Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recruiting Roundup - 14 days til NSD

If my math is correct, that gives us two weeks until the faxes start rolling. And speaking of math, try adding up the yards Cordarrelle Patterson gains in this video.

You can see why he's considered the top JUCO wide receiver prospect in the nation. Patterson is super fast as well as a big physical target for quarterbacks. He'd be a great compliment to Ball's receiving corps.

Georgia leads in Patterson's recruitment. He's originally from Rock Hill SC and after a lengthy road to qualification he's anxious to play close to home. The Vols probably had him until things really started to fall apart up there. And he liked his Ole Miss visit but they haven't had the time to establish the relationship that Georgia's coaches have. But...LSU needs some receivers and they get his last visit. He won't announce until signing day, so there will be some nervous coaches around Butts-Mehre the next couple weeks and some fans on pins and needles until he announces.

Final thought - maybe you aren't too concerned about the idea of losing a guy like Cordarrelle Patterson to another school. Maybe you think we've got enough targets for Murray to throw to. And you're right, we're pretty deep at WR. But take a look at his mid-season highlight film and tell me he wouldn't look special back there returning kicks. Like I said a few weeks ago, he might be the answer back there. Because even when they kick away from him or squib it he has the patience, the moves and the speed to take it the distance.

The bottom line is that we can ALWAYS use someone with Cordarrelle Patterson's level of talent.


Bernie said...

Mitchell & Patterson on the field together, who are you going to double cover?  With the stable of running backs we're beginning to assemble, Patterson's additon could be unreal to the dynamics of our offense.  We have to get this guy! (we also better close big with some DBs as well).

Bernie said...

In the SEC there is no such thing as "too much talent." I'm sure this guy will be an impact player at least on special teams. Never heard of him prior to this post...thanks Bernie! JUCO players are not a tradition at UGA,but Cordarrelle (wow,that's one long-ass first name) looks most worthy of a scholly! GATA