Thursday, April 5, 2012

King as the "go to guy"

Sorry for the lack of posting. But it's kind of nice not having the ol laptop around this week.

However, I did manage to read a few things from The DawgBone this morning. Glad to get a commitment from Nick Glass. I'm sure you can read all about him and his decision over at The Leather Helmet. The other thing I found especially interesting was this piece by Emerson on Tavarres King and his role as the receiving corps go to guy.

“There’s no need for it,” King said. “But definitely. I feel like I am that guy, that I can be that guy. But there’s no need for it. We’ve got four or five guys that can make that play at any time. You saw that last year.”

He pointed to Mitchell, Michael Bennett and Chris Conley, who all played well last year. Marlon Brown, a fellow senior, has had a great spring, according to King, who also added that freshman Justin Scott-Wesley is coming along.

There are certainly different ways to read that. I like that King lifts his squad mates up. And I think the smart money is on the senior leading the team in receiving again this season.

What do you think?

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