Thursday, March 22, 2012

Looking back, Kenarious > Da'Rick

And it ain't even close really. And I know this isn't news to most of us. After all, Kenarious Gates has played, started and filled in admirably and albeit effectively since he was a freshman in 2010. Rogers on the other hand is a first rate problem child for lil Dooley.

And now Gates is leading off the spring in Cordy Glenn's old spot at left tackle. He's played in 19 games and started 12 of them since his freshman year. Not bad for a kid that was offered at the last minute in 2010 when a player decommitted to Coach Richt and the program.

Meanwhile...Rogers has all world talent with nearly enough brains to fill a thimble. He's been trouble since he set foot in Knoxville and if Dooley had any spine (or quality depth) at all he surely would've booted the Calhoun GA product long ago. Rogers has divided the team and run off coaches. It's the near perfect poster for inmates running the asylum.

All this to say: 1) why were so many people upset when a kid turned his back on Georgia? Follow the philosophy of "If they don't wanna be Dawgs, good riddance" and 2) kudos to Gates for taking an opportunity and making the most of it. He was the last one offered in 2010, but he's become quite dependable and versatile along an offensive line that really needs both.

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Bernie said...

nice post -  Gates > Rogers for some time now. 

Bernie said...

An added bonus in all of this is the fact UGA doesn't have the stench of the brief stay of Nash Nance, the package part of the Da'Prick package deal that never was. I'll always take a DGD over a "look at me" EVERY time.