Saturday, February 4, 2012 what?

Again, moving forward.

So what now? We're down to a top heavy depth chart at defensive back in terms of experience. Once Williams, Rambo, Smith and Commings move on after 2012 we're left with:

Juniors - Deas  Harrow  Moore  Swann
Sophomores - Bowman and Dawson

That's it. Five scholarship defensive backs plus whoever we sign in the class of 2013. The other position affected by yesterday's news fairs little better:

Seniors - Wooten
Juniors - Bennett  Conley  Mitchell
Sophomores - Scott-Wesley
Freshmen - Tibbs (assuming a redshirt in 2012)

Just 48 hours ago I was mildly upset at only pulling in one receiver with this year's class. But comparatively speaking, Ball's squad is in much better shape moving forward than Lakatos'.

Which begs the question(s). Do we move Malcolm Mitchell to DB, at least part time? I think we'll at least attempt to sign some JUCO players to build depth. But don't we need to see what he can do on the other side of the ball this spring? Even if it's just a look?


Bernie said...

I think we will see Mitchell switched to CB and play WR 5-10 plays a game, especially if the WR continue to improve Bennett, Conley etc.

Bernie said...

See what you can dig up on Chris Morgan. He hasn't signed and film looks impressive. Maybe worth an offer if he qualifies academically.

Bernie said...

I think we should use spring to test how much "Champ Bailey" use he can handle. Don't want to lose his downfield threat at WR, but he could be just as much of a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

Also, look out for Mario Alford of GMC. Rumors he may sign with UGA.

Bernie said...

It is time for Richt to step up to UNDERSIGNING and giving walk-on scholarships. It kills us on DEPTH.

Bernie said...

 The "dearth of depth" could become a new lexicon!

Bernie said...

Re  Mario Alford from GMC....just googled his bio and he's seem lights out as a DB...rated at No I by several recruiting was he overlooked by schools??  We should be on him big time!!!

Bernie said...

GA Southern is looking at him too it appears. He's kind of all over the place in terms of how he's being evaluated (db, return guy, slot receiver). Looks like our defensive coaches just want a better chance to look at him before we offer. If we do offer him sounds like he'll take it then and there.

Bernie said...

Word is we offered Alford!

Bernie said...

Haven't heard that, yet. But won't be surprised if and when we do. Good player with a lot of upside from what I hear.

Anonymous said...

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