Sunday, March 18, 2012

From Foley to Isner...a segway segue way

Tried to get some footage of the Diamond Dawgs' win over the mountain turds yesterday. I failed. But I can assure you it was a great day at Foley. The 7 year old and I barked heartily which helped the red and black to a 5 run 5th inning and Perno's pups never looked back. 10-5 win over the HillBillys. Perfect day in Athens!

What in the hell does this have to do with John Isner? Well, let's segway segue way shall we?

Tradition at baseball games is for someone to sing Take me out to the Ballpark! during the 7th inning stretch. Yesterday the honor fell to Coach Manny Diaz (btw it was his birthday Friday!). Here's what the YouTube cameramen caught...

Now, next step in the segway segue way...Diaz obviously was Isner's coach while he was blasting through the NCAA fields. And yesterday Isner took down the world's #1 (which I pretty much predicted here a few weeks ago). It was a milestone that was expected sooner rather than later. In fact, here's yesterday's loser in his own words.
“It’s a matter of belief, I think, in the end, and confidence on the court,” Djokovic said when asked what has recently separated Isner from the pack of big servers lurking in the middle of the A.T.P. rankings. “I mean, with that serve and with that forehand he’s got the ability to be a top 10 player, you know. He had that already a couple years back. It’s just, you know, matter of really trusting your instincts and your strokes and your quality. I think it all came together for him now, and he’s deservedly in the top 10 now.” 
Congrats to the Diamond Dawgs! Thanks to Coach Diaz for the tune! And keep kicking kicking ass Isner!
UPDATE: Federer outlasts the rain and Nadal to earn a spot in the finals with Isner. They'll play today at 2pm. It airs on ABC I believe.