Sunday, April 15, 2012

G'Day, Walk on!

This summarizes pretty much all spring games for me. Completely.
Walk-on defensive lineman Ricky Lowe ran 62-yards for a touchdown on a fumble return after Reuben Faloughi knocked the ball loose from quarterback Parker Welch with 1:40 left to put the Red team ahead 32-25.
That's a former walk-on creating an opportunity for a current walk-on. Ricky Lowe may never get a chance to play in Sanford again. If not, he'll always be able to tell his kids and grandkids about that play.

Great day in Athens yesterday for over 44,000. But especially great for Ricky Lowe.

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Bernie said...

Stories like that are always great to hear about. A player that was probably got scholarship offers to smaller no-name schools where he could have been a starter or at least dress every week. But instead wants to go to the school of his dreams, a little outmatched physically or athletically, and still gets to not only walk on that field as a player, but be the head-liner in a play that makes the diffrence in the game for his team to win. I got to se it as I was sitting in the east endzone. I almost wanted to start chanting "Rudy, Rudy Rudy..." Great job and congrats Ricky!