Sunday, January 15, 2012

One play, two Dawgs

Ernie reminded me of a terrific play a few years ago in the playoffs that involved the same two teams that played last night. And two Damn Good Dawgs.

I'm sure you remember.


Bernie said...

Seen that piece it! Absolutely right...two Damn Good Dawgs! Dawgs for life!

Hated seeing those damn three Gay-tors in that game yesterday. Can't stand Hernandez! What an ass that guy is...but he's good. Spikes is actually toned it down since he laid it to KM in J-ville a few years ago.

Pats looked like a fine tuned machine yesterday!

What a game that NO-SF game was!!! Wow! Instant classic! Felt like the last few seconds of a basketball game...don't know if I've seen so many Lou.ts at the end of a football game lime that before. Great game!

Bernie said...

After seeing your tweet (re-tweet) about it I watched that again and it is still absolutely amazing how far Ben had to go to make that tackle. Granted Champ threw it in to cruise control the last 5 yards, but DAMN!