Friday, January 27, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: 5 days til NSD

Some nuggets to stir into your coffee.
Kenderious Whitehead
  • Will Adams says he received a UGA offer yesterday when Georgia coaches visited Sandy Creek HS. Most experts agree that what is being reported didn't actually happen. Sounds like there was some miscommunication. Adams is a Tech commit.
  • Speaking of Sandy Creek, the Jaquay Williams visit went really well yesterday. Still going to be a tough one to pull from Auburn. They've been in it a while. But Georgia coaches gave the play making wide receiver a lot to think about.
  • Brandon Greene also had a visit from UGA yesterday. He evidently knows where he's going, but we won't until Wednesday around 9am.
  • It's also not over with Kenderious Whitehead. Georgia coaches made a strong pitch Tuesday and the NC State commit just has to decide whether he'd like to put his hand in SEC dirt and make plays in Grantham's 3-4, or make them in Raleigh in relative obscurity.
  • Sean Price (as of last night) will NOT be visiting Athens. South Florida coaches evidently convinced him not to come. Oh well.
Let's play rank the prospects. Here's how I would rank them.
  1. Avery Young - (OL) Based simply on the fact that we have to have linemen. Have to.
  2. Josh Harvey-Clemons - (OLB) Georgia's top uncommitted prospect.
  3. Cordarrelle Patterson - (WR) Difference maker, plain and simple.
  4. Sheldon Dawson - (DB) Top defensive back on Lakatos' board.
  5. Brandon Greene (OL) - This one won't be over until the ink is dry.
  6. Jaquay Williams - (WR) Auburn commit is lending an ear Richt's way.
  7. Josh Dawson - (OLB) Vandy commit is liking what Grantham is doing.
  8. Kenderious Whitehead - (DE) Really likes UGA, but enough to dump NC State?
What order would you put them in? If I had to guess at this point I think we get both Dawsons, JHC and probably Avery Young. But the only one I feel comfortable about right now is S. Dawson. And maybe Harvey-Clemons.  Regardless, the last few days are going to be a fun ride.


Bernie said...

From where I am sitting my top two would be the linemen. I feel good about our play makers, I know we could use a couple more, but I think one more year of play like last year and it will only strengthen our recruiting capability. We got hurt early due to the 2010 record and Richt's future in question. A lot of catching up had to be done for this class. Which is still a solid one if it ended today.  

Bernie said...

I agree with you until the last sentence. I think (fingers crossed, knocking on wood...) with a couple more guys like Young, JHC...this class may end up being Richt's best ever.