Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 3 days til NSD

Just a quick update as I'm away from the laptop this weekend. But it looks more and more like Jaquay Williams will stick with Auburn. Georgia has made a late push, but since he went to Opelika this weekend I don't think that bodes well in the end. (Georgia did offer two of Williams' teammates yesterday. Demarre Kitt is a 2014 WR and Shaq Wiggins is a 2013 DB.) I still think the Dawgs are in the hunt for the state's top wide receiver. We'll see what Jaquay decides come Wednesday.

Richt wasn't able to visit Josh Dawson's home last night as planned. Evidently there was a family matter to attend to. But Grantham joined Garner at the Dawson home and gave big pitch. Grantham is the hottest recruiter in the south, perhaps the nation right now. Can he turn the Tucker OLB/DE to Athens? We'll find out at 9:45 on Wednesday.

Have a a great day Dawgs!

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Bernie said...

I think Williams has been AU from day 1 and just likes that added attention. On another blog someone predicted that Justin Scott-Wesley was going to make some noise for UGA this year. I couldn't agree more. When I saw his fall practice video his body looked the most mature of all receivers. He's loaded with muscle and runs a 10.35 100M, so he's got blazing speed. I expect big things out of him this year. Why did I bring up JSW... no big loss if Williams stays true to AU.

Bernie said...

I think I saw the same vid. He's going to hard to cover, both at the line of scrimmage and down the field.