Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - resolving around the pigskin

It's the 9th day of 2012. Do you know where your resolutions are?

I've got a few I have yet to break, completely. Of course, I haven't lost 15 pounds yet and I'm still trying to decide which book to read first. Once that's done I might get around to starting my campaign for president. As long as it doesn't conflict with eating more leafy greens.

Honestly, I'm not sure how well those resolutions will go. But I always have my old stand by. Year in and year out, the easiest resolution for me is to give up half of my tv time. I've found that I watch less and less of the tube each year. Mostly due to the fact that there's less and less worth watching. Justified starts it's third season next week. And once Raylan is done bringing justice to the hollers of eastern Kentucky it should almost be time for Walter White to cook up his fifth season in Breaking Bad.

Beyond that it' really about waiting for football to come back into my loving arms.

Today's Ingredients
  • Speaking of college football, the last game of the 2011 season is tonight. I think the rematch between LSU and Bama will see a lot more scoring. So I'm predicting LSU 8 Bama 6.
  • If you're keeping score at home, that's 7 total safeties.
  • Mr. Sanchez has your guaranteed* winner for tonight. Place your bets accordingly.
  • Before gym class, 6th grader Bentley Long found time to give Bulldog Illustrated his assessment of the Dawgs' 2011 season and what 2012 looks like.
  • Tyler breaks down the conference opener. Meanwhile TheRealDray starts some conversation for the best Hoop Dawgs of all time.
  • Travis remembers a name that never has surfaced, depite ALL of those pushups and situps.
  • the Senator would be more impressed with the GOP field if they did less to try and impress us.
  • Remember Chickumbia's The Whitney hotel? Well, ecdawg finds that Clempson is trying to not be outdone.
  • In case you missed it, Stephen Hill has bigger fish to fry than to stay in PJs triple floption another year.
  • Good news for UGA hoops and gymnastics supporters this Winter. Stegeman concessions are half price for Bypass Lane users. Plus the service charge has been waived.
  • Housekeeping item: sometime between yesterday and this morning my list of Dawg blogs in the margin disappeared. I'm investigating and will have them back up asap. 
  • Lastly, it's the first annual January Pledge Drive here at BDB. Button is located in the top right margin there and no donation is too small. But in the event that any ClemPson "recruiters" stop by, please give generously.
Despite all the rhetoric about its imperfections and continued overall failure of its administrative body, college football is still the best sports product on the market. After another terrific season with some wild games and finishes it would be hard for anyone to argue against that.

In the end the same thing that gets people riled up about CFB's flaws also keeps fans coming back for more: emotion. People get emotional about which teams should be in the title game and whether or not players should be receiving monetary rewards for the on-field product that bears their names, numbers. Just as we all get emotional over a 4th quarter sack or an overtime touchdown pass. It's like an especially juicy onion with endless layers; the more you peel the deeper you fall into your own tears.

Yep, college football is one thing that will never get altered by my January 1st resolutions. Pass me a fork and enjoy the game tonight Reader.


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