Friday, January 6, 2012

Recruiting, conditioning and other off season crap

It's times like these you learn to live again...

The weight of Old Man Winter can be worse than bothersome. Once the bowl is over the tendency is to disperse, cave in to what the wife has been nagging you to do...or worse...pick up exercising. But if there's one thing the loss to MSU did for me it was to assure me that there is much work to be done. So here's my immediate agenda.

Really Bernie, I get it. You're not a Kernkraft fan.
  1. Speaking of the Athletic Director, sometime soon we will all engage in an activity called "Letters to McGarity". I'll provide a sample letter I've used almost once a week this season, you provide your own fingers for the typing. My topic of interest is the use of a certain "song" (for lack of a better word) at Sanford that drives me effin' batty. You can join me in that endeavor or choose another one. Either way, the innerwebs are our medium. Let's not keep our voices muted.
  2. RECRUITING!!! We have less than a month until national signing day. I'll have updates on prospects and some analysis of how we're doing and how we project to close. NSD 2012 may not have the sexiness of NSD 2011 yet, but there are some definite needs to address as the last two games showed us in ugly 3D detail.
  3. PLUS, I'll be there at Butts-Mehre as usual to bring you information, pictures, videos and doughnuts. If you're stuck at work, just keep the http here at BDB and your finger on the F5 button.
  4. Speaking of which, on Monday I'll be launching a special month of supporting your local Dawg. The Dawg Nation is lucky to have plenty of podcasters, great media guys and tons....TONS of bloggers. Why not give back, even a little, to show some support for their efforts. 
  5. BotW - I'm determined to make these posts once a week. Slowly the offerings around my neck of the woods are much more diverse. Plus I now listen to 2.78 beer podcasts a week and have my own Oxford Companion. So, I has some knowledge y'all. Still, if there's something more you'd like from these just let me know. 
  6. And if you'd like to guest post a review of the brew in your glass, PLEASE let me know. Your efforts will be paid handsomely with a beer at a 2012 tailgate.
  7. DOT COM!!!! Some of you may have noticed, but if you haven't I adopted my own domain this week. A few months ago I didn't know what the hell that meant either. But for you there shouldn't be much different around here other than the fact that you can now reach my little corner of cybersphere using the blogspot address OR....(....awkwardly long drumroll....)...berniesdawgblawg DOT COM!!
Seriously though, a little exercise isn't going to kill you. Maybe dust off the treadmill this weekend. And lay off the pork rinds too Junior.


Bernie said...

I think they play that song  just to tick you off Bernie.  McGarity just strolls past the PA control room, drops off your letter and says "You know what to do."

I enjoy the BotW posts and should look more into the podcasts.  I usually go out of my way to try new beers that have been recommended, so your BotW post and are very helpful.

I don't review on beeradvocate and shouldn't attempt to here either.  About all you would get out of me is "Mmmm, tasty!"  I haven't figured out the whole "It has nose of dark fruit and an undertone of salted caramel in the middle of  the palate."  It is a good time of the year for new realases, but I'm still on the lookout for the Cold Mountain Winter Ale before it's too late.

Keep up the great work this year Bernie!

Bernie said...

You're probably right about the song. I just believe deep down that AD GM misses the days of James Brown as much as I do.

As for the Cold Mountain, check out Highland's distributor list ( and give yours a call. They might be able to tell you where some is left.

Bernie said...

There is a Total Wine not too far from me that may have it.  I was looking for it in 6 or 4 packs, but I'm thinking it is in a Bomber format.  Is that right?

I'm checking out videos from last night's Van Halen club concert in NY.  Maybe we can ask McGarity to play "Unchained" when we need to turn the Dawgs loose.

Bernie said...

I was not happy that Chaz Elder dissed us last night. How can a kid from College Park not want to play for his home state school? That is just pathetic!

Bernie said...

Agree. It was expected I guess, but hate seeing these in-state guys choose to cross the lines.