Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just say no...$h*t

An already depleted secondary just got even thinner. And as a bonus we also lose an ILB.
Starting linebacker Alec Ogletree and starting safety Bacarri Rambo will miss at least two games, but up to as many as four games, at the start of the season for a violation of team rules.
That was my skull. I'm so wasted.
This is the second suspension of Rambo’s career and appears to be Ogletree’s first. Rambo sat out the Bulldogs’ season opener last year with Boise State for breaking team rules (undisclosed). Ogletree was injured in the game against the Broncos, breaking his foot, and didn’t return until the Bulldogs’ game with Florida in late October.
Remember all that talk last year about making a mistake that compromised the team goal

I can sit here and be mesmerized by the stupidity of coming back to school just to fail a drug test. I can wonder how it makes sense to have all the talent in the world and jeopardize NFL riches beyond measure that is merely a year away, just to achieve a Jeff Spicoli like state of awareness

I think instead I'll blame all the 7th grade Health teachers out there. Don't they scare the shit out of these kids anymore telling them drugs will make you sterile? Because to a 13 year old boy, hearing the word "sterile" translates to "your johnson'll fall off if you smoke that crap". guess is Tree gets two games and comes back for Florida Atlantic. Rambo we might not see until Tennessee. I'm sure instant analysis and much gnashing of the teeth awaits...elsewhere. 

Personally, I'm getting ready for vacation.


Bernie said...

 Unbelievable! Rambo, what were you thinking?  Tree, that's not you. Our
tenth grade science teacher was responsible for our drug education.
Which happened to be Coach Conrad Nix at Warner Robins HS (later HC at
Northside). We listened to a tape of kids on acid trying to become one
with an on coming semi tractor trailer truck. If that didn't convince
you to stay clear of the "tripping experience"  the description of the
teen mother's child born with the fish  gills did!

Bernie said...

I know people that live in glass houses should never throw rocks, but I was never a leader or captain of a major SEC football team. That said, these kids know better. It's not like the rules have changed since, well, since last year....

Bernie said...

Everybody knows the rules, they are not there to be bent,twisted or manipulated. They broke the rules now the team has to suffer, how inconsiderate and selfish,this is a complete disreguard for the Coach 's and team mates. Oh its no big deal they wont do it again. Do we reward children for doing wrong?  Win, loose or draw the school, coaches,teammates and the Fans don't deserve this kind of CRAP, from someone who thinks his light shines the brightest

Bernie said...

You invest time, effort and money in the recruitment of these kids. You allow them to play their 18 year old games about who they might or might not sign with. You promise them special numbers to wear, provide them with the finest facilities in the country, present them with the opportunity to showcase their talents in the best football conference in the country, and above all give them the opportunity to earn a college degree at no expense to their families.  Then they turn around and s--- on the university, the program, the fans, the students, the alumni, etc. I don't have an answer for this crap, but at UGA it is isn't a question of "if", it's a question of when someone is going to screw up. I do know one thing: I would run these kids on the Sanford Stadium steps at 5 A.M. until there were noses bleeding and puke spewing. There would be no walking off, only crawling away. Football players hate to get up early and they hate to run; I would give 'em a healthy dose of both!  Enough is enough.

Bernie said...

Actually interesting presupposition, but still I can't fully agree with you. Anyway, thanks for sharing your personal point of view here!