Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - of forecasts and pansies

As the calendar turns...February rain brings more March showers. Prophetic right? Stand back, I'm just warming up.

Soccer? In the RAIN?!?
Let me forewarn you Reader that this prose has the word soccer in it. For my non-Westernized friends visiting today that is a word that means futbol here in the USA, or in other words the game y'all go and watch before the rioting. The rest of you either recognize it as a sport or cast a self-righteous smirk at its mere mention. Either way, the meaning of this rambling goes well beyond that.

You see, I have fond memories of playing soccer as a kid and teenager. The best of which were in the rain, which made it acceptable to come home with muddy socks and a severe case of the sniffles. You could slide better when the pitch* was wet and overall the game just had a controlled chaos feeling to it. It was awesome.

Fast forward to 2012 and the club my daughter belongs to closes the field when it rains. Closing the fields means no practice, no fun. Furthermore it means no dribbling, passing and further development of skills. Sure, the admins need to protect the fields from too many cleats when the grass is wet and vulnerable. But don't we also need to give the youngsters a chance to learn the game under all of the elements Mother Nature can throw at them? Don't we have a greater responsibility to raise our kids to be able to overcome the odds?

How's it going to reflect on America in the years ahead when we send our Olympic teams to compete for futbol GOLD, it begins to rain and suddenly our strikers turn tail and head to the locker room? In the words of King Julian, we go from physically fit to just a bunch of pansies!!
* pitch - part of soccer nomenclature meaning field, or area designed for competition

Today's Ingredients
Now back to the weather...
No cloud, no practice
And putting Katie's general life outlook aside, life isn't always filled with sunshine. When storm clouds approach the clock doesn't stop. Life goes on. And if life goes on the game must go on. Just as we can't let Glenn Burns scare us into buying up every carton of milk at Kroger at the very mention of "snow", we also can't let a little rain drive our kids indoors to sit in front of the rain streaked window wondering how many goals they were going to score before the clouds began to cool and water droplets began to form and subsequently begin their descent towards Earth. More specifically the soccer fields.

Did Mia Hamm's team take their ball and go home whenever it started to rain?

Isn't it bad enough that we already have a large hordes of human drivers (in the Atlanta area at least) that can no more drive safely and with sound logic when it rains than they can split the atom with a Gillette razor and a 10th grade chemistry book? How's my little girl going to make the Olympic team if she gets the afternoon off whenever it gets cloudy? Hell, they even canceled practices Thursday when it was 70 degrees and sunny! She used her cleats to help aerate the yard instead of learning to leg tackle without losing her hair bow. It's ridiculous. If I wanted to raise a house full of wimpy fair weather kids I woulda gone to school in the Athletically Challenged Conference.

Next thing you know we'll cancel birthday parties because of fire hazards. Ugh. Here's your fork Reader. And an umbrella in case it clouds up. Enjoy your Monday.


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