Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring drills - what I'm hearing, the sequel

Ok. So tomorrow I'm heading to Suwanee Beer Fest and then Sunday I start a week at the beach before dropping by Augusta National on the way home. I offer that bit of information to you in an effort to communicate two things: 1) I'm a lucky dude and 2) posts will be here the next week, but I can't guarantee their usual timeliness or regularity.

However I can guarantee there will be no one named Mary Jane in my car as I traverse along the interstate. I only eat brownies made by Nancy Reagan and the only thing you'll get from drug testing me when I return is a cup of piss that's about 40 proof.

In the mean time things have been rolling along on the practice field. Let's compare notes on the last few days shall we?
  • A lot of good vibes coming from the defense. And from what I'm hearing this is mainly due to two guys, Kwame Geathers and John Jenkins. Word is Jenkins has been practically unblockable and Kwame is close on his heels. But...sounds like Jenkins has missed some practices.
  • Maybe that's not such good news on the offensive line, but I would also imagine that the praise the defense is getting could be a little inflated. The main thing to take from that is that the young OL is doing work against one of the nation's best front 7's. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
  • Cornelius Washington continues to have a great spring. Richt says he's dominating and really getting after it.
  • Crowell and Tree evidently had a scuffle last week as the result of IC getting the better of the LB. This is good news on several fronts. Scuffles are good in practice. IC showing some get after it while holding the ball is even better.
  • Be careful not to get too caught up in who is playing where, especially on defense. Remember that Grantham likes to cross train and there's no better time for that than the spring. This is certainly true of guys with both OLB and DE size/skills.
  • Samuel is repping more and more at fullback. This sounds like something he wants to do, but I'm not sold on whether it's a good idea or not. I think he'd do well in certain situations. But I don't see him long term as an every down fullback.
  • That being said I think he'd be quite the weapon at fullback if used properly.
  • There are two definites at QB: 1) Aaron Murray is the starter. 2) Mason comes in if needed. The rest is up in the air. ($$)
  • BONUS!! Da'Rick wasn't at our practice either.

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Bernie said...

" BONUS!! Da'Rick wasn't at our practice either." To lose  both a highly regarded receiver  as well as a top flight "UT caliber" quarterback  is tough  karma indeed. At least they have some strict shower discipline to fall back on.   Bless their hearts.