Monday, January 30, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 2 days til NSD

Again, great reads on former Georgia players reflecting back on their recruitment going on over at DawgNation. Check out yesterday's on David Weeks, former offensive lineman and how his official visit to Tech went. Good stuff.

We're down to 48 hours. Here's a couple updates.

Sheldon Dawson. Simmons reports ($$) that he had a good visit to Oxford and now plans to announce sometime Wednesday instead of today. This likely means that Admiral Akbar set a trap and the Rebels now stand a good chance at Tennessee's top player. Hopefully reason prevails over proximity.

Jaquay Williams. Surprised Auburn with an unofficial visit this weekend as he tagged along with teammate Will Adams. It feels like this would easily be Georgia's signature had Auburn not been with Williams' longer. He may just have to flip a coin on Wednesday.

Josh Harvey-Clemons. Radi lets JHC clear up some rumors.


Bernie said...

Gonna be an interesting day on Wednesday. All things equal, I would rather be in our postion then the one that Johnson and Tech are waking up to this morning. Can you say trainwreck? Mercy!

Bernie said...

Williams is all Barn. We were WAAAAAAAAY too late on Jacquay and Dillon Lee. Absolutely no excuse... hang this debacle on CRG!

Bernie said...

Can you say RING TEAM?