Friday, January 13, 2012

Recruiting Roundup: Todd Gurley edition

Todd Gurley. Today. 2pm. Clemson. Or Georgia!!!!! Questions...answered.

Pardon the rant here, but...I'm sick of reading where people get all self-righteous about how they'd prefer this player over that player. They grab a keyboard and hammer out an absurd opinion based solely on a snippet they read of some recruiting coverage. Or worse, the infamous uncle's girlfriend's brother in law went to high school with the kid's 8th grade basketball coach and heard this and can confirm this.

If you think for some reason that Todd Gurley won't crack the starting lineup and you would prefer Mike Davis, that's fine. But spare the rest of us your ignorance. Kids make the choice that's best for them on a myriad of levels. Just because you can't fathom that is no reason to dog a 17 year old that has been working hard towards this moment for years, all while you dust the cheese puff dust from your worn out Nickelback t-shirt.

Now, that's all behind us...this kid is the real deal. He's a legitimate threat at running back and a superb athlete. I watched a lot of video and he's not the jaw dropping type of back that some others are but he makes the defense earn each tackle and is a nice blend of size and speed which I really like. What's more, from reading about him you can't help but be convinced that he can compete at this level.

Does that mean he starts over any other back we have on scholarship? I don't know. I do know that he will make the running back depth chart more competitive because he's a workhorse, he's a winner...and I think he's a Dawg.

Clemson is where he's wanted to play for a long time. The other two schools in the mix are both close to Tarboro. But McClendon has been there the whole way talking up the idea of having Gurley complement his depth chart. In the end I think the fabric that Georgia has woven with Gurley holds up today.

And we'll be better for it starting this August.


Bernie said...

"you dust the cheese puff dust from your worn out Nickelback t-shirt." LOL!
Anything on Jordan Moore?

Bernie said...

No offer from UGA...yet.

Bernie said...

hope this is off base!

Bernie said...

we got him!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie said...

Hope that guy likes his crow with sUGAr.

Bernie said...

Damn! We just keep reeling in the big fish at Tailback U. NOW, we need 3-4 more OL to block for these studs!

Bernie said...

Sure hope we get Avery Young too.