Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - taking a flying leap

Did you get some Funky Buddha?
It's almost Leap Day. I was just thinking as I type this that there's a LOT of people walking down some red carpet right now I wish would take a long leap on Wednesday. Maybe someone should start a petition that the Oscars are only to be held during a Leap Year. Save us from Hollywood's exercise in self glorification.

Anyway, just a thought. Perhaps I'm in the minority, as I usually am. This will be savory, yet short as I just got back from Charleston. Normally I would forgo the meatloaf prep on a Sunday evening like this, but it was just too great of a weekend to be a Dawg, especially a beer drinking Dawg in the low country of South Carolina.

I had the pleasure of attending Brewvival for the first time. I haven't been to a lot of beer festivals. But I've been to enough to know that it'd be hard to imagine one that is better than the one COAST Brewing and Charleston Beer Exchange put on each February. I'll have my official review up tomorrow. For now suffice to say I was blown away. I was among a record number of craft beer lovers to descend on North Charleston and taste what has to be some of the best brew in America. If there's anything better, it's well hidden.

And you know what goes great with beer, some meatloaf. Here are....

A little TO at the turn...
Today's Ingredients

  • It truly was a great weekend for UGA sports. Where to start...??
  • How about on the hardcourt with the men's hoops. Coach Fox's Hounds played a complete game and beat Florida 76-62.
  • Should you want tickets for the regular season finale against lowly Carolina, you can get them here.
  • Staying on the hardwood, Coach Landers' Ladies routed LSU yesterday. Maybe Bubba Watson should lend a hand more often.
  • Coach Perno's squad now 7-0 after a weekend sweep of Winthrop.
  • Great combine on Saturday it sounds like, especially for a former Dawg. Cordy Glenn's stock is up. Way up.
  • In more pro news Weiszer reports that Boykin is setting up for UGA's Pro Day.
  • Trinton Sturdivant is moving along. He's landed on his feet more than most while on the gridiron. Here's hoping he does the same in the "real world".
  • Lastly, for all of you coffee drinkers that also like to support a red and black about some Freudian Drip from Jittery Joe's? Portion of the proceeds benefits the UGA Psychology department.

Hailing a cab is always a leap of faith isn't it? We were reminded of this a couple times Saturday as we made our way around Charleston. These guys that drive taxis get a captured audience on a meter and you're either subjected to their semi-amusing ramblings or their "creative route selection". Or both.

Bickle isn't a fan of Oscar either

Even as Scott pulled out his smartphone and checked the direction and "towardance" our middle eastern navigator was using to get us to the Brewvival gates, Punjab was insisting that he was using the best route to  get us to the event asap maximize his earning potential. He gave us his card as we unloaded so we could call when we "are done drinking your beers sir". But somehow I think Ben lost it. Unfortunate.

But the most entertaining ride was Saturday night getting back to the hotel. We crammed into 1995 Saturn owned and operated by "South Carolina's greatest non-matriculator not named Stephen Garcia" and he proceeded to tell us all the Cola bars where he used to score chicks*, especially the artsy bars. I think this dude leaped out of a psych ward sometime in the early 2000s and hasn't taken his lithium since. When I wasn't being force fed visuals of him hitting on chicks with long armpit hair and nose rings I was having visions of him taking us to his van down by the river to show us his collection of navel lint. Yeh, he was that kind of guy.

But he operated his motor vehicle just well enough to get us back to the hotel where Brook just happened to have some more beer. So, win win! And in a sense that allows me this opportunity to remind you that Wednesday is an extra day on the calendar to do so many things. You can start with hating tech, then you can do the world a favor, perhaps you can finish the day off by laughing a little harder at Auburn students' inability to spell. Regardless, fortify yourself with a hearty helping of meatloaf. Here's your fork!

*I transcribed Mr. Schizo's loose terms here to keep this post as close to PG or PG-13 as possible.

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