Monday, April 16, 2012

Couple GDay thoughts

While you wait on the meatloaf, let's reflect on what we saw Saturday.

I was a little distracted in Sanford by trips to the concession stand and questions about why Aaron Murray was wearing a different jersey than his teammates. So yesterday I watched the highlights a couple times and pored over the official stat sheet. Here's what I'm taking away into the long drawn out off season:

  • It's nice to have tailback as a position of strength. Seriously. It's spring and everything should be taken with excessive caution. But Crowell ran hard and Malcome looks like the back we saw on the flats, just with more spirit.
  • That being said, Richard Samuel needs to stay at tailback. I know a lot of people think the move to fullback would be an easy fit. But he's a greater asset to the team a few more steps behind the line of scrimmage. And he deserves to go out his senior year at a position where he's comfortable.
  • Hard to gauge how good the offensive line is after the graduation of Glenn and Jones. I happened to sit a few rows behind John Theus and his family. If that kid ain't ready, his dad damn sure looks like he could fit the bill.
  • I've said it before, but it's worth saying again. The biggest thing Coach Friend has going for him in putting this offensive line together is that his unit is facing one of the nation's toughest and deepest defensive fronts in practice each day.
  • Last injuries.
Let me reemphasize. NO INJURIES!!!


Bernie said...

I read a comment by Theus HS coach about on how Theus might contribute. His statement was that even though Theus is legit with great footwork, hand placement and smarts he might not  have the strength yet to start and play a lot of snaps at tackle.  I guess that was his two cents. We need him on the field.

It would be nice to hear what DickSamIV wanted to do. He is a downhill runner and that "east and west" change up just ain't his thing. I always thought he had great hands and deserved to have more balls thrown his way.  He has a lot of RB talent in front of him Bernie.  I too want him to have a great year.

Bernie said...

thought aaron murray performed at a high level.