Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 21 days til NSD

Feels good to get Jordan Jenkins on board. Now let's go back to the offensive side of the ball and take a look at the offensive line.

We lose Trinton Sturdivant, Ben Jones*, Cordy Glenn and Justin Anderson. Returning we have three guys that started (Burnette, Gates, and Lee) as well as a few guys that played (Dantzler, Andrews and the Long brothers). Add in some redshirts (DeBell and Ward) and we still have several spots to fill here.

Avery Young of Palm Spring FL
John Theus is one of the top prospects in the country, at any position. He'll definitely play early, it's just a matter of how soon he starts. I'd be a little surprised if he's not protecting Murray's blind side in September.

Mark Beard is on campus now after transferring via the JUCO route. With his size he'll at least provide some depth for Coach Friend to use as well as challenge some of the less experienced guys. We've also landed commitments from Greg Pyke (Baltimore MD) and Chester Brown (Hinesville GA).

So what's left? I think Friend wants two more and we especially have our eyes on Avery Young out of Palm Springs FL. Young has the size to grow into a true SEC tackle and is good at both run and pass blocking. With some more growth and some toughness at the line of scrimmage he could develop quickly and nicely. Young made his official visit to Athens on the weekend of the Gala. He's considering Georgia, Auburn, Florida and evidently Miami after a surprise announcement last week that he would make an official visit to Coral Gables.

I was in hopes that once Jenkins committed Monday night that we might hear that Brandon Greene was reconsidering his commitment to Bama. Greene's another large OT prospect out of Cedar Grove. He made a surprise visit to Athens last month, but confirmed at last week's UA game that he is true to his word.

I don't know, I'm not taking my eye off that guy yet. And I doubt Coach Richt's staff will either.

**Don't think I mentioned this earlier, but it's recently come out that Ben Jones played practically the entire Outback Bowl with an injured big toe after breaking it on the 2nd play from scrimmage. That's one tough sonofabitch.

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Bernie said...

Depth at the offensive line is key for this recruiting class. I know UGA recruited some talented kids last year, but can you ever have enough depth in the trenches? As Alabama showed, you need big strong, athletic offensive linemen to run AND pass block to play "big boy" football.

Bernie said...


Bernie said...

Yeah, it would be great to land both Young and Greene.  I like our chances with Young but with Greene already committed to Saban it will be hard to turn him.  Saban must have a way of convincing players that if they go anywhere else but Bama, they will regret their decision.  Unfortunately, there is one thing he can tell them that is the truth:  "We win championships at Alabama.  Can Georgia say the same?"  So, we have to sell kids on coming in and taking us to the top.  I just wish there were more players out there that bleed red and black and don't have to be sold over and over to come to UGA.  That said, I think we have done a great job with guys like Theus, Marshall, Jenkins, Taylor, and a few more and hopefully, we add another 6-8 big timers by Feb. 1 (Gurley, JHC, Whitehead, Young, Patterson).  


Bernie said...

The best thing about last year's class was that it re-emphasized the importance of getting the state's talent. Nowadays it's hard to find that kid that just bleeds Dawg red as you mentioned. Unless his parents both went to UGA and it's been ingrained. Hope fully we do add some more big guys. Getting Jenkins the other night certainly helps with momentum.