Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mitchell full-time (Spring) defensive back

Not exactly how I envisioned it coming to fruition. But Malcolm Mitchell is officially a Georgia Bulldog defensive back. With the early season suspensions to our incumbent starters Sanders Commings and now Branden Smith, Richt and staff have no choice but to get Mitchell as many reps as possible.
“This spring, he’s going to work almost exclusively on defense,” Richt said of the 15 practices that begin in a week. “He may run over there and run a route once in a while or there may be a scrimmage where the offense grabs him and runs a couple of plays that it already knows. The goal for him is to be as proficient as a cornerback as he could possibly be and have enough of a working knowledge where when they work out in the summer, and once we start in camp, he’ll have a pretty good feel of that position.” 
A lot of fans will belly ache about "losing our biggest offensive threat". But if you look at the first two games of the season: 1) we shouldn't need more than a Keebler elf at tailback and Marlon Brown at receiver to handle Buffalo's defense. And 2) we'll need all the help we can get in the secondary against Mizzou's pass happy attack September 8th. 

No, it's not how I wanted it to come about. But I applaud the idea of putting this guy on the defensive side. With the front seven we have this season we need difference makers in the secondary to take advantage of the pressure that Jarvis Jones and Co. will create. 

Malcolm Mitchell is that type of player. Special.

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