Sunday, February 19, 2012

Special Beer of the Week - Sweetwater's 15th

So yesterday was kinda a big deal. Even though I did a BotW post a couple days ago, yesterday's momentous occasion calls for a special edition. Fifteen years of great beer is nothing to sneeze at. Happy Anniversary Sweetwater!

I couldn't make it down for their official celebration yesterday, so instead I grabbed their 15th anniversary ale and made sure my favorite glass was clean and ready for the pour. 15 Years of Heady Beer is delicious. Just what you'd expect from a brewery that has grown steadily and continually done things right for a decade and a half. It pours a nice rich copper and has a beautiful frothy head. Just as I expected the flavors are intense and well balanced. The bitterness is subtle, delicious and fades nicely into a creamy, fruity finish.

This beer is intense. It's 10% ABV but you never really taste the alcohol much which is key for me.* Once it warms up a little there's more of the creamy maltiness than there was before. This is a great beer. Grab one soon. If you're around Atlanta it shouldn't be too hard. It comes in a bomber and I think it was about 8 bucks. Worth every penny.

Afterall, fifteen years of great brewing is behind this one. Congrats to everyone at Sweetwater who has made it what it is today. Cheers!

15th Years of Heady Beers brewing and bottling
from SweetWater Brewery on Vimeo.

Tune in later this week when I review yet another beer in preparation for an ultimate beer drinkers' experience - Brewvival!

*Don't want to get too preachy. And I love the awareness that Dogfish Head has brought to craft brewing. But as much as they put into their beer, every one I have is both high in alcohol and tastes it. Believe me, I don't mind drinking a beer that has a high ABV. And Dogfish puts a lot of effort into creating certain flavors. But I like a beer that masks the alcohol and doesn't burn your tongue without giving it something to work for first. So if you love Dogfish Head, great. But there's a lot more out there that's better, and less pretentious...and easier on the wallet.

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