Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - Cherry Trees and Veto Power

Four score and seven years ago I must confess that I did chop down that cherry tree. Beyond that I am not a crook.

Shoulda veto'd this casual attire 
Can you imagine being Prez Adams' secretary on a day like today? I mean that guy's ego must be hard to contain any day of the week, but on Presidents' Day I bet that little rosy cheeked carpet bagger goes off the chain. I heard his last chief advisor quit on Presidents' Day in 2009 when Adams insisted he be referred to as Captain Veto. Then the next year he lost the replacement when he insisted the lackey place a call to President Obama so they could "talk shop".

Jimmy Carter has blocked Adams' phone number and George W is one "impromptu visit at the ranch" away from having the guy waterboarded until he admits he can't stand grits. Recently we even reached out to Coach Dooley for an assessment of this strange behavior for our chief UGA administrator.
Bernie: Coach, what do you think about Preh...
Coach Dooley: I wish that %#$! *&%$ing #$%1! would just @*^%ing $!&@# #%$@! @*&%$ go to (H E double hockey sticks). 
Well. That just about says it all. Unless we can get Prez Adams to go see "Our American Cousin" at the Ford Theater this April, we'll just have to somehow endure his presidential sized self admiration.

Today's Ingredients
  • hoopdawg breaks down yesterday's loss to Vandy. I think John Jenkins just hit another three pointer. 
  • Here's Ching's analysis as well.
  • Great weekend for Perno's Diamond Dawgs, including a terrific performance yesterday by the young right-hander Taylor Hicks.
  • Blutarsky finds some NFL data to prepare us for the new NCAA kickoff rules.
  • sUGArfalling finds a couple reasons not to worry about the Commings suspension, particularly as it relates to the SEC opener against Mizzou.
  • Cool feature ($$) on long snapper Ty Frix by Fletcher Page.
  • Mr. Sanchez finds a great way to pass the time in between innings. Of course I'm a sucker for some DbT.
  • ecdawg found an interesting take on the state of the gayturd program than Muschomp has adopted. Meyer's mire, good swampy read there.
  • I doubt it escaped your keen eye, but the big news out of Chickumbia is that "sometimes crap happens. You just have to deal with it."
  • Things have quieted down some since the Aggies pitched their little hissy fit over seating arrangements in the big boy league. Welcome to the show boys. Now sit down and shut up.
  • Lastly, I'd like to congratulate Dawg Day on his nuptials this weekend. If you are in love with a Dawgette, I'd suggest you follow his lead on how he went about popping the question.

Did not tell you to put the balm on.
There's been some recent concern over Darren the Intern's run in with the law as he investigated the Peach Pass lanes. He was nabbed for "creating a dangerous commuting environment" and "distracting law abiding motorists" while installing web cams along the barren waste of a lane. Governor Deal (perhaps drunk on the taste of his own presidential-like power) quickly stepped in and went all DOT on Darren's ass. BDB's official statement was that the kid was acting on his own accord...

...but we couldn't just leave Darren out there alone to dodge passing cars and the excessively long arm of the law. Frankly I found the whole episode outrageous, egregious and preposterous. Which meant there was only one man to call, Jackie Chiles.

Mr. Chiles possesses the résumé and has the experience a case like this needs. He's taken on Java World and their faulty tops for their caffè lattes and gone head to head with king tobacco. Surely a few miles of unused pavement is no match for his pressed suits and extensive vocabulary.

In short, I expect Darren back by next week at the latest. And with any luck he'll catch Prez Adams on camera drinking a "pop" while listening to Justin Beaver. Douche.

If you have the day off, don't waste the trip to the mailbox and remember - "America is too great for small dreams." Ronald ReaganEnjoy the meatloaf Reader. It's not gluten-free but it is hanging chad-free.



Bernie said...

"America is too great for small dreams." Ronald Reagan. He ranks as my number two all-time favorite POTUS. Number one is the first: George Washington. He was offered the job for life...and turned it down. An example most present day politicos never would,but should follow. Thanks for the snack Bernie! nom!

Bernie said...

The familia gathered tonight and they met you via this site,as did I some time ago.You have 6 more fans tonight. After a long debate,we all decided UPS would be the best delivery service! (:

Bernie said...


Bernie said...

Let's see....1 plus 6 equals...lucky seven!

Thanks Dawg! 

Anonymous said...

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