Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dabo, we hardly knew ye

As we anticipated...Clempson and Georgia have begun talks to dump the home and home series scheduled for 2013 and 2014.
Athletic director Greg McGarity confirmed on Tuesday that he’s talked to Clemson athletic director Terry Don Phillips about the games.
“I don’t think Clemson knows exactly where things stand as far as expansion but we’re just trying to see the lay of the land because we know that they’re going to expand at nine games at some point in time,” McGarity said about Pittsburgh and Syracuse joining the ACC. “When that is, we’re just trying to stay ahead of it. We’ve had a few discussions on the phone about where things stand and we’re just waiting to hear back from Clemson on what their plans are in the future.”
There is a $500,000 cancellation fee unless there’s “mutual consent,” according to the game contract.
Georgia is scheduled to play at Clemson to open the 2013 season and Clemson would play in Athens in 2014.
McGarity said Georgia would like to play the games if the SEC remains with eight conference games.
“Word is we’re leaning towards staying with eight games and if we stay at eight-games, sure, we’d like we’d keep it intact, but I’m not sure what that would do for a team that has nine games,” McGarity said of Clemson. “They’re certainly not going to dropSouth Carolina.”
On the plus side, the South's oldest rivalry still appears safe. And Abuurn's just like Clempson...without the lake.

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Bernie said...

The joy of SEC expansion - why couldn't we just leave well enough alone?  We're going to trade home-and-home games like Clemson and Ohio State for another cannon fodder, tomato can opponent from the Sun Belt.