Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 18 days til NSD

Welcome Todd Gurley! Like I said yesterday, this kid officially makes for a crowded backfield and we'll be better for it as early as August. Don't worry about the fact that Mike Davis committed to Carolina last night, officially. Gurley works hard. He doesn't know the word quit because he's never entered it into his vocabulary. He wins. And he'll push everyone to get better.

To put it in laymans' terms, we're not even to January's midpoint and already we're two pulled hammies and at least two sprained ankles from seeing Carlton Thomas run up the middle.

This is progress folks. The collegiate tackle football programs of the southeast are getting Richt-rolled like a buncha bitches. Dabo was seen last night watering his own lawn in his underoos, in 29 degree temps. Saban's using a calculator for once. Spurrier just soiled his pants and his visor.

However...we now turn our focus to big men. Avery Young is in the same category today as he was yesterday - must have! Like the Senator said, the line looks need of depth...and size. 

In short, we're two and a half weeks away from signing day and we're on a hot streak. But the work left to do is only getting heavier.


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