Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute ValenDawg's Day ideas!

I know, I know. You completely forgot about Hallmark's birthday today and haven't gotten any future dead flowers or semi-stale chocolates for that special lady in your life.

Never fear...Bernie's here! Some of these items are repeats from last year. Others are new additions that are ready to light the fires of love in your DawgHouse. Hope you've made room on that credit card!
  • Let's get romantic! Why not add some spice to the relationship with some real sideline role playing. You can be a UGA running back with these super cool eye black strips and she can wear these UGA scrubs and give you some medical attention.
  • If you've got the coin and the time, the dream of every Lady Dawg's heart is to visit Georgia legend Terry Hoage. After all, he's not only the best defensive player Dooley ever coached, he also grows a mean grape
  • Tickets to See the Dawgs Play. Whatever sporting event strikes her fancy, you’ll earn big bonus points with this simple, yet timeless gift. As a bonus, you get another opportunity to bark like hell.
  • The Georgia Snuggie. Help her stay warm in style.
  • Of course, if you really want to make her day special, a Customized Replica Jersey is a favorite of Mrs. Bernie. She even wears it to church.
  • FORE! Help her hit the links in style with this Lettermen's Club golf bag
  • Wanna get more intimate? How ‘bout these pajama bottoms paired with this tank top? Maybe you’re tired of the little lady’s dainties that came from that store in the mall with the awesome catalog. If so, buy her a set of these unmentionables.
  • Need to go cheaper get more practical? I understand. Perhaps your lady needs a new gameday purse (aka a bourbon transporter) or a new recipe book for tailgating awesomeness.
  • Maybe the wifey likes things with some more shine. I feel ya. Try this Executive Series Timepiece. You don’t have to tell her it came from WallyWorld, plus she might finally have dinner ready on time for once.
  • If you need to take her on a vacation, why not make it Athens on Gameday? If you already live in Athens, tell her You My Lady! all over again this fall against the backdrop of the St. John’s River.
And if all else fails…buy her a subscription to BerniesDawgBlawg and take her for a coupla chili dogs at the Varsity Monday night. You’ll thank hate me later.

Happy ValenDawg’s Day!


Bernie said...

There are gonna be a lot of women in the Peach State pissed off at you tomorrow.

Bernie said...

What can I say. I'm used to the dog house.