Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 11 days til NSD

So late Thursday night Ricardo Louis decided not to visit Athens, clearly an attempt to derail BDBs Recruiting Roundup: 12 days til NSD. Yet....we move on...teetering on the whims of teenagers.

Louis is a tremendous athlete and word was he was close to committing to FSU anyway. Now that he's not visiting Athens I think we can expect a commitment to Jimbo sometime soon. Like as soon as I click Publish probably. Anyways...

Sheldon Dawson
Defensive back update: this continues to be the most intriguing storyline of the class of 2012 here down the stretch. Smart money says Richt and staff are sticking with the Tennessee duo in Sheldon Dawson and Will Redmond, but if either of those were to fall through it appears they are ready to offer Kenneth Crawley of DC. And Crawley may visit next weekend.

Speaking of visits, Dawson decided he would visit Memphis instead of Ole Miss. To me this appears to be a last chance for Memphis to turn him from signing with Georgia. The Dawgs have the advantage in that the Memphis coaches are new hires and Richt's staff has done an exceptional job recruiting Sheldon. Unless something drastic happens I think you can certainly expect his signature in 11 days.

Josh Dawson is about 50/50 for Georgia/Vanderbilt. He's been committed to the Commodores, but Grantham has really gotten in the Tucker LB's ear. Consider this Grantham vs. Franklin, round II.

There is a lot of buzz that the Georgia coaches expect a big surprise come NSD. Take that to mean someone who is committed elsewhere will sign with Richt and staff instead. If this happens, the donut table at Butts-Mehre will likely fold under the pressure and excitement.

I can't wait.


Bernie said...

(a  middle finger directed at #AJC blog comments). During the off season I loaded up my iGoogle home page with every UGA Blog I could get my mouse on. Ended up with 23 to start the season.By week 5 I was down to 10.By the #WLOCP I was down to 4.Now,I am down to one. GATA

Bernie said...

...Some are thinking it might be Geno Smith? It would not hurt my feelings if it was Brandon Greene. This class has the potential to be as good, if not better, than last years "Dream Team"! I will say that i am kinda liking the new "Ring Team"  charge we are assembling possibly even more. Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

Whats the odds on yuri wright I heard Michigan pulled their offer after some questionable comments made on twitter. Do you feel like uga has a chance or are we even considering him after the remarks

Bernie said...

No. He was warned to tone it down going back to the summer and didn't. Plus some of the tweets were pretty explicit evidently as well as racist.

So definitely not. And for the DBs I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that Dawson and Redmond are the two that are highest on Lakatos' board.

Bernie said...

Hard to guess. Just hope they're right. And yes, loving the "Ring Team" too!

Bernie said...

Love the "First!" Ron. LMAO! Can't believe the immaturity that goes on at the AJC...wait. Yes, yes I can. #peasinapod

Bernie said...

Welcome aboard! Bernie usually manages to post early enough for you to  catch up on the Bulldog news, enjoy a cup of coffee and get out the door on time!