Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NSD Liveblog - preview

The event reminder for tomorrow's liveblog is below. You can add your email address and it will automatically buzz you before the event goes live.

I'll have these links tomorrow as well. But in case you're looking for "prep work" right now, here's some stuff to get you up to speed, including links to previous NSD posts: 

2011  2010  2009  

The Dawgcast's Annual Reverse Recruiting Show looks at the 2008 class and 
how it lived (or didn't live) up to expectations.

Tyler's perspective on NSD as well as some guesses 
on the mystery recruits

Speaking of which, Dawg Day Afternoon has an idea who it is

Chad Simmons' Signing Day Eve Insider Report ($$)

ESPNs Recruiting Confidential - some top prospects "spill all" 

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