Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mitchell to corner, moving forward

The idea of Malcolm Mitchell playing defensive back is beyond hypothetical at this point. We're on the eve of experimental. Let's move forward shall we?

Athletically I don't think there's much of a question as to whether this is something Mitchell can handle. After all, he was rated as high as #1 as a cornerback coming out of Valdosta.

The advantage I see that Mitchell has over someone like Champ is that he's had a year to absorb the offensive nuances of the college game, then move to the defensive meetings for instruction. I'm not suggesting that it's that much easier to absorb Grantham's scheme and his role within it than it is Bobo's playbook. But there's more instinct on that side of the ball. 

Mitchell is going to thrive as a two-way star and give his coaches numerous options both offensively and defensively. For Grantham he can be a shut down corner full time or he can contribute as needed. For Bobo he can ease into a starter's role as well as jump into the huddle whenever needed.

It's a win-win. Right?

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