Thursday, March 15, 2012

Herschel Walker, potential campus statue

Earlier this week we looked at the possibility of college football's greatest player being featured on the cover EA Sports' popular video game cover. And I trust you have been faithfully visiting the BookFace page and voting once a day. I do. Because that's the kind of readers I have. They recognize a good purpose and respond accordingly. Ahem!

Well today I wanted to point you towards another page designed to drum up support for an on campus statue of #34, The Herschel Walker Statue Project.  Rob Saye started it Saturday and it's already over 1000 1100 1300 members (as of my bedtime...and counting by the second). Herschel himself is throwing his weight behind the project...

...especially since the intention is for it to evolve into a charitable work in his honor. So head on over and join in the action. Lots of fans are sharing pictures, memories and thoughts about one of the Dawgs' living legends.

And by all means, help spread the word!

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