Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Legendary status

The only honor larger than having an award named after you would be earning it.
Two of Georgia’s greatest football players will be honored with special awards named after them, according to an announcement by coach Mark Richt. Heisman Trophy winner Frank Sinkwich and Maxwell Award winner Charley Trippi will be honored with annual awards beginning in 2012. The Sinkwich Award will be awarded to Georgia’s toughest player, while the Trippi Award will be presented to the team’s most versatile player.
“Frank Sinkwich had to be tough by playing seven games with a broken jaw in 1941,” Richt said. “I have always heard that Charley Trippi was the most exciting player of his time. It must have been a special experience to see these two great Georgia players compete on the field. It’s appropriate to have two awards honoring Sinkwich and Trippi, both of whom were great players, graduates of the University, and always willing to give back to their alma mater.”


Bernie said...

I hope they establish a "Goal Line Stalker" /Herschel Walker Award for something! GATA

Bernie said...

Ironic that this post reflects some of the "found treasure." The pic is a strong hint!

Anonymous said...

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