Monday, February 6, 2012

Preach it Herschel!

After being laid up all weekend with some sinus crap I didn't get around to finishing the meatloaf. Perhaps tomorrow. We'll see.

But I did want to take this opportunity to share this video (h/t Ally) from Woodlands Church in Texas. Pastor Kerry Shook had Herschel as a guest last Sunday. As usual the Goalline Stalker provides a great message, mixed with humor and incredible stories. 

He comes in around the 21:00 mark. Enjoy.

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Bernie said...

The best part comes around the 40 minute mark where Herschel tells the story of the 2 boys & horse manure. Side-splitting laughter. That and the part where he takes a little shot at Bo Jackson. Also the video clip of recent Heisman winner Robert Griffin III talking about his admiration for Herschel was pretty special. 

It's a little long, but I hope Dawg fans will watch it & love it. UGA fans don't need confirmation that he's a remarkable man, but it sure is wonderful to see him speak about his triumphs over adversity & love for Christ for 40 minutes. So glad you liked it!