Thursday, March 22, 2012

"I'm a player."

Spring is a time for fundamentals. It's also a time for adjustments. Ladies and gents, Ray Drew is adjusting to DE just fine.
“Since I’m going to be playing there no matter what, I would like to put on the weight so that I can hold my own whenever I’m down there,” said Drew, a sophomore who played outside linebacker last season but has practiced as a defensive end the first two practices. “When you get down there closer to the center, you have to be a man to play in the trenches.”
The 6-foot-5, 269-pound Drew still wouldn’t mind getting up in the 275-pound range this fall.
He expects by the time his Georgia career is over he’ll be in the 285- to 290-pound range.
Drew was a five-star recruit out of Thomasville who had eight tackles last season in limited playing time.
Asked if he’s more comfortable with his hand in the dirt, Drew said the positions are somewhat similar “just one is more wider than the other and then the occasional drop. I just like to be in a position where I can put pressure on the quarterback, stop the run and make plays. I’m a player. That’s what I like to do.”


Bernie said...

  David Pollack. Height: 6-2 Weight: 250 He handled himself pretty well against some of the big boys. Does the 4-3 help a smaller D end?

Bernie said...

Good point. I think it does. A 4-3 DE can be counted on mostly to speed rush and try to contain the edge when needed. Whereas in a 3-4 the DE needs to be able to absorb space and bodies. Marcus Howard might be the best example. Incredible pass rusher, but wouldn't have been an every down DE in the 3-4.