Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: NSD Eve, part one

In 24 hours we'll be knee deep in fax paper.

I hope most of you can come to Athens, but if you can't...you can get all of your National Signing Day news right here. Plus a little extra.
Butts-Mehre before the 2010 NSD
I'll have a liveblog up and ready to go first thing in the morning. Certain recruiting writers and beat guys' twitter feeds will be automatically fed into it. I've got a list I work off of. If you notice someone that is missing, let me know in the comments and I'll add them tonight.

Once we (my official videographer Nama might be joining me) get up there we'll have some updates, pictures and videos uploaded into the liveblog.
You'll be able to ask questions and chat with each other as well. Keep in mind that comments have to be approved with this platform. So if you don't see your comment right away it's because our attention is drawn elsewhere. Like hopefully towards Chuck Dowdle announcing that Josh Harvey-Clemons signature is in.

Tomorrow will also be the last day of the January Pledge Drive. So for those of you who have already given or those who decide to donate by close of business tomorrow, we will have some prizes to give out from the Dawg Blawg closet.

It's going to be a busy day. Here's the target list schedule I have as of this moment. 

Dalvin Tomlinson - 8:45
Jaquay Williams - 8:45
Josh Harvey-Clemons - 9:00, ESPNU/ESPN3
Brandon Greene - 9:00
Kenderious Whitehead - 9:00
Will Redmond - 9:30
Josh Dawson - 10:00
Cordarrelle Patterson - 11:30
Avery Young - 2:00, ESPNU

Lastly, I would like to take an opportunity to give some shout outs. I make a big deal here about spreading the love in the Dawgosphere. We are truly lucky as fans to have such a large cyber footing. Beat writers, bloggers, podcasts, message boards. Since I entered the arena I think the acreage has tripled with at least two more pay sites, the evolution of Twitter and countless more blogs.

Recruiting is a funny business. I don't always enjoy following it because you learn quickly that it's all about relationships, which means someone is always going to get hurt. In turn that leads to some pretty murky waters. I don't know how the writers that cover it 24/7/365 manage their way. But the guys at DawgPost, UGA Rivals, DawgNation, Georgia 247 and Carvell at AJC, not to mention the beat guys that delve into it once the season draws to a close, they all do a tremendous job.

And a very special shout-out to ecdawg and Socrates over at Leather Helmet. They've raised a bar in terms of blogs that cover recruiting that I for one will never attempt to clear. It's one thing for me to post snippets and summarizations with links for my readers. Those guys are blazing their own trail and we're all better off for it. 

Make sure you go ahead and work enough today to make up for tomorrow ahead of time. National Signing Day might just command your full attention.


Bernie said...

Thanks for the SO, Bernie. We are looking forward to your reports from B-M tomorrow!

Bernie said...

...thanks for your passion also!

Bernie said...

My pleasure EC. Tell Socrates I'm prepared to pay him twice what you are. That'd be about 4 doughnuts, right? :)

Bernie said...

GATA always!