Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stripling out from under Jarvis' wing

Fletcher Page teased his story a little with this byline - With the help of one high profile teammate and friend T.J. Stripling recovered from the devastating knee injury he suffered.

With everything we've seen on the field from Jarvis Jones, and everything we're hearing about the kind of guy he is off of it...I wasn't surprised it was him of course. I mean who better to help Stripling get through the ordeal of sitting out with a patella tendon injury.
Here and Now
“He basically told me just to grind it out,” Stripling said. “There’s going to be those days where you might say, ‘is this really what I should be doing? Can I really play football?’ I’ve had those days where I just wanted to give it up because I felt like I wasn’t going to be 100 percent, but he sat me down and told me not to think about it, to work hard and I’d be back. That’s what I did.”
Jones paid attention to Stripling at practice. He didn’t allow him to feel like he’d been forgotten or passed over. He took him into the film room. Stripling’s injury may have stunted him physically, but Jones made sure his friend was still growing mentally.
“He’s the biggest guy to just keep you motivated,” Stripling said. “The way he works, his whole attitude and persona and everything is just crazy. That’s the kind of guy you just love to be around.”
Stripling is up to around 230 pounds. When he was injured in Boulder it happened right in front of where I was sitting. I remember seeing him run downfield on the kickoff. He was clearly athletic and fluid, but he was so skinny.

Anxious to see TJ live again in a couple weeks.

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Bernie said...

That is great news. I had a hauser procedure done when I was his age and bounced back fine. Ironically, one of my college buddies blew his at the old gym that housed the basketball courts, pool and racquetball courts in a pick up basketball game.  I also watched a BB King concert there!  Wonder if the racquetball courts at Stegeman are still there? Whoa!