Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring drills: what I'm hearing

Some notes from the Woodruff Practice Field.
  • Full pads go on this morning y'all!! Clack! Whack!
  • On the injury front, Wooten and Sterling Bailey are spending some time with Coach T.  Wooten seems to have pulled a leg muscle. Bailey's shoulder is healed from last year's surgery but has something going on with his foot. On the OL both Zach DeBell and Xzavier Ward are missing drills.
  • Ramik Wilson's father passed away as I'm sure most of you heard. He missed the first two days but was back in Athens Thursday working out.
  • The battle for top TE to replace Charles and White is officially underway and may be one of the more interesting off season subplots. Lynch is not going to just stand by and allow the talented Jay Rome to assume the role. Watch this one closely folks.
  • Kolton Houston might be out of NCAA purgatory. Maybe. It appears so. Which is to say we don't truly know for sure but look forward to seeing him in the rotation this Fall. Hopefully.
  • You may remember Ching mentioning to us in the Spring Q&A that he expected Hutson Mason to still be the go to guy if a true backup were needed to Aaron Murray (read: if #11 were injured and someone was needed beyond mop-up duty). Well you'll be glad to hear that Mason is not in any frame of mind for slacking off.
  • Safety Bacarri Rambo isn't worried about DB depth at all. He has complete confidence in Grantham and the coaches to handle it with brilliance.
  • Last year's star at G-Day was arguably safety Connor Norman. He's still turning heads this spring as well.
  • Aaron Murray is impressed with the defense and upset that Malcolm Mitchell isn't a target for him this spring. Some will groan at that sentence. I get giddy.
  • What's more...apparently the QBs are afraid to throw to his side. Quick learners.


Bernie said...

 Is Bailey an OLB or a DE now?

Bernie said...

Listed as an OLB. But could probably end up being a DE.

Bernie said...

Bailey is my favorite! I wonder what exactly he's gonna be OLB or DE in the end.

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Bernie said...

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