Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coach Fox's report card

I've really been thinking about this post by Corbindawg and this subsequent post by Mr. Sanchez. I've even gone back and read my glowing, kool-aid drenched post from two years ago when Mark Fox was just tuning up. In hindsight it was premature and inaccurate.

Or was it?

Like the bloggers who've touched on the subject before me I just don't know if Fox can turn the ship in the direction we want it to course. To qualify that, I know he can coach at this level. He can coach well enough to be a major player in this league. That much I know. 

But As Mr. Sanchez said, you aren't going to win Talladega in a Honda. And the UGA men's hoops program is surrounded by really fast, well built engines just looking for a showcase. Too often the Tony Parkers find that showcase in other climes and destinations. Which unfairly or not, leaves us uninspired by the recruits we do get.

So yes, the issue is can Fox recruit. So far if we were to grade him out I would give him a solid B for coaching and a borderline C- in recruiting. Those two are hands that must complement each other well. Really well. Good recruits can bring the coaching grade up. Way up.

I agree that Fox needs more time. The product on the floor isn't producing the wins at a rate that anyone would like, but it's a much better product to watch than his predecessor's slow, overly methodical snorefest. The class coming in next year won't turn a lot of heads now. But if they can develop around Caldwell-Pope...and if Thompkins and/or Leslie could start averaging more minutes...granted a longshot...

But maybe it's one Coach Fox can make.


Bernie said...

 Basketball is a season---- not one game. More like winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series than just “the Big One”. And yes while it’s true that the Chevrolet Monte Carlo has dominated  the last 20 years, Kyle Bush and Tony Stewart have both won the series in ………… a Toyota Camry. At this point  how far is Fox from turning the Honda into something a little more respectable than a Civic battling its way out of the SEC cellar.

Anonymous said...

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