prove to Miles that the players are more important than the coach. Now I know that this is hard to believe but when you look at some things it kind of explains a few things.
The post goes on from there to outline a few observations and also says Jordan Jefferson had a good time at Harrah's in the days leading up to the game. Interesting read regardless of its merit. However, I doubt LSU could've done anything differently Monday night to beat Bama from what I saw. 

Going forward, Mett has said that getting to be the quarterback at LSU is like getting the keys to a Maserati. If this whiff of smoke turns out to be the result of a fire in Baton Rouge he may want to check under the hood thoroughly.


Bernie said...

Hate to call BS on this one but I am.  There may have been mixed feelings on the team regarding letting Lee play some but to this level I highly doubt it. 

Bernie said...

Given the magnitude of the loss I'm sure it's magnified to a certain level. Probably a lot, you're right. But I think he's right that it does explain some things looking back. LSU was lost from the start. Don't think they would've won the way Bama was prepared and ready to play. But the Tigers looked like they were on Bourbon Street. And not in a good way.

Bernie said...

So, an 18 to 22 year old kid would rather teach The Hat a life lesson than win the BCSCG? Nah...

Bernie said...

seems like no game can be played without 'a heated argument'.
and i'd say getting to be the quarterback at LSU is better getting the keys to a Maserati! :)