Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Underclassmen, to stay or go

I had some early prognostications on what some underclassmen would do in terms of the NFL draft prior to them getting some feedback. Then I put a poll up and now they've all received their analysis. So let's update things with what I think some will do (in bold). And for that matter, you should be able to go back and change your responses if you feel the need to.

  • Rambo - stays   goes
  • Jarvis - stays   definitely stays
  • Washington - goes  goes
  • Orson -stays....goes...stays, I hope  goes, I think
  • Commings - stays  stays
I'm pretty sure Rambo's the only one on the fence as of right now. By that I mean he's truly 50-50. Jarvis has only moved north of 100% in Athens and he's also keeping Jenkins in town as well. Orson...if I had to put a percentage on it I'd say there's a 30% chance he stays. I'm guessing he's pretty frustrated after yesterday. On the surface that doesn't seem to help us retain his services. Maybe his mom can talk him into finishing up. Commings I put up there a few weeks ago because I heard he was requesting info on his NFL stock. I think he along with a number of others (such as Murray) are just curious.

Washington, no I don't think he's ready. Yes, I do think he could benefit from another year. But I still think he leaves.


Bernie said...

Rambo is staying. Just trust me on that one.

Bernie said...

I hope so. Sometimes it's easy to say one thing around the team, then the bowl's over and you're back home for a couple days. 

What I do know is that we'd be in great shape with him back there again. Give Corey Moore another year to mature.