Sunday, January 22, 2012

On Commings' faceplant

I don't know what Sanders Commings' future holds. It shouldn't be easy going through something like this. I hope he's squirming around more than a little as to his status on the roster in the very least. An arrest of any nature puts a lot of pressure on Coach Richt and the UGA administration. And despite what some papers and blogs would prefer you to believe, I'm glad we have someone like Richt who will go through the process with everyone's best interest at heart. Not just his depth chart in hand.

Commings entertained the idea of going pro, but he stands a chance to gain more than any of the others by returning another season. Especially with Rambo coming back which all but assures he'll get plenty of time where he truly wants to play - cornerback.

But now his status is an uncertainty. Any type of violence is a serious matter, regardless of who is involved or where it happens. But when a man hits a woman, it's time for some serious self-reflection as well.

Now I'm sure the young lady is not totally innocent, and I'm not attempting to try and convict Sanders Commings without due process. However, several witnesses were around a busy pedestrian intersection in downtown Athens. Nothing good comes from being there at 1am on a Saturday morning. 

Plus...dumbass, you just don't hit a woman. A lot of his teammates are rallying around Commings, providing support at a time when he needs it. If I were them I would probably do the same thing. And it would start with handing him a mirror.


Bernie said...

Very good blog Bernie. I hope he learns something here. I feel something is awry inside if you even think about striking a woman.

Bernie said...

Agree Bernie.  Boy, thing have sure changed from the 60's when Percy Sledge's big hit was "When a Man Loves a Woman".

Bernie said...


first, i hope that the girl is ok. since there isn't any news to the contrary i assume that she is. further, i've hung out with sanders before and he was a pretty low-key guy so i hope that he comes out of this allright, and better for it, especessialy if he is is guilty. however, from experience, many "good" things do, happen at 1am in downtown athens.

Bernie said...

He shouldn't have hit her but she was probably acting like a whore. My main gripe about the whole thing is how the police went and got a warrant for Sanders' arrest. He was not even at the scene when they arrived. I've never hit a woman but I certainly have been in altercations down town and I have never had the police show up at my door later that morning with a warrant for my arrest. Why do the Athens police seem to go after football players? Are they not Football fans? Do they get bonuses for arresting football players? Kids get drunk and have altercations all the time. Was this really serious enough to press this matter to a judge(who probably went to UGA) at all hours of the night to obtain a warrant to arrest our star Corner? I thought McGarity asked the police chief nicely to give our players a break. Maybe UGA should consider "budgeting out" their annual contribution to the local poice fund.

Bernie said...

My friends saw it happen. He DID NOT hit her. He pushed her face to get her off of him after an argument. Now, should he have done that? NO! He should have walked away. But he is hardly a woman beater. The "witnesses" were all friends of the girl so they had it out for him. Don't crucify the kid just yet. We all know how crazy bitches can be.

Bernie said...

Exactly. Just some dumb slut and her whore friends. Bullshit cowboy Athens police. They heard his name, recognized it as a Fb player and tracked him down. What's up with Athens authorities? At penn st you can get away with anything. In Athens they are out to get our guys. It bullshit